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Theory:Sparrow Redhouse

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The following fan theories are about Sparrow Redhouse.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sparrow Redhouse will be killed by Sylar. Her name appears on Sylar's list in Villains. + He killed the other people on his list.

+ Sparrow was also on Elle's list of contacts (on her cell phone).

- So far, the only known murder from that list is Sue Landers.

Sparrow was mentioned by Alex and West as having been recently active and alive. ("Scenic Route").
- Sylar has become a hero, and is therefore extremely unlikely to attack Sparrow.

Sparrow Redhouse will be romantically involved with Micah. None + Micah appears attracted to her when they met.
- The same could be said about Molly Walker.

+ We have yet to see Micah become involved romantically.

- He is 12 going on 13 years old.
- Sparrow appears to be much older that Micah.
Sparrow will be romantically involved with West. They are both members of Rebel. + They both look about the same age.

+ Sparrow isn't as childish as Claire, she wouldn't send West away as easily as Claire did.
+ Claire is dating Gretchen now. It is likely West is dating someone new. Sparrow is part of Rebel.

Sparrow is responsible for the World Splitting in Half. None + Her power is terrakinesis, and she is already tremendously powerful. If her power were amplified, she might be able to destroy the whole planet.

+ Her power is terrakinesis, and BTE said the world was split by an earthquake guy and red lightning, so it might have been her who destroyed the whole planet.
- True to both, but the exposed future was full of evolved humans. If flight and super speed were common abilities, so should have been terrakinesis, and there should have been many people with this power. Sparrow might not be the one who destroyed the world.
- Samuel is morally gray and has terrakenesis. He could be the earthquake guy.

How would Samuel benefit from destroying the world?
What would anyone gain from destroying the world?
It could happen by accident.
Sparrow will marry Ando in the future. None + BTE said the world was split by an earthquake guy and red lightning, so it might have been a married Ando and Sparrow would did this.
They don't need to be married for him to supercharge her.
- They don't know each other.
- In the exposed future, the formula was available to those willing to pay or steal, abilities became ordinary, many other people could have Sparrow's and Ando's abilities.
- Ando wasn't with Sparrow when the world was destroyed.
Says who? It was a crowded area, she might have been there. We just didn't see her.
- Ando wasn't seen supercharging Sparrow, he blasted Hiro instead.

+ Neither has been involved romantically.

- Ando has feelings for Hiro's sister.
- Ando is engaged to Kimiko Nakamura.
Allison is really Sparrow Redhouse. None + She's played by Kat Purgal, who also modeled for Sparrow in the graphic novels.
+ Kat Purgal uses a graphic novel picture of Sparrow as her twitter picture.
- It doesn't mean her on-screen character is the same as the graphic novel one modeled after her.

+ Micah may have sent her undercover to protect Claire.
+ Micah may have sent her to spy on the Carnival.
+ Becky Taylor might have recruited her to get Claire for the Carnival.
+ This may be Sparrow's chance at college as she was also "called to arms" by Micah.
+ Sparrow has enemies like Eric Thompson, Jr.. Easier to hide from him with a new name.

- Sparrow is too badass to be afraid of some non-powered punk like Eric Thompson, Jr..
- Thompson Jr. is the one who needs to hide after Micah made him the most wanted criminal in the world. (Rebellion, Part 5)

+ She might not have changed her name at all. Allison has yet to actually be called "Allison" on-screen. The listing of her by that name in the end credits may only be a mislead, to avoid giving away that it's her.

Sparrow's power can be amplified by proximity to other evolved humans, just like Samuel's. None + She has the same ability he does.

+ When falling from Flight 195, she used her powers without being in contact with the ground, something she claimed she couldn't do before. The exposure to the other evolved humans on the plane may be what caused this.
+ While serving on Rebel, she was in contact with several other evolved humans, and proved to be extremely powerful. She no longer seemed limited by being in the city.

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