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Written by: Jayson Sheets
Directed by: Jayson Sheets
Previous episode: N/A
Next episode: Gifts?

Genesis is the first episode of the Approachers, a fan series directed and written by Jayson Sheets, most other jobs are done by Nico Snyder


  • After a night of watching the solar eclipse, Brian discovers he has Superhuman Strength, Colin discovers he can fly, and Jake discovers he can see the future.


Nick, his mom, and Jake pull out lawn chairs and set them out to watch the eclipse. Jake is texting a friend and the date at the top says October 1st, 2006. Nick's mom tells them about eclipses, and they look up to sky and watch as the eclipse begins.

Meanwhile, Brian gets in another fight with his step father and leaves the house with a jacket slung over his shoulder. He looks out the window of his beat up truck at the sky.

Lisa also gets in a fight with her parents about Colin. She runs to her room and slams the door and looks out her bedroom window as as the eclipse happens.

Colin is practicing at track at the high school and runs laps. He pauses, wipes sweat off, takes a drink of water. He looks up to the sky and watches the eclipse.

Mandy grabs hold of Carols hand and the two look up to the sky, watching.

Ryan grabs a baseball bat and swings it at a training dummy. He throws the bat away before beginning to practice kickboxing on it. He takes a break, sipping on a soda, and looks up at the sky.

Lily is working community hours at the hospital as an assistant nurse. She takes a break and steps outside to look at the eclipse.

.Title screen.

The next morning starts with Nick coming down for breakfast, Kalvin runs through exclaiming that he has decided to skip breakfast, jumps on his skateboard and ollies out the door. Nick says that he feels that today will be a different day, like something amazing will happen to him. Nick's mother tells him that by tomorrow she will have this weeks episode of Heroes. Nick gets into his car and goes to Starbucks, and orders a double caramel Espresso, but as he takes a sip he throws it out the window complaining that its cold.

Inside of Lisa's car, where Nick's cold Espresso hits her windshield. She looks to be already crying, and mumbles about how her day cannot possibly get any worse.

Brian is driving down the street when his car shudders, moans, and stalls. Angrily he climbs out and slams the door so hard that the glass breaks and it pops back open, swinging around so hard that it hits the frame of the car denting it badly. He chuckles about how this is his dad's car so it doesn't matter to him if it gets dented up. He begins walking as a car pulls up and Ryan leans out the window, grinning smugly and asking if he wants a ride. Brian says "Fat chance!" laughing, and runs off, really fast.

Colin stretches before getting ready to try the long jump, he's alone except for one of the other track kids, he sets up the running long jump area, then races down the way, leaping out as far as he can, as he sails forward, the track kid watches amazed as he lands on the other side of the 12-foot long sandpit. Amazed the kid runs over to his bag, and pulls out a video camera, and convinces Colin to try it again, he runs out, and leaps, raising up nearly seven feet straight up.After Colin lands, Lisa walks up, Lisa and Colin get into a fight, during which Colin remarks about how now he remembers why he dumped her for Alicia.

Mandy is sitting underneath the bleachers, waiting for Carol, and as she waits drinks a soda, She hears the gate clamor open and close. When she investigates, there wasn't anyone there. She shrugs and moves out of sight and Carol climbs over the fence. The two drive out of there, leaving a pair of mysterious stangers inside the stadium.

The scene switches to Nick pulling into a parking space in an apartment complex. Nick has a key to the apartment, so he unlocksthe door and walks in to find Jake scribbling vigorously on paper. Surronding him is several empty bottles of Nos, and Nick happens to shake him out of the trance. Jake talks about how things he draws come true and convinces Nick that he can with a drawing that show Nick saying "I don't believe you." The two climb into Nicks car and they drive off, forgetting to lock the door.

(To be continued)

Memorable Quotes

"Holy Shit, you just flew, let me grab my camera, you've got to show me that again!"

"I can't fly, that's impossible!"

-Track kid, to Colin

"With great powers come great responsibility...Marketing Resonsibility that is!"


"Claire! Zachary Quinto with Regeneration, MR. MUGGLES, Matt gets a turte!!!!!"

-Jake, in midst of a Pre-cognitive Trance


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