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Cole Cutler

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Cole Cutler
Cole Cutler.jpg
Portrayed by Dean Armstrong
First appearance The Needs of the Many
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Special Agent for Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Evo Division

Special Agent Cole Cutler hunts for evos under the employ of the ATF Evo Division.

Character History

The Needs of the Many

Agent Cutler arrives at St. Peter's Hospital just as Tommy and Emily are about to teleport away. Agent Cutler warns Tommy that he shouldn't do that, since otherwise his mother is not going to receive the blood transfusion that would save her life.

The Lion's Den

After Tommy is entered into the ATF Evo Division database, Agent Cutler asks him what his real name is. Tommy replies that it is "Tommy Clark", and that the other aliases were fake. Cutler asks him what his real surname was before he was adopted. When Tommy says that he's not adopted, Cutler tells him that they have tested samples of his blood and there is no way he could be related to Anne. Tommy immediately teleports away to get answers from Anne.

Project Reborn

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Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Cole Cutler is making a routine visit to the US-Canada border crossing when he sees an evo woman bolt. He reminds himself that the preferred terminology at the Agency is "Evolved Human", but his job is to find them and bring them in. He eats some pistachios as he watches the border guards bring down the fleeing woman. He then watches as Anne Clark clips another car as she pulls out of line and accelerates away. Cutler believes there is an evolved human inside, but decides against a full-scale pursuit. After all, "Evolved Humans might run, but they couldn't hide forever." Remorselessly, Cutler chews on his pistachio shell, watches the car drive away, and thinks, "Catch you later."


  • The eBook Brave New World says that Cutler works for "the Agency", but it doesn't specify what agency he works for. In The Lion's Den, it is revealed that he works for Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Evo Division.


  • Cutler's character was originally written into the original script for the episode Brave New World, but the scene was ultimately cut. In a podcast interview, eBook author David Bishop said that the character reminded him of Tommy Lee Jones's character in The Fugitive. In fact, Tim Kring's original script even made a note to "Pay attention, we are going to meet this guy later." Bishop said that in some of the future episode scripts he read, the character of Cutler did return.

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