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The contest of Heroes began airing Monday, February 15, 2010, with Volume Six: Brave New World. Volume Six begins Claire revealing her ability to the world.

Volume Six: Brave New World

Volume 6.JPG

The sixth volume of Heroes is entitled Brave New World.


Black Hole
This Does Not Happen


Chapter One -- Black Hole
airdate..15 February 2010
Emma is trying to start a new life. While Claire meets a mysterious woman who is trying to stop a disaster and Samuel is visited by a mysterious girl.
Chapter Two -- This Does Not Happen
airdate..22 February 2010
Barbara works to try and prevent the disaster. Meanwhile Peter confronts Doyle and Tracy arranges to meet a mysterious man, Al.


Episodes edit
Contest/Season Five

Black HoleThis Does Not HappenDangerousFrom the PastThree Day Before Death

Contest/Main Characters

BarbaraClaire BennetNoah BennetEmma CoolidgeLauren GilmoreAndo MasahashiHiro NakamuraAngela PetrelliPeter PetrelliAl SteinTracy StraussSamuel SullivanSylarEdgar Tunden

Contest/Recurring Characters