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Peter Petrelli
Future Peter 1.jpg
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia
First appearance Five Years Gone
In-story stats
Known abilities Empathic mimicry
Known powers mimicked:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Space-time manipulation,
Induced radioactivity,
Electric manipulation,
Super speed
Nickname Pete
Age 31
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupation former home hospice nurse
Parents Angela Petrelli, unnamed father
Siblings Nathan Petrelli (older brother, deceased)

Peter Petrelli is an evolved human living in Las Vegas, NV in 2011.


The Explosion

After receiving the message from Hiro, he helped Claire survived the homecoming. Nathan, however, didn't helped Peter avoiding the explosion. After being unable to control his power, his nuclear charge goes off in the middle of New York, causing a devastating result.

Rescuing Niki

In 2007, Peter and Future Hiro break into the Moab Federal Penitentiary to rescue Niki Sanders, and are ambushed by Matt Parkman's agents.

Peter battles an agent who is capable of electric manipulation manipulation and an agent who can run very fast. He absorbs these powers and defeats the agents.

Helping Hiro

After Future Hiro and Ando leave the club in Las Vegas, Peter becomes visible and joins Niki at the bar. She explains that they came seeking his help to stop Sylar in the past. She tells him that she sent them to Bennet, and that Peter should leave the past alone. Peter says he won't go anywhere.

Peter goes to Odessa, however, and rescues Future Hiro and Ando from the Homeland Security building. While Future Hiro is recovering, Peter reveals the truth to Ando that Hiro had been hiding: in the explosion, Ando died. Peter speculates that it was Ando's death that drove Hiro to become so obsessive with changing the past.

Leaving Hiro and Ando alone, Peter goes to see Niki. Peter does his best to convince Niki to accept her losses and stop living a lie. However, when Niki forcefully demands why Peter himself is so obsessed with the past, Peter admits that it was he, not Sylar, that destroyed half of New York, and his brother Nathan had used Sylar as a scapegoat to protect Peter. He leaves with Future Hiro and Ando in order to save past Hiro.

In New York, Peter helps Future Hiro clear the guards around the Homeland Security holding facility. However, their progress is impeded by the knowledge that the power-blocking Haitian is on the upper floors. But with a diversion, Peter and the others make it to the room where Hiro is being held, or was, thanks to Mohinder, who has also killed the Haitian. But Future Hiro is then shot and killed by Matt, and Peter keeps Homeland Security at bay. Unfortunately, he too is separated from the group, as he is forcibly phased through the door acting as the last line of defense by none other than his brother. Peter knows that it is not truly Nathan as he only has the power of flight. Future Sylar then reveals his form, having used Candice's power to disguise himself as Nathan for some time. Peter is enraged by his brother's murder, and the two have a showdown.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline, Peter Petrelli didn't received the message from future Hiro and did not proceed to rescue the cheerleader, Claire Bennet. Claire did not survive the homecoming and her regeneration powers are mimicked by Sylar. The Hiro from this timeline warns the Peter Petrelli about the message, which made this timeline switched into the timeline where Claire was alive, mentioned above. This timeline is not possible and was extinguish, so is the Peter Petrelli of this timeline.


Like his present-day self, Peter can mimic the powers of other evolved humans he encounters. By 2011, he has been exposed to a number of new powers and has also become far more adept at controlling them.

Powers Mimicked

By 2011 in the "explosion future," Peter has acquired additional evolved human abilities; after he has acquired the ability, he does not need to be in the person's presence. His known abilities at this time are:

Powers Exposed

By 2011 in the "explosion future," other evolved humans have been within Peter's proximity, exposing him to their abilities. These abilities Peter has not yet exhibited:

Memorable Quotes

"Why? why does it fall on your shoulders to save everyone?"

"Because, it was me! The bomb? It was me. I killed all those people. I killed Micah!"

"No. It was Sylar. Everyone knows!"

"It wasn't. Nathan lied. He lied to protect me. He told everybody it was Sylar."

- Niki, Peter (Five Years Gone)


  • Despite being in close proximity to Niki and later being in a relationship with her, Peter has not yet clearly demonstrated enhanced strength. He lifted a door (Walls, Part 1) and pushed a guard (Five Years Gone) which may be examples of the power, but nothing conclusive can be said one way or another.
  • In an interview with Extra's John Kelly before the episode aired, Milo Ventimiglia says that in this future his character (Peter) can "walk through walls", but there is no conclusive proof that he did. All of Peter's sudden appearances that aired in the episode can be explained by use of invisibility and/or teleportation. It is true that Peter could have absorbed Sylar's phasing ability due to their encounter, or D.L. Hawkins' ability before Sylar killed him.
  • In the episode Five Years Gone, Peter has a clearly visible scar across his face. It is unknown why this scar exists if Peter absorbed Claire Bennet's healing ability.


  • When Future Peter, Future Hiro and Ando raid the Homeland Security facility where present-day Hiro is being held captive, Future Peter sports a black coat that looks nearly identical to the one worn by Neo in The Matrix series. Future Peter's demeanor and mannerisms also resemble those of Neo during the sequence. The raid sequence itself could also be likened to the lobby shootout in the first Matrix film. (Five Years Gone)

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