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Ability negation system

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Ability negation system
Fugitives drug.jpg
A control unit for the system

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Owned by: Building 26,
presumably others
Current status: Newer versions still in use

Various ability negation systems have been devised to drug evolved humans and prevent them from using their abilities.


The system was originally devised by Nathan's agents at Building 26. This original version consists of drugs and an intranasal administration apparatus that incapacitates evolved humans and prevents them from using their abilities. It is not known which kinds of drugs are delivered by the device. In addition, the system has a central control unit with a keypad, normally attached to the evo's chest.

After the revelation of evolved humans to the general public, the system became widespread out of necessity. The Los Angeles Police Department has access to a version of the device similar to Building 26's.

Renautas also has their own version of the device; theirs is more streamlined, consisting of a simple nasal plug that administers the drug and an internal battery. There is no central control unit.


A Clear and Present Danger

Evolved humans rigged with the system, including Claire, Peter, Hiro, Matt, Tracy, and Mohinder, are inspected by Nathan and Danko at an airplane hangar. The nasal tube is removed from Claire's nose and she is allowed to go, but she sneaks back into the plane.

Later, when she stows away on the transport plane, she removes the nasal tube from Peter, Hiro, Tracy, Matt and Mohinder.

Trust and Blood

Tracy is re-captured after the crash, and is re-drugged.

Building 26

After leaving him to be captured by agents, Sylar returns to help Luke. Sylar emerges from the back of the van, dressed as one of the team, having killed them all. He recovers a laptop and rescues Luke, who has a nasal tube inserted.

Cold Snap

In a room marked "Human Resources" within Building 26 many evolved humans lie sedated on hospital beds, the system administering the drugs. After Tracy breaks free, she removes the drugs from Mohinder and Matt who also frees Daphne.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

When it is discovered she is an evolved human, Rachel teleports to the "Human Resources Room" and removes the tubes from several people, including Eric Doyle, Gordon Hovey and Mary Krause.

I Am Sylar

In a black van heading down the Baltimore/Washington Parkway, Hiro is disguised as an agent and Ando is handcuffed and drugged. Hiro reaches out his foot to touch Ando's, then freezes time. He then removes the drug shunt from Ando's nose.

An Invisible Thread

Hiro and Ando find the "Human Resouces Room", and proceed to free all the prisoners, replacing them with agents of Building 26.

The Lion's Den

After Captain Dearing status as an evo is revealed to his colleagues, he is subdued and has a negation unit attached to him.

Game Over

Noah, Quentin and Taylor take Harris hostage. To control the cloner's ability, Taylor uses the Renautas streamlined version of the negation system, consisting of simply a nasal plug.

11:53 to Odessa

While being interrogated by Parkman, Farah has her ability negated.

Send in the Clones

After capturing Phoebe Frady, Luke Collins has Malina negate Phoebe's power.

Company Woman

Phoebe manages to escape and remove the negation system.

Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 4

Mr. Vance uses an ability negation system to subdue and kidnap Jamal.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

In the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds an ability negation system.


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