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The following fan theories are about Samuel Sullivan.

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Theory Citations Notes
Samuel will get killed off by someone from the carnival. None + Nobody seems to like him.
+ To quote Lucius Accius, "Let them hate, so long as they fear." They may not like him, but he's no longer in charge, and a scary guy. Samuel would fear incurring the wraith of the entire carnival, or at the very least seeks to maintain their approval. Hence his desire to conceal his "misdeeds" from them.
+ Lydia hates him for killing Joseph.
+ Edgar hates him for killing Joseph and Lydia.
- Caleb and Eli liked Samuel.

+ If the carnies find out that Samuel sees them as little more than glorified batteries, they might form a mob and lynch him.

- A mob of carnies surrounding Samuel would only give him more power, allowing him to kill or further manipulate them.
The power to control dirt and other minerals would allow Samuel to intimidate a mob of angry specials, not manipulate them.
- As shown in Brother's Keeper, the more specials around Samuel the more powerful he becomes. If they are throughly scared and intimidated, they would presumably do whatever he asked.
+ Samuel won't be able to protect himself from powers like telekinesis, super speed, spontaneous combustion or puppet master.
Terrakinesis may not actually require hand motions. Like telekinesis, it may be used with the power of the mind, with the hand gestures directing the power. If this were true, telekinesis and puppet master would not be an absolute solution.
- It is unlikely that the writers would make Samuel so easy to kill off, based on his importance to the current story arc. He presumably has some sort of unknown defense, otherwise, he would have not been so quick to accuse Edgar of murder.

+ Samuel blackmails the Bowmans (Smoke & Mirrors), and in an alternate ending of iStory he kills Chris. The Bowmans may rise against him.

- Samuel is more than powerful enough to defeat two people and their small child, even if they do possess an ability.
Samuel wants Peter to regain empathic mimicry. None + Lydia said Samuel tries to fill the void of Joseph's death. It was implied that Samuel wants to fill it with Peter, whom he seems to be very interested in.

+ It is unclear how the compass tattoo appeared on Peter's arm, but since Samuel was smiling, it may be because Peter somehow replicated his ability.

Samuel could have put the tattoo there when he and Peter shook hands.

Peter did lose his enhanced speed and gain terrakinesis when they shook hands, although when Peter grabbed Emma, he unintentionally replicated her ability. He could have replicated it passively because he could connect with her; it can be a sign that his empathy is returning.

He lost super speed when he replicated Emma's ability; with empathic mimicry he would have been able to retain both.
It could start with acquiring abilities through touch without meaning to. It's midway between his current ability and his original ability.
Peter acquired abilities through touch without meaning to when he gained his new ability. Therefore, this is not a new phenomenon.
At that point, he was still getting used to his new, limited ability, now that he has control over them, it could be a sign that it's becoming stronger.

This might not be possible.

Samuel's family got new members thanks to Rebel and Ellen. None + Sabine Hazel is at the carnival and was helped by people.

+ Having Micah helping people to safety by moving them to the carnival makes sense.
+ Lydia notes that the carnival has obtained many new "family members" recently, more so than is typical (something she is concerned that Joseph would not have approved of).
- Micah wants to help people, not for them becoming evil, so he wouldn't send them to the carnival.

+ Micah isn't omniscient, and there is no proof the carnival itself is evil. Only Samuel has displayed evil.
- If Samuel had been met by members of Rebel, he would have either bamboozled them into staying or destroyed their lives until joining his 'family' seemed like the only option.
+ Samuel's path of insistence may not have begun until he killed Joseph. Alternatively, while Building 26 was still active, he may have felt that Rebel was more important out in the field saving evolved humans rather than with him at the carnival.
Samuel is a John the Baptist/Christ figure. None + He baptized Sylar to welcome him into his family.

- This could just be symbolic of new carnival members being reborn into a new life.

Samuel is the Heroes equivalent of Magneto. None + Samuel Sullivan is an egomaniac evolved human with an extremely prejudiced view of humans and a penchant for destruction. That sounds a lot like Magneto.

We fear the unknown, as Albus Dumbledore said in Harry Potter 6. Humans were prejudiced as well. And in the first X-Men film, we see that Magneto was a Holocaust survivor. Hitler was scared of the Jews because he didn't understand. And remember in the episode 1961, "Nazis" were mentioned by Charles Deveaux.
- "Egomaniac" is such a strong term. Everyone in Heroes has their own sins.

+ But some of them are true villains.
Samuel tried to travel back further in time to kill Mohinder, but failed. None + Samuel wouldn't have any reason to kill Mohinder at the point he thought he did.

- Samuel needed Chandra's film, not to kill Mohinder.

Samuel will find Ando, who will supercharge his ability, causing the Earth to split in half. None + It would be the ultimate evil action to do as a villain.
- Samuel would gain nothing from splitting the world in half.
- If the planet split in half, everyone would die, including Samuel and the evolved human he wishes to be part of his carnival.

+ This may occur as an unintended consequence of them encountering each other, rather than a master plan on Samuel's part.
+ Samuel may be planning to use the carnival as an Ark to gather together and save as many evolved humans as possible before he destroys the world of Man. One of the carnies' powers, or a combination of their powers, may allow the carnival to survive the world's destruction.

Samuel wants someone who can carry multiple abilities like Sylar or an empath so he will not have to recruit a new member every time he needs to use a certain ability. None + Not every person with an ability will mesh with the rest of the carnival. Having a mimic (or someone with intuitive aptitude) would eliminate the need for such people.
- He risks to be overthrown by Sylar, then.
Sylar is not all-powerful. Given that Samuel has an entire army of carnies and a powerful ability himself, it's possible he has some way of "containing" Sylar.
Samuel and his family are somehow connected to Ricky (Caitlin's brother) and his crew. None Samuel said his and Joseph's first family "didn't work out too well".

+ Ricky calls his crew his family. Samuel calls the carnival his family.

- This doesn't suggest these two families are connected.

Ricky's crew and members of the carnival all have circle-like tattoos on their arms.

- Only Samuel was shown to have a compass tattoo.
Samuel will split the earth in half because someone in the family/all of his family will be killed. None + Hiro could trap the entire carnival to get information about Charlie's whereabouts, breaking Samuel's heart, making him break the earth.
- Samuel isn't powerful enough to split the planet alone.
+ Samuel can multiply his power a thousand-fold on his own. If this isn't enough he can increase it exponentially higher if he was supercharged.
- Samuel can't multiply his power on his own, he becomes more powerful in the presence of more evolved humans, if the Carnival was all gone he would be at his weakest.
It is currently unknown what the specifics are behind Samuel's power enhancements, he may able able to "retain" the force he absorbs from evolved humans for use at a later date.
- If this was true, both Peter and Samuel would have continued their battle, or Samuel would've used his reserves at some point after Hiro had teleported the carnies away.

- Samuel is the only known living member of his family, and his carnival has been disbanded. He's got no one to lose.

Samuel was responsible for the destruction of Tokyo that Hiro witnessed in "Villains". None + Samuel's power is amplified by the presence of other ability users.
+ In this future, abilities were widespread and common, potentially amplifying Samuel's terrakinesis to untold heights.

+ Angela has seen three averted futures: the first one after the explosion, the second after Shanti virus outbreak, and the third with Samuel destroying New York (Consequences). There wasn't a fourth future with the planet exploding - maybe because Samuel was supposed to destroy it.

Samuel will split the earth in half accidentally. None + Peter lost control of his induced radioactivity because it was too much for him to handle. If Samuel is surrounded by too many evolved humans, supercharged, or both it may be too much for him to contain. This will cause him to lose control like Peter did, but on a much larger scale.
- Peter lost control because it was a newly acquired ability and he was unaware of how to control it, whereas terrakinesis is the power Samuel's sole ability, so should be able to handle it well both in terms of control and of intensity.
+ Peter only lost control of that ability when he started fighting Sylar. When he met Ted, he was able to contain it.
Samuel gets stronger with every ability around him, not every evolved human. None + That may be the reason why Samuel wants someone with more abilities.
- Prior to Hiro acquiring the Coyote Sands film from eight weeks ago, Samuel did not know what specifically makes his power stronger.

+ It would make sense why he gets stronger only near people with abilities.

Evolved humans with more potent abilities give Samuel more power then those average or mundane abilities. None + Samuel goes out of his way to obtain powerful individuals, even when it is incredibly difficult to do so. For example, he went to great lengths to try and recruit Jeremy Greer, even though Jeremy was mentally unstable, dangerous and incarcerated. If every evolved human gave Samuel the same amount of power, it is doubtful that he would go after Jeremy as opposed to a less difficult target.

+ This may also be why Samuel was interested in recruiting Peter and Sylar - they have multiple abilities and may be able to increase his power more than other evolved humans.

Samuel wants Tracy to find Eli so he can make Eli clone himself, rapidly increasing evolved human numbers around him so he can make himself more powerful. None + Samuel's ability gets stronger when there are more evolved humans around him.
+ It would be a way to make himself powerful much faster than recruiting several evolved humans.

- Samuel sent Tracy to find Eli before learning that.

Samuel was already recruiting people before that, it could simply be yet another reason to bring Eli back.

It isn't known if Eli's clones can clone themselves, that is, if they also possess the ability. Julien's clones couldn't replicate, but Evan's could.
Eli's clones are like shells of the root person, so calling them each an evolved human might be too generous.

Samuel will use his power to create a giant rock man, much like Uluru. None + His ability would allow him to do this.
+ Especially with the more carnies he gathers.

+ It would be a good way for him to cause destruction if he wanted to, without putting himself in immediate danger.
- It would also expose the existence of evolved humans.

The existence of evolved humans has presumably already been exposed as of Brave New World.
Samuel was more responsible than Alice Shaw or Angela in what happened in Coyote Sands. Mr. Suresh had to have some way to know what Samuel was all about and everything was covered in sand quite easily, a sandstorm is way more than mere uncontrolled weather. + Samuel has made time controlling individuals help him travel.

+ Samuel is probably the one that ends up splitting the world when artificial powers make him overcharged. What could have happened in Coyote Sands, where many powerful individuals were brought together?
- A storm was reported to wipe out Coyote Sands, not an earthquake or anything related to earth.

+ Baby Samuel may have unconsciously produced a massive sandstorm with terrakinesis. Because the sand particles would not be dependent on wind currents for speed, they could easily move fast enough to literally flay anyone caught within it alive.
Samuel will not split the world in half. None + It would be a horrible way to end the show.
Destroying the Earth would certainly give the show a sense of finality.

+ The Heroes always save the world.
+ Matt can paint the future, he hasn't painted anything recently.

Samuel and Alice Shaw will meet up somehow, and use their abilities together to cause massive destruction. None + Their abilities (terrakinesis and weather control) compliment each other, one controls the ground while the other controls the sky.

+ Samuel and Alice both seem to bear some responsibility for the destruction of Coyote Sands. This may have been foreshadowing what is to come.
+ It is unlikely that we have seen the last of Alice, and this would be a good way to tie her back into the story.

Samuel Sullivan's mother is Kelly Sullivan, the adoptive mother of Niki Sanders. None + They have the same last name.

- They seem too distant.
+ It could add to the drama, like Claire being Nathan's biological daughter.

A side-effect of Samuel's ability allows him to manipulate the emotions of evolved humans. None + Samuel managed to assume absolute, unquestioned leadership of the Carnival in a remarkably short time.

+ Samuel convinced Claire to join the carnival, despite the fact that Becky (who murdered her first roommate and attempted to kill Gretchen) was working under his orders. Likewise, Gretchen (who has no ability) was able to see through Samuel's manipulations.
+ This would explain how Samuel went from "listless drunkard" to "charismatic leader" in two months.
- Joseph was his brother. The Carnival chose him to inherit.
- Mulligan said that Samuel didn't have that ability, though he suspected him to have that ability.
- An ability isn't necessary to be an effective manipulator.
- Mulligan described him as a natural orator.
- Samuel knew that there was a way for him to get stronger, merely knowing that could have boosted his self confidence.
- Joseph was no longer there to force some humbleness into him.

Samuel will die at some point in the future. None + Every villian on the show, with the exception of Sylar, has been killed off- Linderman, Adam, Arthur, Flint, Maury, Knox, and now Danko.

+ Since Samuel cannot regenerate, he'll certainly die someday.

- One of the carnies could have age transferal and help him live forever.
Nobody helped Arnold and Mrs. Comey.
- Samuel is constantly bringing in new evolved humans with more and different powers.
- Arnold also had a tumour which would have kill him anyway.
Samuel can still use terrakinesis if there are no other evolved humans around. After Jeremy's death, Samuel destroys the police station, with no specials around. + After being shunned at his childhood home, Samuel destroys it, with no specials around.

+ Samuel doesn't need evolved humans within his immediate vicinity to enhance his power, he was able to pull a small town into the earth when the carnival was at least a mile away. Samuel was near Manhattan when he destroyed his childhood home, and there are bound to be several specials there.
Samuel was unable to use his power without his carnies around, although there were Peter, Sylar, Doyle, Emma and Claire.

- Claire was teleported away with Hiro, Ando, and the carnies. Hiro teleported Ando and Claire back once Samuel was taken away.

+ Samuel may need a minimum of 5 evolved humans within a specific radius to use his ability at all.

Samuel has autism or some other learning difficulty. None + He is very self-centered (wanting to expand the Carnival to grow more powerful), doesn't think of others (orders Eli to shoot into the Carnival knowing that someone could be hit), obsessive (his obsession with Vanessa) and seems unable to cope when he doesn't get his way.
- Samuel has been able to persuade several characters and is the head of the carnival, which is a job that heavily involves social encounters. It is unlikely that an autistic person could carry out such tasks.
- Self-centeredness, lack of concern for others, etc., are traits of a sociopath, not a person on the autistic spectrum.

- Autism's primary effects (reduced verbal communication, lack of socialization, difficulty interpreting social cues and body language) are completely absent in Samuel. He is well-spoken, a skilled manipulator, and quite capable of capitalizing on others' moments of weakness.

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