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Niki Sanders (explosion future)

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Niki Sanders
Future niki.jpg
Portrayed by Ali Larter
First appearance Five Years Gone
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Formal name Nicole Sanders
Alias Jessica
Age 37
Date of birth August 24, 1974
Place of birth Beverly Hills, CA
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupations Stripper,
former casino worker and online webcam operator
Significant others D.L. Hawkins (deceased),
Peter Petrelli
Parents Hal Sanders,
Kelly Sullivan
Child Micah Sanders (deceased)
Siblings Tracy Strauss,
Jessica Sanders (deceased)

In the Explosion Future, Niki Sanders works at a strip club in Las Vegas, using the show name Jessica. She is in a relationship with Peter Petrelli.

Character History

Five Years Gone

On the day before the fifth anniversary of the explosion, Niki is visited by Future Hiro and past Ando. Hiro requests to know where Peter is, so that he can help the two infiltrate Homeland Security and rescue past Hiro. Niki refuses to reveal his location, as he would have no interest in assisting them. However, she does direct them to Mr. Bennet, who is in Texas. Peter then reveals himself as Niki is having a drink. Niki explains Hiro's intentions, but she shrugs it off and hopes that Bennet will handle him instead. The two watch footage of the aftermath of the explosion, and Peter reminds Niki of Micah, who died in the explosion. Niki claims that she has let go, and suggests Peter does the same, unless he wants to help his friends. Peter firmly states that he isn't going anywhere.

After Peter rescues Hiro and Ando from Homeland Security, Niki and Peter argue back and forth about letting the past go. Peter reminds Niki that Jessica is gone, as well as Micah and D.L., but Niki feels haunted by Jessica regardless. Though Peter is adamant that Niki is stronger than this, she questions Peter's own intentions to help Hiro and Ando. Peter finally admits that he was the bomb, not Sylar, and that Nathan lied in order to protect him. Peter then goes to help his friends and try and change the past, leaving a hurt Niki.

Niki, watching Nathan's memorial speech on live television, throws an object at the TV screen in anger.

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 1

One year after the explosion, Niki and hundreds of other evolved humans are being held at Moab Federal Penitentiary. Peter and Hiro come to rescue them, taking advantage of the weakened security. However, Niki requires extra assistance escaping, as her power of enhanced strength requires her to be locked behind a reinforced door. Peter breaks down the door and meets Niki for the very first time, and the two go and catch up with the others. But their escape is halted by the arrival of a three-man team working for Matt Parkman.

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 2

Niki battles three agents: one who can outrun her, one who can manipulate electricity, and another who is really big. She finally defeats the three agents by using a pole-dancing kick.

Evolved Human Abilities

Niki, like her present day counterpart, possesses enhanced strength.

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