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User:Skullman1392/The Hunted/Episode:Distractions

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Episode number: 105
First aired: 2/7/2010
Hunted Distractions.jpg
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: Cruel To Be Kind
Next episode: Tower Of Strength
Heroes Interactive transcript


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.



“Oh, great!” Stephanie rushes over to the espresso machine that is malfunctioning. “Not again! Brittney! Can you come help me?”

Stephanie’s manager comes out of the back room carrying towels. “Beautiful. I keep telling Mr. Pine we need a new espresso machine. But does he ever listen? Not a chance.” The two clean up the mess made by the machine and Brittney takes the dirty towels to the back while Stephanie goes to the register to deal with the line that has formed.

“Welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?” Stephanie tries to be as cheery as possible.

“Gimme a medium Caramel Macchiato.”

“That will be three dollars and forty cents, sir.” The man pulls out a ten and slaps it on the counter, ignoring her outstretched hand. Stephanie picks it up and gives the man his change. “Be right up.”

Stephanie begins making the man’s drink. The espresso is having problems again and now I have the rudest customer. What else could go wrong today? Just then she hears a voice over the rest of the noise in the store. “Steph, you have to leave work and go get April!”

Nate? Why would I do that, you know I can’t stand her.

“I don’t care about that, you and her are going to get a little visit from some men that isn’t going to end well.”

Stephanie hands the man his drink. “Have a nice day.”


Stephanie breathes out a long sigh, bracing herself on the counter. What the hell are you talking about?

“I’m talking about armed men, government workers, coming to take the two of you away!”

“I need a venti Vanilla Frap!”

“Coming right up Brittney!” Stephanie begins preparing the drink, Brittney having taken over her former place at the cash register. Nate, I higly doubt a bunch of dudes with guns would rush a Starbucks, especially one a block away from a police station.

“Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean April is safe.”

I could care less what happens to that girl; if they do come for her, that’s her issue.

“You know Steph, you were best friends with her once. Don’t you think that counts for anything?”

“Once” is the key word.


“Stephanie! Did you hear me? You haven’t made the past three drinks I called!”

“Sorry! I’m just a little distracted right now.”

“…Well, Jack gets off his lunch in a minute or two; why don’t you take yours now, clear your mind. I can hold the fort down here for a little bit.”

“Yeah. Clear my mind… Thanks Brittney.” Stephanie hangs her apron in the back room and walks out the exit. She walks to the park across the street and sits on an empty bench. She watches some children running around the playground laughing. To her left is a giant Eastern Redbud tree, and people periodically walk, run, or bike along the path that is between her and the playground.

Funny how I’m having the worst day ever, but the world just keeps spinning for everybody else… What if those men do come running into the store when I get back? I would have no way to get out without them getting in the way and grabbing me. Where would I even go? Stephanie suddenly hears that voice enter her head once again.

“Sorry about that, everyone else kept interrupting.”

Everyone else? Like who?

Matt, Dimitri, Max…”

Why are you talking to all of them?

“Because, Stephanie, you and April aren’t the only ones getting hunted. They’re going after all of us.”

How can you be sure?

“Almost all of them have had the men attack them already, and are fighting to get away right now.”

So how did you find out about this?

“There was a unmarked black helicopter that flew by the beach and I overheard the men thinking about the operation to capture everyone with abilities. Listen Steph, it's really not the time to be discussing this, you need to help April.”

Why can’t you just warn her yourself? She’s a big girl, she can fend for herself.

“You know I can’t keep up too many mind links at once, and I’ve already got four open, five including you. Not to mention how far away she lives from the beach; if I tried to make a link with only her from this distance, I would probably pass out after a matter of seconds.”

So why would you have me, of all the people you could ask, be the one to tell her?

“Because you can fly. You can get her away from her house, take her to Canada, where everyone else is going to meet.”

But why? You could have had Dimitri or Matt get her.

“Matt has to focus on my family, and Dimitri is getting Krystal and Sophia. I figured have him get two people since he can have the wind hold them up, where as you can only rely on the grip of yourself and the other person.”

I could have gotten somebody else…

“Stephanie, will you stop it! You’re just making excuses. Yeah, maybe you could have gotten someone else instead, but at the time, it was my best option. Now everybody else has people to get except April. She’s the only one who doesn’t know yet, and you’re the only one not busy. I’m sorry but that is just the way things have to be now.”

…So I really don’t have a choice then?

“Not unless you want her locked up, or worse, dead. I know you’ve had a falling out, but would you honestly wish that on her?”

...No... No, I wouldn’t... I’d want her to warn me.

“Good. Now just go, please. Hopefully it’s not too late…”

Stephanie gets off the bench and walks across the street to the alley behind her work. She walks in between the buildings as far as she can and, after double and then triple checking to make sure no one is watching her, she flies up into the sky at practically super sonic speeds. Once she breaks through the clouds, she heads north for April’s home.

As she gets closer, she drops below the clouds to see a black helicopter hovering in the direction she is flying. Black helicopter? Shoot. This really isn’t my day.

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