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The Best Laid Plans
Episode number: 111
First aired: 5/13/2010
Hunted Plans.jpg
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: Now Go We In Content
Next episode: Dum Spiro Spero


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Alex discovers that there are government men waiting outside to make an ambush.
  • Alex, Scott, and Max make plans to escape and avoid capture.


“And… got it.”

“Got what?”

“Got this computer up and running, that’s what.” Alex didn’t turn around to look at his brother, being too focused on telling the computer what to do.

Max, leaning against the doorway of the messy office, turned his head to watch Alex. “Okay, but I don’t get what that’s gunna help, they’re still out there… most likely.”

“There are some cameras watching the entrances— or in our case, exits— of the building. Not all of them are in working condition, but hopefully I can control enough of them remotely through this computer to scan the area outside.”

“Huh.” Scott leaned over his little brother to see the computer screen better. “And what if they are waiting for us?”

“Would you give me a second? Jeez!” After a few more seconds, video footage of the alley appeared on the screen. “Voilà.”

“Oh boy…”

Max started walking over to the desk. “Don’t tell me…”

On the screen were two black vans, blocking any possible route out of the alley. “Let’s try the front.” Alex focused and video of the front of the warehouse popped up. Alex moved the camera to view the street, only to reveal another black van parked in front of Scott’s white Buick and a man in a suit pacing the sidewalk in front of his car.

“Great! This is just great, what are we supposed to do? There’s no way to get out of here!”

“Max, would you calm down?” Alex turned around in his chair to face the older boys. “We’ll figure it out, okay? Look, they’re just waiting for us to come out. It doesn’t seem like they’re gunna come barging in at any second. I can figure out what their orders are, and maybe a little more about the whole operation, but I need some time here. If they decide to come crashing in unexpectedly we won’t have time to react. We need to be prepared. Why don’t you two scope the place out and make some plans for attack if they come in here. I’ll stay here and do some investigating.”

“…Alright, but be careful, bud. I don’t want anything happening to you.”

“Scott, I’ll be right here. Go on; go make your defense strategies or whatever you wanna call it.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on Max, I think between invisibility, force fields, and fire we can come up with something to hold them off.”

“You’re right; you know I was thinking if we…” Max’s voice faded away as Scott lead him out of the office.

Good, now that that’s covered… Alex turned back to the computer screen and leaned towards it. Why are they just waiting there? Alex manages to get the computer to connect to the computers in the three vans. Beautiful. Hmm, I’m sure you guys are getting orders from some central location… Let’s find out what those orders are, shall we? Alex digs through the computers, looking for any recent, official-looking messages. What have we here? A message appears on the screen that reads: “Do not enter building as previously ordered. Other targets have proved proficient at keeping men at bay; do not expect any less from these three. Wait for them to exit the building and capture them in the more controlled area. Block both entrances and watch any vehicles they may have. If more than thirty minutes have passed, call for further instructions.”

Plenty of time… But who are the other targets? Alex searches the computers deeper to come upon a list of names. Bennett, Bui, Dawson, Dawson, Douglas, Gordon, Gray, Lincoln, Matthews, Nakamura, Parkman, Petrelli, Redhouse, Rivera, Sanders, Suresh, Strauss, Winston… I don’t know any of these people. That means people from all over really are being targeted, not just us. Alex searches a bit more and comes up with a very recently updated list of more familiar names. Towers, escaped. Schaffer, M, escaped. Schaffer, K, escaped. Schaffer, D, escaped. Oakley, escaped. McAllister, escaped. Kirkwood, escaped. Kingston, in transit. Alex’s heart dropped. They got April? Oh no…

Focus, Alex. We’ll figure out that battle when we get to it. If you want to save her you can’t be in the same place she is. Alex shakes the thought of April to the back of his mind as he switches back to the cameras. Nothing has changed; the two vans are still parked in the alley, the van is still out front, and the man is still pacing next to Scott’s car. I wonder…

Alex stands up and walks over to the doorway. He looks around the main floor of the warehouse to find it empty. Where did they… Alex hears a noise above him. Oh. “What are you two doing up there?”

“Working on our plan of attack, what do you think we’re doing?”

“Guys, come down here, I have an idea.” Alex turns around and walks back into the office, sitting in the chair and searching through the government computers again. Twenty seconds later Scott and Max are standing behind him, each looking over one of his shoulders.

“What’s your idea?”

Alex spins around to face them. “Would you guys be ready to protect us within a few minutes?”

Five minutes later, after a quick discussion, Scott and Alex are alone in the office, Alex in the chair, Scott in the doorway. Alex is furiously typing away at the computer. “Done!” Alex clicks the send button and shoots up out of the chair. “Go!” He runs past Scott and out the door as Scott throws a fireball into the office, setting it ablaze. He throws one more for security, smiles, and then turns and runs after his brother up the stairs. They reach the top and run out onto the walkway, stopping in the middle where the walkways cross and where Max is waiting. Max reaches out to grab their shoulders, and turns all three of them invisible. In a matter of seconds the doors burst open. Men covered in black pour in and spread out. Four men attempt to deal with the fire in the office while another three go into the generator room. Four men enter the freight elevator and three start ascending the stairs. Alex whispers to the other two: “Now!”

Max creates two force fields, one blocking the doorway in front of them, and one to block the doorway between the stairs and the main floor, trapping the men in the stairwell. Alex makes the elevator stop in place, halfway between the main floor and the basement, with the men still inside. Simultaneously, Scott makes the fire rage higher and sends a jet of fire out of it at the men, knocking one off his feet and causing his clothes to burn.

“Aaaargh!” Max suddenly turned visible, as did Scott and Alex. “I can’t do that much at once!”

“It’s okay, let’s just get out of here!” Scott jumps over the railing and onto the shelf a few feet below. “Come on!” Alex leaps over and starts crawling down the shelf. “Max, let’s go!”

Max kept looking at the doorway, keeping his arms outstretched. “I d-don’t think I can!”

“Fine!” Scott throws fire at the doorway and makes it spread to cover the same area as Max’s force field . “Now, come on!” Max reluctantly drops his arms, hops the railing, and lands next to Scott. “Was that so hard?” Max shakes his head as Scott begins to climb down the shelf.

Alex gets to the floor and turns around, looking through the other shelf to see the man in the suit walking out of the generator room. The man sees him, too, but Alex is petrified with fear. The man raises his gun to shoot, but Alex feels himself being pushed to the ground. When he looks up, Scott is standing in Alex’s former position and is throwing fire through the shelf at the man. The man jumps out of the way, firing his gun accidentally. Alex hears a scream and a thud a few seconds later. He looks down the aisle to where Max is now laying on his back, blood seeping out from under his right shoulder. Scott yells in anger and continues to throw fireballs at the man and the two who have now joined the first.

We need to get out of here if Max is going to live! Alex uses the cell phone to reach out to Scott’s car, turning it on. Alex makes the car drive right through the front double doors and pull up at the end of the aisle. “Scott, help me!” Scott picks up Max and puts him in the back seat. “Get in the back, you need to heal him!” Alex gets in the driver’s seat and directs the car out of the warehouse amid a volley of bullets. Alex gets the car to the street and starts driving north as quickly as possible while in the back seat, Scott leans over Max with his hands on his upper chest, doing his best to hide his tears from his little brother.

Character Appearances


  • Some of the names from the first list Alex finds are characters from Chronicles who were on Flight 195 in that Fan Fiction.
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