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Harris uses his clones to increase his power.
Held by: Julien Dumont (deceased),
Magdalena Muller,
M. F. Harris (deceased)
Ability to: Create vast numbers of exact copies of oneself
Examples of cloning

Cloning (sometimes referred to as self duplication and replication) is the ability to replicate, producing identical clones.






Evan can create several clones of himself, and claims to be able to create thousands. The clones physically emerge from his body. They are all capable of independent thought and action, and each is apparently capable of producing his own clones.

Evan's imperfections are cloned, as well. For instance, Evan has a scar over his right eye. Every one of Evan's clones has the same scar.

Evan's ability also clones most of the clothes he is wearing and the weapons he is carrying. Evan's clones usually appear without his hat, implying that he has some control over what objects are cloned. Some of the clothes on Evan's clones appear to be different, indicating he may be able to alter the items he clones or clone items that he is not wearing or touching. Whether or not the ability can be used to clone other living things is unknown.

Adam Monroe believes that if he kills the true Evan, the "source" of the clones, then all the clones will die as well. However, it is unclear if this is true.

It is also unknown as to whether the source and his clones are able to merge themselves back together, or if they remain permanently separated.

Julien Dumont

Julien Dumont, known as the "root" to the Company, has the ability to vegetatively create clones. According to his assignment tracker profile at, Dumont appears to generate replicants through cellular mitosis, similar to a fungus. In Root and Branch, Part 3, however, a clone appears to emerge out of his own body, in a way similar to Evan in Revolutionary War, Part 2. His clones can be injured, even fatally, without causing physical harm to the root Dumont.

Dumont's offshoots develop rapidly and are biologically identical to Julien after they are fully grown. Mature clones exhibit a degree of independent thought and personality: the Company has deployed replicants for a wide variety of field work, though some clones have gone rogue. A big bag and tag mission was conducted in 2007 to hunt down and collect many of these rogue clones, and to confine them in a cell at Primatech Research. The root's loyalty towards the Company is unknown, but the root is confined to a room in Primatech Research where he has tubes and monitoring equipment attached to his body.

However, the offshoots also share a hive-like collective mind, in which the root Dumont appears to play a centric role. The Company believes that if the root Dumont were killed, all of the offshoots would instantly die, as demonstrated in Into the Wild, Part 3. The offshoots do appear to have a strong connection to the root, as the clones experience intense pain when Sabine frees and awakens the root Julien into a severe state of shock.

The clone pretending to be Sabine's partner claims that the root can sense the location of his clones, and feels a pain—like a limb being torn off—when one of the root's clones dies. He also says that the clones, or "branches", would not feel if another clone died, only the root would feel it if the branches died.

When the root Dumont is in a weakened or otherwise altered state, the personalities of mature offshoots become more dominant. Immature offshoots, on the other hand, are highly receptive to programming. New offshoots created during such a period experience high degrees of psychological and emotional vulnerability and are susceptible to coercion or imprinting.

Julien's ability appears to be limited to his cloning his own body. While Julien was wearing pants, the clone he created to draw gunfire while he escaped emerged without any clothes.

Magdalena Muller

Magdalena's clones can also exist at great distance from her. While one clone of Magdalena was held hostage in Florida, she traveled to Costa Verde, California. She can also have at least three clones at the same time. Mags cloned herself twice more in Costa Verde with the remaining clone still in Florida.

Magdalena, a.k.a. Mags, also can decrease the number of clones she has created. While in Florida, two clones grabbed each other's hands and suddenly there was only one Mags. The event left her standing, exhaling a deep breath. (Faction Zero)


Eli can create multiple copies of himself. When cloning, he also seems to be able to clone objects. In Prodigals, Part 1, he cloned himself multiple times, and all of the clones were holding the gun that the original Eli was holding. Eli's clones do not appear to have blood or bones, just a shell made of skin. Noah claims that the clones can all be destroyed by killing the "Prime" Eli, similar to Evan and Julien (The Fifth Stage). Eli appears to require active concentration to keep his duplicates active, as they all disappeared when he was rendered unconscious (Upon This Rock, Brave New World). Eli's clones can exist at a significant distance from the Prime, but claim that it is not good for them to be away from him for long (Reaching Out, Part 1). The clones also disappear when defeated. For this to happen all they need to be is merely knocked out, as shown when Noah Bennet tasered a couple and they immediately dissolved. (Close to You)

Eli can make his clones appear anywhere in his close vicinity (The Fifth Stage) and can make them disappear at will (Prodigals, Part 3). Joseph Sullivan also claimed he could tell which clone was the Prime Eli (Bloodlines, Part 1). This suggests that there is a marker that differentiates the Prime from the rest of the clones, however, the exact mechanism is unknown.

Eli's clones do not possess actual thoughts, so they can't be manipulated by telepaths. The Prime, however, can still be manipulated. This was shown when Matt tried to use telepathy to stop a bunch of clones from killing him, but failed and nearly died until Peter and Sylar knocked out the Prime. In contrast, Peter was able to read the Prime's mind to learn Samuel's plans and Matt was able to brainwash the Prime against Samuel. (Brave New World)

M. F. Harris

Harris displays the ability to create a duplicate of himself from severed organs or appendages. Harris carries a set of scissors around with him, which he uses to create duplicates - he cuts off a finger to do so. (The Lion's Den) Harris' clones are also able to duplicate the clothes that the prime is wearing, but not vice versa. For example, Harris once had a clone duplicate the prime's entire suit, but the prime did not duplicate the watch that the hand the clone was generated from initially wore. (Under the Mask)

It is noted that this ability resembles regeneration more than the cloning displayed by individuals like Eli, as tissue growth is very clearly involved in the process of creating a duplicate. Rapid tissue growth appears to cause both the formation of the duplicate from the severed appendage and the healing of the injury that caused the appendage to be severed (Under the Mask). It is also noted that the clones collapse into a white, granular substance resembling salt when they expire (The Needs of the Many). While a severed appendage will grow a new clone, a severed appendage that results in a fatal injury will not grow a new clone as shown when Miko Otomo cut off Harris Prime's head and he and all of his clones died instead of a new one growing. (Send in the Clones)

As of now, it remains unclear as to how much control the "prime" or original Harris has over his duplicates, though they appear to act with near-perfect synchronicity when carrying out similar actions. The duration for which the duplicate survives is also unknown. (The Needs of the Many, The Lion's Den)

When Phoebe Frady blocked the powers of all the evos at the Odessa Unity Summit, Harris' clones remained intact showing that once they were created, his power being active was not needed to maintain them. (June 13th, Part One) Two Harris clones were also not destroyed by close proximity to Phoebe while she was using her powers to block Malina and Luke Collins' powers. (Send in the Clones)

When a body part of a clone is cut-off, it turns into the same substance as the entire clone does when it is destroyed and does not grow back nor does it grow another clone. However, the clone is not destroyed by losing a limb. (June 13th, Part One) The clones also seem to possess a degree of fragility as when Carlos Gutierrez hit one with the equivalent of a super strong punch from his El Vengador suit, it shattered instantly. (Send in the Clones)

Unlike Eli's clones, the Harris clones can be manipulated by telepathy as shown when Matt Parkman was able to make two clones kill themselves when his power had absolutely no effect on the Eli clones who stated they had no mind of their own and the power would only work on the original. (Send in the Clones, Brave New World)

Unlike with Eli, Harris' clones do not disappear if he is knocked out. (The Lion's Den) However, they still maintain a connection to the Prime as shown when all of the Harris clones were destroyed when Miko Otomo killed Harris Prime. (Send in the Clones)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"This was not a man who returned from death as I did... this was a man who died a thousand times while his brothers lived. A man who could replicate himself before my very eyes."

- Adam Monroe (Revolutionary War, Part 2)

"With Edgar gone, would you do me the honor of being my right-hand man? Or should I say men?"

- Samuel (The Fifth Stage)

"Do I get to use my friends?"

"I think they will lend themselves very nicely to the job."

- Eli, Samuel (The Fifth Stage)

"Shoot 'em all and hope for the best."

- Noah Bennet (talking to Lauren Gilmore about Eli) (The Fifth Stage)


  • Writers Oliver Grigsby and Zach Craley confirmed in an interview that Julien's clones cannot clone themselves or replicate other items. However, in Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1, a fully clothed group of clones identical to the Hartsdale clone suddenly appears to capture Samir. It is not clear whether the Hartsdale clone cloned himself and his clothes, or if these clones were created by the root Dumont and brought to this assignment.
  • According to Zach Craley in an interview, it is possible that Evan's power was distorted or exaggerated by Adam's retelling.
  • Tracy states in Prodigals, Part 2 that one of Eli's clones did not breathe underwater. However, in Bloodlines, Part 1, Eli's clones appear to be breathing out, creating steam. It is unclear as to whether Eli's clones can choose to breathe, or if they simply don't have to breathe underwater.
  • Lauren refers to Eli as a "multiplier".
  • The Heroes Reborn app calls this ability "self-cloning".

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