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Season: One
Episode number: Episode 02
First aired: Unknown
Unaired episode.jpg
Written by: Jayson Sheets
Directed by: Jayson Sheets
Previous episode: [[Genesis]]
Next episode: [[Weapons?]]


Story Development


The episode begins in Mandy's car, Carol examining the crystals in the crown-royal bag. Mandy goes into a flash-back; about how she had gotten into an argument with her parents over her friendship with Carol, Carol intterupts and calls them Close-minded Phobos, Mandy smiles and shushes her then continues how she went up into her room, sitting on her bed so very angry, and accidently created some crystals. Carol

Memorable Quotes


[[Episode:User:EmpathicMimic0/Episode:Genesis|previous: User:EmpathicMimic0/Episode:Genesis]] Gifts? [[Episode:User:EmpathicMimic0/Episode:Weapons?|next: User:EmpathicMimic0/Episode:Weapons?]]
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