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Timeline edit

Pre-eclipseOctober 2006November 2006December 2006-February 2007March 2007April 2007-December 2014Post-2014Possible futures

Explosion Timeline

November 8, 2006

The newspaper proves to Hiro the date is November 8

After November 8, 2006

  • Yamagato Industries posts a notice on Hiro Nakamura's weblog: "In light of the tragic events that has [sic] happened on November 8th... Yamagato Industries sends their deep condolences to those who lost their loved ones." Yamagato also shuts down the blog and denies any assocation with Hiro Nakamura. (Hiro's blog)
  • Sylar kills Candice and steals her ability.


After November 8, 2007


  • See also 2008 for events that actually occurred.
  • (presumed) Nathan Petrelli is elected President of the United States of America.


January 20, 2009

November 8, 2010

November 7, 2011

November 8, 2011

Five Years Gone

  • Matt, director of Homeland Security, captures past Hiro mistaking him for the terrorist Future Hiro.
  • President Nathan consults with Mohinder about solving the problems caused by evolved humans. Nathan decides elimination is better than a cure.
  • Peter is dating Niki. Future Hiro teleports to Las Vegas with Ando to seek Peter's help to stop Sylar in the past, but Niki turns them away.
  • Bennet and Hana work to hide evolved humans from the government. Future Hiro asks for assistance, but is turned down.
    • Bennet informs Matt of Future Hiro's presence, confirming that the Hiro in custody is from the past. After temporarily apprehending Future Hiro and Ando, Peter freezes time and rescues the two.
    • Bennet finds Hana dead. Matt obtains the location of Claire from Bennet then kills him.
  • Matt captures Claire and brings her to New York, where Nathan reveals himself to actually be Sylar before killing Claire.
  • Ando, Peter and Future Hiro try to rescue Hiro from the past.
    • The Haitian watches over Hiro to ensure he does not escape or allow any other evolved humans to rescue him.
    • Mohinder is ordered by Nathan to kill Hiro, preventing a change in the timeline.
    • Mohinder, guided by an issue of 9th Wonders!, kills the Haitian, allowing Hiro to escape.
    • Upon hearing of Peter's attempt to save Hiro, Nathan flies from a memorial celebration to stop Peter.
      • Nathan, revealing himself as Sylar, clashes with Peter. Sylar mentions that he is not the cause of the explosion, and that he killed Nathan after he turned on his kind.
  • Hiro, with his sword returned to him and with the final issue of 9th Wonders!, returns to the past with Ando.

Outbreak Timeline

New York City is ordered to evacuate.

March 20, 2007

April 2007


June 14, 2008

After June 14, 2008

Out of Time

Exposed Timeline

Present day

March 20, 2007

March 24, 2007

Hunted rift


  • By 2011, evolved humans have been driven underground, placed in "camps," and "hunted" and "slaughtered."
  • In Manhattan, Claire Bennet attempts to kill Peter Petrelli. Peter slows time, takes her gun, and travels back to March 20, 2007 to forcibly prevent his brother from revealing the truth.

Marketed abilities rift

Preview of Destruction rift

After March 24, 2007

  • In late March in Tokyo, Hiro teleports to an unknown point in the future to see the effect of Daphne's theft of his half of the Formula. He observes his future self being attacked with red energy by Ando, who takes Hiro's half of the formula back. Then, a seismic event destroys a city block nearby, forcing Hiro to jump back.

Angela's dreams rift

Timeline edit

Pre-eclipseOctober 2006November 2006December 2006-February 2007March 2007April 2007-December 2014Post-2014Possible futures