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Spoiler:Our Father

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Our Father
Season: Three
Episode number: 312
First aired: December 8, 2008
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This article contains archived spoilers about Our Father. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb

Heroes band together in an attempt to put a stop to Arthur Petrelli - George Takei, Kristen Bell, Brea Grant, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Jamie Hector and Blake Shields guest star.

Hoping to find a way to stop Arthur (guest star Robert Forster), Hiro (Masi Oka) and Claire (Hayden Panettiere) band together and travel back in time 16 years to when Kaito (guest star George Takei) gave baby Claire to H.R.G. (Jack Coleman). Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and the Haitian (guest star Jimmy Jean-Louis) team up to finish off Arthur Petrelli for good but are interrupted by Sylar (Zachary Quinto). Elsewhere, in the lab, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has a major breakthrough with the formula that will likely change everything. Ali Larter, Cristine Rose, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar and James Kyson Lee also star. Jessalyn Gilsig, Ashley Crow, Tamlyn Tomita and Chad Faust also guest star.

Published Spoilers

Fan Theories

  • Chad Faust's character will have a synthetic Super strength ability.
  • The baby seen in the Canadian promo is actually Claire 16 years ago.
  • Hiro and Claire will travel back in time to prevent Noah from ever joining the Company.
  • Sylar will burn Elle's body.
  • Arthur will get shot in this episode
  • The title of this episode refers to Arthur Petrelli.
  • In continuance of the above theory, the word "Our" represents the combined perspective of Nathan, Peter and Sylar, who will unite to confront their father.
  • The title may also refer to Kaito and Noah
  • Sylar will take the Haitian's ability. If he does this one way or another is up for speculation.
  • The title may refer to God since there are many references to religion throughout Heroes.
  • Peter gets his abilities back and the blonde who will die is Lyle.
  • Ishi Nakamura isn't dead, and has a power.
  • The title refers to Arthur, Kaito, Charles Deveaux and Noah.
  • The title refers to Sylar, who will have a son, Noah.
    • this would of worked but even if elle was pregnant i doubt you can give birth while dead and on fire.
  • Mohinder and Arthur will perfect the formula and begin giving people powers.
  • Arthur will use the U.S. military as test subjects for the above.
  • Kaito's ability will be revealed in this episode.
  • After Arthur is shot dead by Peter and the Haitian, Angela ensures he can never regenerate by having his body thrown into the incinerator on Level 3 of Primatech Research (Villains).
  • With Arthur stopped, Nathan will continue his father's development of the formula.
  • Arthur will only appear to be shot to Peter and the Haitian. It will later be revealed that a Marine given a synthetic ability by Mohinder and Arthur was the one actually shot.
  • Arthur will absorb Tracy's ability, causing Nathan to reconsider her importance and abandon her.
  • Somebody with the ability Cloning will be revealed.
  • Kimiko's ability will be revealed when Hiro meets Ishi.
  • Hiro will get his memory back by going to see Linderman. After being healed, Hiro remembers what he needs to do to save the world, and tells Linderman about the future and Arthur.
  • Hiro will go back from the past with his memory and he will meet Peter on the train and tell him to " save the cheerleader, save the world", because something happens to Claire in the past and he needs to make sure she is protected in the future.
  • The title will show the parallels between the important fathers in this episode (Arthur, Noah, Kaito, Nathan) and the mothers (Angela, Sandra, Ishi, Meredith)
  • Arthur will take Nathan's power away and then Nathan will kill him in retaliation and become the new 'Big Bad'. Nathan will then use the synthetically powered marines to hunt down the other heroes because he lost his powers.