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Gabriel Gray
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto,
Carter Jenkins
First appearance Madness in Love
In-story stats
Known abilities Original ability:
Intuitive aptitude
Acquired Abilities:
Telekinesis (regained),
Shattering (regained),
Cryokinesis (regained),
Enhanced memory (regained),
Liquefaction (regained),
Enhanced hearing (regained),
Precognition (regained),
Induced radioactivity (regained),
Rapid cellular regeneration,
Sound manipulation,
Flight (suppressed),
Pyrokinesis (suppressed),
Invisibility (suppressed),
Enhanced strength (suppressed),
Inertia amplification (suppressed),
Blindness induction (suppressed),
Electrical manipulation
Formal name Gabriel Gray
Aliases Sylar,
Gabriel Petrelli
Nickname Uncle Gabe
Age 34 (in 2011)
52 (in 2029)
Date of birth January 11, 1977
Place of birth Manhattan, New York
Home Costa Verde, CA (former),
Barstow, CA
Residences Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA (former),
Primatech Research Barstow
Occupations Agent of the Company (former),
Interim Regional Director of Primatech Barstow
Significant other Wife:
Elle Gray
Parents Adoptive parents:
Mr. Gray (estranged),
Virginia Gray (deceased)
Biological parents:
Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Child Noah Gray
Siblings Nathan Petrelli,
Peter Petrelli
Other relatives Nieces:
Claire Bennet,
Hannah Petrelli,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Andrew Petrelli
Tracy Petrelli
Bob Bishop (deceased)

Gabriel Gray, born Gabriel Petrelli, is a version of Exposed Future Gabriel Gray in The World Entire universe. He is a Special, a former serial killer, and an agent of the Company.

Character History

His ability to empathize with others suppresses the hunger that is typical of intuitive aptitude. Though seemingly well-adjusted, he is not perfectly sane. His marriage with his wife, Elle, has a sadomasochistic side, and he derives what he knows is an unhealthy amusement with performing acts to his son that would severely maim or kill normal children. Early on in his redemption, while able to resist taking abilities, he still had a violent temper which never completely disappears. He does, however, genuinely love his family, and is fiercely protective of them. When he has a momentary lapse into his Sylar persona, he is debilitating remorseful at his previous actions.

My Firefly

Gabriel is a main character of this series. After the Costa Verde Disaster, Gabriel retreats to a cafe to grieve the death of his son, where he meets the past Peter Petrelli and Elle, who turns out to be his wife. She tells the story of their love (Madness in Love). Back in 2007, after he has been made an agent of the Company and is partnered with Noah Bennet, Elle returns to avenge her father's death. After a crisis of conscience stops him from stealing her ability, he uses his healing abilities to exhaust Elle as she tries to electrocute him. After Angela rehires her, he begins to develop feelings for her (In That Very Moment).

Her electrocutions become a common occurrence, and they eventually allow Elle to work through her grief and become romantically--an physically--involved with Gabriel (Hasn't Happened Yet). Their first coupling results in Elle's pregnancy. Gabriel proposes and Elle accepts. They elope and have a son which they name Noah against his namesake's wishes. Gabriel, to combat the hunger, refuses to use his abilities, and his mother sends him home to care for and protect his son, which he does until that fateful day (Two Auras). Back in 2011, Gabriel sends the past Peter back to his time while he and his wife remember better times (Rooting for Love).

The World Entire

Evolved Human Abilities

Gabriel has the ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems. He presumably lost it and had it returned synthetically by Peter. Whether he retained his other abilities has not been described, but since he was able to regain all his previous abilities after the Shanti virus, it is possible he might do the same.

After being cured of the Shanti virus, Gabriel regained his intuitive aptitude naturally and his telekinesis because he felt genuine guilt for Brian Davis’s death. Gabriel regained all his previous abilities in the same manner after empathically internalizing the guilt. Because his empathy suppresses the hunger, it also suppresses any abilities he’s taken while in his Sylar persona until he internalizes the guilt, which is a difficult, emotionally-draining process that requires reliving his killings.

Matt Parkman used his telepathy to trap Gabriel in his mind. While being mentally attacked, Gabriel was able to use his intuitive aptitude to understand Matt’s telepathy. He was able to take it unknowingly and use the ability against Matt. He later, while making love to his wife, used the telepathy to take Elle’s electrical manipulation. He has not used his telepathy to take any additional powers.

The Epidemic was revealed to have stripped Gabriel's powers once again, though the Formula returned his intuitive aptitude and telekinesis. He regained telepathy from Matt, and later electrical manipulation from Elle, rapid cellular regeneration from Claire, and flight from Nathan.

Acquired Abilities




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