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Linderman Act

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Linderman Act
Linderman act.jpg
Passed after the Explosion, the Linderman Act restricts the activities of evolved humans.

First mentioned: Five Years Gone
Date of event: Passed in 2007

The Linderman Act is a piece of federal legislation enacted in a possible future to limit the threat posed by evolved humans.


Five Years Gone

A news program reports that the Linderman Act was passed in 2007, in the aftermath of the explosion.

Memorable Quotes

"This word just coming in. We have breaking news where enforcement agents have just bravely rounded up over two hundred undocumented individuals as part of a coordinated nationwide sweep. This has been cited as the department's most successful operation since the Linderman Act was passed four years ago. Homeland Security spokesmen praised the near-perfect execution of local police, citing zero casualties on the enforcement side. Officials were also sure to note that community tips. The incident resulted in the safe transport of suspects to special holding facilities within their states, where the individuals will meet with federally provided attorneys to discuss their legal options. And a note to our viewers. If you see any suspicious activity, please."

- News reporter (Five Years Gone)


  • Evolved humans are subject to curfews in the future; the Linderman Act may impose or permit such curfews. (String Theory)
  • The government can subject individuals to a blood test that will quickly distinguish between normal humans and evolved humans. The Linderman Act may impose this test in certain circumstances. (Five Years Gone)
  • The Linderman Act is probably named after the evolved human Mr. Linderman. It is not known why the bill would bear his name.

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