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Brody's accident

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Brody's accident
Brodys accident.jpg
Brody Mitchum screams as Claire crashes his car into a wall.

First mentioned: Collision
Date of event: October 4, 2006
Location: Odessa, TX

Claire Bennet severely injures Brody Mitchum in a car accident.

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Claire is at Union Wells High School sitting on the bleachers waiting for Brody after school. She asks him for a ride home, but asks if she can drive. She drives at high speeds while confronting Brody about what happened the previous night. Brody claims no one will believe her and accuses her of getting drunk and coming onto him. When he claims there's nothing she can do about it, she crashes the car into a wall at high speed.

Graphic Novel:Aftermath

Claire flies through the windshield of the car, badly injured. She gets up and begins to walk away, admitting that she only did this to make Brody feel sorry for what he did to her, Lori Tremmel, and countless other girls. The car begins to catch fire, so Claire returns to pull Brody from the car before it explodes. Brody briefly regains consciousness and sees Claire's regeneration and asks, "What are you?".


The paramedics rush Claire and Brody to Odessa's emergency room. Claire is bloody, but otherwise fine, but Brody is severely hurt.

Mr. Bennet comes to see Claire in her hospital room. Claire admits to him that she crashed the car on purpose because Brody tried to force himself on her at the bonfire the previous night. (She neglects to tell her father about her "death"). She apologizes for lying and tells her father that she's not the only one Brody has victimized. He tells him he can't tell anyone and Mr. Bennet assures her that "nobody's going to know a thing."

Mr. Bennet walks into Brody's room at the hospital and closes the curtain. Brody claims it was no accident and that Claire crashed the car on purpose. Mr. Bennet confronts Brody about trying to rape Claire, but Brody denies it. They argue, and Brody tries to call the orderly. Mr. Bennet stops him, and tells him that Claire is very special and she doesn't need someone making things even more confusing for her than they are now. He says he should kill Brody, but instead says he's going to let Brody forget all the things he's done and wake up in a new life. He pulls back the curtain revealing The Haitian. Mr. Bennet tells The Haitian to "hollow him out" and "take everything."

Later, Claire enters Brody's room in the hospital and tells him what he tried to do to her was wrong, but what she did to him was also wrong. Brody doesn't recognize her and can't understand why she keeps calling him Brody.

Graphic Novel:Isaac's First Time

A painting of the car crash hangs in Isaac's room at Primatech Paper Co.


As Claire and Jackie go to check the Homecoming Queen announcement, they walk past a heavily bandaged Brody in his wheelchair. Jackie tells Claire she thinks Claire is kind of nervy to think she might be Homecoming Queen after sidelining the star quarterback and ruining their chance to win the homecoming game.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

When Hiro goes back in time to save Charlie, he hides from Sylar behind a newspaper called the Midland Chronicle. One of the headlines states "Wildcats QB Out For The Count", referring to Brody's accident.

Heroes Evolutions

Zach’s MySpace

In Zach’s fifth MySpace post, “Just another day in dullsville”, Zach tells his followers about how Brody got in a real bad car accident and how he regrets what he said in his last post.


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