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Theory:Luke Campbell

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The following fan theories are about Luke Campbell.

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Theory Citations Notes
Luke Campbell is Sylar's half-brother. None Luke's father's name is unknown.
- Many characters have at least one parent with his/her name unknown.
+ Mary Campbell said she "didn't like that taxidermist". Since they live so close, this could imply that the two of them had "fooled around" but then parted ways due to some conflict. This would be why neither has told Luke, as he doesn't seem to know.
- Samson suffers the Hunger, taxidermies animals and cares little about how he looks. Nobody would like such a neighbor.
+ Samson Gray has an ability, so it would make sense for Luke to have one as well if he were his son.
- Sometimes evolved humans are not born by parents with powers on their own.

+ Luke seems to know an awful lot of truthful and accurate information about Sylar's real father, even that he sold Sylar as a boy. Such a confession may have been Luke's father attempting to come clean.

- Or maybe it's just suppressed father's instinct. Fathers who abandon their little children usually enjoy spending time with grown-up kids better.

+ Luke was told some very personal things from Sylar's father, possibly signifying that Luke is another son.

- What Luke was told wasn't that personal.
+ But considering how Luke acted in general, he wouldn't have confided unless there was some reason to identify with the boy.

+ It's very unlikely for Sylar to randomly bump into another person with an ability - as abilities have shown to be genetically linked, it would make sense that they could be related, given the fact that Sylar's father lived so close to Luke's mother.

- Chandra bumping into Sylar only to unleash his hunger is even more random, but it doesn't mean they were related or something.
- He told him about his father's abuse to him, using him as an ashtray.
+ This also adds to the theory that he is Sylar's half brother, Samson being noted as a heavy smoker.

It's worth noting that Luke hypothesized that he reminded Sylar's father of Sylar. While this could be just because of their similar natures and origins, it could also be a hint of a family connection.

- Or maybe it's just suppressed father's instinct. Fathers who abandon their little children usually enjoy spending time with grown-up kids better.
Luke will become Sylar's apprentice. None + Promotional articles referring to Luke have always heavily hinted, if not said outright, that he will become Sylar's apprentice.

+ Without Luke's character for interaction, Sylar would have no reason to still be on the show. The 'searching for the disappeared dad' bit was done in Volume 2 with Matt and Maury; Sylar's heel face revolving door antics in Volume 3 have worn his popularity down considerably. As a character, he can't afford to kill Luke.

- Not really. Sylar could prove to be a valuable ally for the "rebels" (Matt Parkman, Peter, Mohinder, etc.) in their fight. Even without them, he's a very angry person who wants some answers, and isn't afraid to kill a truck full of higher-than-SWAT team troops to get to it.
- Sylar has great influence over many characters of the show. For him to move behind the scenes and become a manipulator would mean great character development for him and whichever other character's story he touches.

- Luke cannot obtain abilities like Sylar can. He can't learn anything from Sylar to that effect.

+ Sylar can teach him other things, he's already given him advice about how not to use his ability.

- Sylar doesn't want to travel with Luke anymore.
+ Sylar has already "trained" Luke with advice (about family and powers), shown him how Sylar plots and prioritizes (using Luke, obtaining the laptop, chasing his father...) and taught him some basic government avoiding skills. It would not be that far-fetched for Luke to utilize these lessons.

Luke likes Sylar as more than a friend. None + Luke always smiles when he sees Sylar.
- Noah always smiles when he sees Claire and his thoughts towards her are not inappropriate.
Noah is Claire's father and loves her.
+ Love, in most dramatic productions, is shown through a smile or a long glance. For a father to love a daughter is natural. For a stranger to love another stranger is improbable, especially with Luke's apathetic personality.
- Sylar is the first person that understands him. He felt for the first time that he's got a friend.
- Or, which is more likely, Luke was just amazed he was going to travel with such an awesome guy, which is, too, shown through smile and glance.

+ Luke put his life at risk to protect Sylar.

- Luke is a fool.
- Luke can relate with Sylar, and so wants him to survive. Otherwise, he would be as alone and misunderstood as he always had been. This does not necessarily equate to a homosexual attraction.

+ Sylar put his life at risk to protect Luke.

- Sylar becomes more human when he holds his hunger back.
+ This quote: "He was gonna shoot you in the head, I mean I could have just let him."

"And I let you live, which is kind of a big deal for me!" Luke, Sylar in (Trust and Blood) Sylar knows he is treating Luke differently from other people.

- Sylar spares an evolved human - of course it's different!
- Many characters have risked their lives to save other characters of the same gender. That does not mean they are homosexual.
- Judging from their conversations, Sylar has developed more of a brotherly relationship with Luke rather than a homosexual one. Wanting to protect him would be natural.
- Sylar almost left Luke with Danko's team.

- Sylar had an intimate relationship with Elle Bishop, a female.

This does not mean that Luke isn't gay or Sylar isn't a bi or pansexual.
This doesn't mean anything.

- It is unlikely that the writers will introduce a homosexual relationship in the series, much less one involving Sylar.

For a character to have a crush on Sylar would not require Sylar to share those feelings.
+ Zach's character is rumored to have vanished from the show because they wanted to develop a homosexual relationship between him and another character, but his agent pulled the plug saying it was bad for his career. They have touched on religion, racism and politics- why not homosexuality? Heroes is a daring show.
- Zach's character vanished from the show because Thomas Dekker landed a major role in another series.
- The writers never meant for Zach to have a relationship with another character, they just wanted him to be gay.

+ Just after Matt draws the picture of Hiro in India and the scene cuts to Luke and Sylar, Luke very clearly checks Sylar out whilst in the car.
+ That theory could mean Luke likes Sylar as a brother, more then a friend doesn't have to mean love.
+ It's more likely that he considers Sylar to be a role model, since they have similar personalities and backgrounds.

Luke Campbell is Sylar's nephew. None Sylar's father will appear pretty much older to be Luke's father. Best chance Sylar's father is Luke's grandfather.

- Samson sold Sylar to his brother and killed his wife shortly thereafter, implying that Sylar was their only child.

Luke is related to Ted Sprague. They have similar abilities. + They both create radiation, albeit different kinds.

- Brian Davis and Misha displayed the same ability. That doesn't mean they are related.
- Both Ishi Nakamura and Linderman could heal. It doesn't make them related.
+ Meredith Gordon and Flint Gordon are siblings and have the same ability.

- Maarten and Iris are pyrokinetics, too.

There are both examples of relatives with different powers and unrelated people with the same power.

Luke will come back for Season 4. None + The writers have expressed intentions on exploring more of Sylar's dad. Luke is closely related to the Gray family and Samson.
Luke isn't related to Sylar or Samson. The reason why he was a friend of Samson's is the same why he attempted to befriend Sylar - because both felt abandoned, insignificant and desperate. None + Nothing suggests Luke is related to Samson or Sylar.

+ Samson is a bored, tired man, and so is Luke.

Luke will make Sylar remember who he is. None + They seem to have a strong bond.
+ Luke helped Sylar to explore his origins, at the very least Sylar would be grateful for that.

+ Writers have commented that they left Luke's situation open so they could bring him back if they ever wanted to.
- How can Luke wake Sylar's memories if he won't even be able to recognize him under the disguise of Nathan?

Luke has joined Rebel. None + The writers have said that Luke's story will continue in the graphic novels, where Rebel's story is being explored.
No, they said that the left his storyline open so they could bring him back if they ever wanted to, they said nothing about graphic novels.
At Comic-Con 2009, Oliver Grigsby said that they intended on Luke being a teen villain in the Rebellion story arc but that couldn't happen because the number of graphic novels was drastically reduced.

+ Of the known members, they have a flyer, a terrakinetic, a technopath, and a forcefield generator. Luke's powerset would be useful and would balance the team a little more.
- Luke hasn't been seen in the Rebellion story arc.
- Rebellion story arc takes place in the beginning of Volume Four near Building 26. At that time Luke was traveling with Sylar.

Luke will join the Carnival. None + The writers have said that Luke's story will be left his storyline open so they could bring him back if they ever wanted to.

+ Samuel might wants his help to rebuild a better Sylar.

- Luke liked the old Sylar, he might not be so willing to help Samuel making a new Sylar.
+ The old Sylar abandoned him. Why would he want that Sylar back?

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