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Portrayed by Jake Manley
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Carbondale, IL
Residence Brad's home
Occupation Student
Significant other Emily Duval
Parent Don (step-dad)

Brad is the boyfriend of Emily Duval.

Character History

Brave New World

When Brad catches Tommy staring at his girlfriend, he pushes him against a locker and punches him in the stomach. When Tommy doesn't fight back, Brad calls him a wuss and leaves. Later, Emily apologizes to Tommy on Brad's behalf.


Brad discovers Tommy's ability when he sees him teleport a flower away. He decides to blackmail Tommy by telling that he'll have to do something for him if he wants to keep his power a secret. Brad drives Tommy to his house and tells him to make his stepfather disappear. When Tommy is hesitant, he tells him that Don is a monster and shows him the bruises down his side to prove it. Brad leaves, saying that Don better be gone when he gets back. Sure enough, Don is missing when Brad gets home, so he finds Tommy and joyously hugs him. Brad tells Tommy that he'll never mess with him again and he'll never let anyone mess with Tommy again. Emily later comments that she finds it strange that Tommy and Brad are now "bros" while Tommy tells her he finds it strange that Brad had hit him a couple of days before and is now his best friend.

Under the Mask

Tommy goes to a party at Brad's house and Brad tells everyone that Tommy brought them the beer. Later, Tommy says to Emily that Brad really knows how to throw a party. He asks Emily if Brad would have a problem with him walking her home, but she says it'll be fine.

The Needs of the Many

When they find out that Tommy was in a car crash, Brad and Emily go to visit him at St. Peter's Hospital.

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