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Episode:Brave New World (Heroes)

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Brave New World
Season: Four
Episode number: 418
First aired: February 8, 2010
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Adam Kane
Previous episode: The Wall
Next episode: Brave New World
Heroes Interactive transcript


Story Development

Sally · Revelation of evolved humans



Claire and Noah, trapped in the souvenir trailer, are buried deep beneath the earth. Claire unties her father and they realize they're 40 or 50 feet beneath the earth, and no one can hear them. Above them, Lauren searches the area, unaware of what lies beneath her.

Peter and Sylar escape from the mental landscape that Matt trapped Sylar in.

Above, Matt is getting some food when he hears Sylar blast through the wall using his telekinesis. He turns and finds several Eli clones in the kitchen with him. Eli explains that he's there to make sure that Matt, Sylar, and Peter don't become a problem.

Below, Eli and more of his clones confront Sylar and Peter.

Matt notes that Eli doesn't want to do this, but Eli points out that he doesn't have a choice. When Matt grabs a knife, Eli points out that he's outnumbered. Matt tries to use his telepathy but the Elis explain that only the original has a mind to be controlled. Matt lunges at one of the Elis.

In Central Park, Samuel addresses the carnival and tells them that they're going to change everything. He insists that they've been treated as second-class citizens for far too long. As the crowd agrees, Samuel promises them that tonight, once and for all, they will reveal themselves for who they truly are. After tonight, they'll be respected. Everyone cheers and applauds, except Edgar who looks worried.

The Eli clones overwhelm Matt, push him down on the kitchen table, and dislocate his leg. They then start taking out knives from the rack, but then disappear. Peter comes up from the basement and checks Matt's leg, and Sylar comes up with the prime Eli, unconscious.

At the carnival, Samuel tells Emma that it's time for her solo, and she'll bring the people there. Edgar watches as Emma describes the dream that Peter described, where thousands of people die. She realizes that Peter was right about Samuel and tries to leave. He stops her and she says that he can't force her, but Doyle takes control of her. Samuel leaves while Doyle approaches Emma.

Matt does not want Sylar to leave with Peter.

Ando wakes up in Hiro's hospital room. Hiro is doing much better and says that it's time to get their simple, happy lives back, even if they have to fight for them. He checks and makes sure he has full command of his powers back, reversing time briefly. A nurse comes in and says that a woman in Room 1106 gave him a note. He reads it and it says, "It is really you? Come find me." Inside of it is an origami crane.

Peter tells Matt that they need him to read Eli's mind and find out where Samuel is located. When Matt refuses to help Sylar in any way, Peter reads Eli's mind using Matt's borrowed power and realizes that Samuel is going to show his powers in New York City tonight. He's going to bury everyone in the audience alive. Sylar is shocked and Matt points out that it wasn't so long ago he would have done the same thing. He refuses to let Sylar go and when Sylar tries to leave, Matt telepathically compels him to stay.

Noah realizes they're too deep to dig their way out, and that their efforts will only use up the oxygen faster. He realizes that Claire's lungs will keep regenerating, and that Samuel trapped her there to witness her father's death.

Doyle compels Emma to play the cello and use her power, drawing the New Yorkers to the carnival.

Hiro and Ando go to Room 1106, and Hiro insists that Charlie is the only one who could have left him the note. He enters the room and finds an elderly woman. She addresses him as Hiro, and Hiro realizes that it's his Charlie, but many decades older.

Noah stops his efforts to escape and tells Claire that what she saw of his memories is true, but it's not the whole truth. Claire says that he's still her father, and he insists that she not protect him. Noah insists that it's his job to protect her, and that thanks to Samuel the world will soon learn all about her. Claire wonders if public knowledge of her abilities might be a good thing, but Noah says that things change, but people don't. Once a single Sylar emerges, people will hunt down specials.

Sylar and Peter try to convince Matt that Sylar has repented as a result of the experiences in the nightmare. Sylar invites Matt to read his mind and determine for himself if Sylar is telling the truth. Matt reads Sylar's thoughts and says that he read his thoughts, but not his heart. Sylar asks for the chance to prove what he's saying and Peter asks Matt to trust them. Matt tells them to get out. Once they're gone, he turns to Eli and telepathically orders him to do what he says.

Emma continues to perform on the stage as the crowd gathers around her. Samuel finds Edgar and tells him that they've assembled the crowd to see them, and Edgar wonders what they are there to see them do. He notes that reporters with news cameras have gathered, and Samuel is nervous. Samuel claims that he's excited, and that tonight will change everything for them.

Charlie explains that Arnold was waiting for her outside of the Burnt Toast Diner, and took her through time to Milwaukee on January 26, 1944. She got a job in a munitions factory and lived the next 65 years. Hiro apologizes, explaining that Samuel sent her through time because Hiro loved her.

Tracy saves Claire and Noah.

In the trailer, Noah is suffocating and says that he left out the most important experience in his life: Claire, who changed everything. He asks Claire to find a way to forgive him, and she tells him that she needs to thank him, not forgive him. She explains that she's who she is because of him, and she loves him. Noah asks her to promise to hide so that the world doesn't find out about her powers. He begs her as his dying wish and then passes out. Claire tries to dig her way out again and discovers that water is pouring into the trailer through a small tunnel leading up to the surface. The water forms into Tracy. She goes to Noah and tells him to be ready. Claire and Tracy haul him to the hole and Tracy transforms back into water and enters the tunnel. She forces Noah and Claire up to the surface, where Lauren is waiting for them. She's called a helicopter, which arrives as they speak. Tracy departs as they board the helicopter.

Charlie tells Hiro that she would have waited for him, but she was middle-aged by the time he was born. She's happy that she got to see him before she died. The brain aneurysm never troubled her, but everything else is about to give out. Hiro says that he can fix everything, and Ando takes his friend aside. Hiro says he'll go back to 1944 and save Charlie, and Ando asks who he's doing it for: Charlie, or himself. Hiro insists he's doing it for Charlie, and Ando walks out of the room.

Emma continues to play as Claire and Noah arrive and try to find the backstage area. They split up and Noah tells Claire to be careful.

Peter and Sylar enter the carnival and Peter realizes that his dream is coming. Sylar tells him to find Samuel while he rescues Emma, just like in Peter's precognitive dream.

Noah makes a call to Ando and tells Hiro to get there as fast as he can. As he finishes the call, Edgar grabs him, holds a knife to his throat, and leads him away.

Sylar finds Emma and tells her that he's there to save her. He grabs the cello but then Doyle takes control of his body.

Samuel looks out over the crowd, including the reporters. Claire steps up and tells the carnival people that they need to get as far away from Samuel as possible. She tries to explain that Samuel plans to use his powers to spread death and destruction. Samuel steps out and says she's not part of the family, and Claire agrees. She asks him if his family knows what he's planning to do. They look to him and Samuel tells her to tell them. Claire says that he plans to introduce them to the world by killing thousands of normals. Ian Michaels steps forward and wonders why Samuel would do that, and notes that he and the others owe their lives to Samuel. Samuel tells Claire that tonight is their night.

Hiro finds closure in Charlie's happiness.

Noah points out to Edgar that Samuel murdered his own brother and he's there to save many others. Edgar agrees, and assumes that Noah has a plan to deal with Samuel. Noah spots Eli walking through the crowd.

Hiro explains his plan to Charlie. She says that it sounds nice, but she's already had a wonderful life. Charlie's granddaughter Sally comes in and Charlie introduces her to Hiro. Charlie sends her to bring her mother and father, and then explains she married a wonderful man and has had four children and seven grandchildren. She doesn't want to cause all of that to go away. Ando comes in and tells Hiro that he heard from Noah, who needs them now. Hiro looks in at Charlie as her family gathers around her, and realizes that he has saved her and his hero's journey is at an end. Ando tells him that Samuel is in Central Park, and destiny calls. Hiro bows to Charlie and blows her a kiss, touches Ando, and teleports away.

Sylar tells Doyle that he doesn't want to hurt him. He asks him to release Emma, and Doyle wonders why he's asking politely. Doyle asks Emma if she can hear him and mimics listening with one hand, releasing his control of one hand. She unleashes a burst of sound, knocking him back and breaking his concentration. Sylar telekinetically chokes him and Doyle says that Samuel made him do it. He wonders why Sylar is there. When Sylar says he's there to save Emma, Doyle insists that he's no hero. Sylar insists that he is.

Claire tells the carnival people that Samuel gains his enhanced power from their presence, and Joseph kept the family small to keep Samuel powerless. She tells them that if they walk away, Samuel will become powerless and reveals to them that Samuel killed Joseph. Samuel yanks her down and wonders if they'll believe her over him. He insists that none of them believe he's capable of murdering his brother. Edgar and Noah step forward, and Edgar says that Lydia told him everything. Samuel points out that Lydia can't say anything because Noah killed her, and Noah denies it. Eli steps forward and demands that Samuel tell the truth. He then confesses that Samuel ordered him to kill Lydia. Samuel denies it but Noah repeats the claim. Eli says that he can't stay in the family after killing one of them, but Samuel has to be stopped. Noah tells them that they can walk away and render Samuel powerless. The carnival people leave while Samuel yells after them, saying that they are victims just like Joseph. He tells them that they can't run far enough.

Samuel runs out onto the stage and asks the crowd if they want a show. As they cheer, he concentrates and the ground starts to shake. The crowd begins to run away in fear while Claire and Noah try to get the carnival people as far away as possible. Peter suddenly flies down, tackling Samuel and replicating his power of terrakinesis. The two of them face off and Samuel sends a wave of earth at Peter. Peter stops it and sends it back, and Samuel realizes that Peter has mimicked his power. He tells Peter that people will only fear them, and that Joseph kept his potential down just like Nathan did to Peter. Peter tells him that Nathan built him up. The two battle it out, but are evenly matched as both are drawing on the presence of the other specials for more power.

Outside, Hiro and Ando arrive, and Claire tells him that he has to teleport everyone away. They have everyone join hands while Ando prepares to supercharge Hiro. Noah tells Claire that he'll stay to take care of Samuel. Hiro concentrates and they disappear.

Samuel collapses in a grand failure.

Inside, Samuel discovers that his great powers have left him as everyone leaving has reduced his power to a very weak level. Peter asks him how it feels to be ordinary. He throws a punch at Peter, who blocks it and knocks him to the ground. Samuel runs outside, calling the others cowards and demanding to know where they are and insisting they're nothing without him. Noah arrives as Samuel collapses to his knees.

Volume Six begins with Peter and Emma embracing each other. Emma explains that Doyle made her play her cello to draw in the crowds. She tells Peter that Sylar took care of him. They go inside where Sylar has tied up Doyle with electrical cords.

Claire returns and confirms that Hiro is taking care of the carnival people. Lauren has called in some favors to have Samuel imprisoned, and cover up the events as a gas main explosion and special effects. Claire says that he can't see the future where they live out in the open, and wonders how long they can keep things under wraps. The reporters come over and ask what happened. Noah says "no comment" and Claire echoes his comment. However, as they start to walk away, Claire reconsiders. She tells Noah that people don't change, and then addresses the reporters, telling them to keep the cameras on her.

Claire goes to the Ferris wheel and starts climbing, while Noah calls after her. Lauren comes over and asks what Claire is doing, and Noah says she's breaking his heart.

Hiro and Ando see Claire climbing. Sylar is telling Peter that he didn't have a thought for himself when he saved Emma, and that it felt right. They notice Claire and Peter realizes she's going to change everything. Sylar agrees that she will, and it's a brave new world.

At the top of the Ferris wheel, Claire looks to her father for a moment, and then throws herself off. The reporters move in as Claire gets to her feet and heals before the cameras. She says that she's Claire Bennet, and she's lost count of the number of times she's regenerated.

Memorable Quotes

"I think I know why Samuel put you down here with me. So you could watch me die."

- Noah (to Claire)

"My brother didn't let me down, he built me up."

- Peter (to Samuel)

"That's not you. You're like me."

"No. I'm a hero."

- Doyle, Sylar

"I got to say... I never liked carnivals."


- Noah, Peter

"What is she doing?"

"Breaking my heart."

- Lauren, Noah

"What the hell does she think she's doing? She's going to change everything."

"That's right. It's a brave new world."

- Peter, Sylar

"My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number... I guess I've kind of lost count."

- Claire (to reporters)

Character Appearances


  • In the first episode of the series, Claire had her friend Zach tape her jumping off a gravel plant, testing her power. In Brave New World, Claire reveals her power to the media, by jumping off of a Ferris wheel. This scene plays out the same as the one in the show's pilot. Claire even says the same line ("Keep the camera on me."), falls from about the same height, and receives the same injuries from the fall as she did in Genesis.
  • Noah's line about Claire breaking his heart is a callback to the Season One episode Don't Look Back, when he and Claire talk about the fact that he wants to protect her from the world.
  • This is the first season finale in which one or more living main characters do not appear, with Angela and Mohinder being absent.
  • Along with Powerless, this is one of only two season finales featuring no narration.
  • The aftermath of Claire's actions in this episode are explored in Heroes Reborn taking place five years later.

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