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Taylor Kravid

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Taylor Kravid
Taylor K.jpg
Portrayed by Eve Harlow,
Morgan Joy (young Taylor)
First appearance Odessa
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Good Samaritan
Trust Fund Baby
Significant other Francis Culp
Parents Erica Kravid (deceased),
Unnamed father (deceased)
Grandparent Mr. Kravid
Child Unborn child

Taylor Kravid is the daughter of Erica Kravid and a former agent of Renautas. After being betrayed by her mother and learning some of her heinous deeds, Taylor began working alongside Noah Bennet to fight against her mother.

Character History


Taylor enters the Hotel Dean and takes a seat next to another woman. Taylor watches as the woman walks over to a a winning craps player and blows on his dice. Taylor later saves the woman after she is attacked by the craps player.

Taking the woman who introduces herself as "Zoe" to a bar, Taylor listens as she reveals her desperate need for money. As the two ladies enjoy their drinks Taylor offers to write her a check as she has more money than she needs, being a "trust fund baby". "Zoe" later awakens back in the craps player, Francis's hotel room as Taylor reveals herself to be in a partnership with him. Taylor and Francis then reveal that they know "Zoe" is in fact Molly Walker.

Under the Mask

Taylor and Francis escort Molly to an awaiting plane when a Renautas agent approaches them and informs them of a problem. Taylor demands the pilot to get Harris on the phone and is forced to leave Francis behind, promising to sort everything out. Onboard the plane Molly tells Taylor that Francis will either be killed or experimented on in order to harness his ability for technology.

Arriving at Renautas Headquarters Taylor attempts to get Francis on the phone but is unable to reach him. Before being escorted away Molly asks Taylor if she will be able to live with herself knowing what has happened to Francis. Taylor then meets with her mother and is praised for being one of her top operatives. Taylor admits that Francis was a big part of finding Molly but Erica quickly dismisses her and says they will continue their conversation tomorrow, also adding that she disapproved of Taylor's romantic relationship with Francis.

The Needs of the Many

Taylor is apprehended by Noah and Quentin inside the gates of Renautas Headquarters. Noah convinces her (at gunpoint) to question her mother about what Renautas has been doing with the evos they have captured. She does so, asking her mother about it. Receiving a roundabout and unsatisfying response from Erica, Taylor helps Noah and Quentin break into the facility. After the party encounters and kills three Harris clones, they enter a room containing some of the evos captured by Renautas — all of whom are comatose, wired into machinery, and strapped into chairs. She recognizes Francis as one of them and is angered greatly.

Taylor witnesses Molly Walker's suicide with Noah's gun, and flees the room with Noah and Quentin.

The Lion's Den

Noah asks Taylor what Molly was talking about when she said Erica would kill billions of people and Taylor admits she doesn't know. Taylor then calls Erica, pretending to cry, and apologizes for Molly's suicide, asking if she can return home so the two can talk. Erica agrees and later meets with Taylor and asks if she is on drugs again. Taylor denies this and demands straight answers on what Erica is doing with the evos. Noah and Quentin appear, revealing that Taylor is allying with them.

Game Over

Noah, Quentin and Taylor interrogate Harris on the whereabouts of Phoebe, Erica, and Francis. Harris reveals to Taylor that Francis will soon be transferred to a different Renautas facility and so she begins to leave. Noah protests, stating that he could use her help in managing Harris's ability. Taylor hands him a device Renautas configured from Primatech technology to nullify Harris's power and leaves, wishing them luck. Taylor later arrives at Renautas to find that Francis and the other evos have already been transferred. Distraught, Taylor then travels to her mother's office and steals video footage of the detained evos as well as a copy of Mohinder Suresh's unpublished book.

Hiding out in a hotel room, Taylor posts a video to Hero Truther's website revealing her mother's true intentions regarding evolved humans. A positive pregnancy test lies in Taylor's bathroom.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Taylor disguises herself with a red wig and ventures out of her hotel room to meet with Hero Truther. Upon arriving at the meeting place Taylor is abducted and taken to an abandoned warehouse where she is greeted by her mother. Erica questions Taylor and attempts to get information out of her but she instead met with Taylor's hostility. Refusing to back down, Taylor is surprised when Erica reveals herself to be Henry, an associate of Hero Truther. Taylor is untied and joined by René, Deirdre, Logue and Dahlia.

Taylor is shown images of missing evos including Micah Sanders. She asks about his location and deducts that he and the other evos, including Francis, are being held at Sunstone Manor.

11:53 to Odessa

Taylor journeys to Sunstone Manor and awaits on top of a hill with René. Dahlia announces that there are no other visible ways into the manor and Deirdre points out that Taylor should have stolen Erica's blueprints. In order to get inside, Henry shape shifts into Erica and approaches the building with Taylor. Taylor gives him tips on how to better impersonate Erica, such as having a slight limp and having a condescending attitude. The two make it inside the manor and demand to see Matt Parkman. Matt expresses confusion as to the two's desire to see Micah and Francis and deducts that "Erica" is a fake. Taylor quickly tazers Matt and leaves to go save Micah.

Taylor soon meets Carlos Gutierrez and Farah Nazan, saving them from an approaching guard. The three decide to work together to save their friends and so Taylor takes them to meet with René. Upon exiting the manor they realise that an army of Harris clones have surrounded them. The group decide to evade capture by splitting up.

Send in the Clones

Taylor joins René and makes her way to confront Matt. René prevents Matt from using his ability and the two demand for the release of their friends. After hearing that Matt believes that Erica will bring his wife, child and himself to the future with her to escape the H.E.L.E., Taylor states that Erica has lied to him and is not going to save them. Matt shoots at René, successfully distracting him enough to use his ability. Matt orders René to leave the building and takes Taylor hostage, planning on using her as a bargaining chip against Erica.

Taylor is telepathically interrogated for information and Matt learns that she is pregnant and that she has not told her mother. Taylor is forced to accompany Matt and to be "a good girl."

Company Woman

Taylor accompanies Matt to Erica's office and begs Erica to give Matt what he wants. Taylor is forced to put a gun to her own head until Erica gives in to Matt's demands, who leaves quickly, releasing his hold on Taylor. With Taylor's pregnancy revealed she admits the father is Francis and plays on Erica's hate for evos, stating that her grandchild may turn out to be one. As the two continue to talk, the conversation gets heated and a glass behind Taylor shatters. Shocked, Taylor believes herself to be an evolved human but Erica denies this, claiming that the power must have come from her unborn baby. Taylor is happy and says that the baby takes after it's father.

Taylor has Erica take her to see Francis and holds her at gunpoint when confronted by Renautas guards. She realizes that Erica has most likely had Francis killed and asks her what she did to make her hate her so much. Erica recalls how Taylor's father was also an evo who used his power to take advantage of her, resulting in the birth of Taylor. Erica later killed him when he attempted to take Taylor away from her after healing a sickness she had. After the murder, Erica had Caspar Abraham erase Taylor's memory of the incident to protect her.

Erica begs Taylor to start their relationship over, wishing to escape to the future and raise the baby together. Taylor tells Erica that she would never rejoin her mother and tearfully leaves, believing Erica to be a monster.

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