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User:Tanderix/NBC's Trivia quizzes

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On is appeared a few Heroes quizzes about characters:

Hiro Nakamura

1- Where was Hiro's mother buried?

a) Inasa Cemetery

b) Kanji Cemetery

c) Aoyama Cemetery · Right!

d) Kobe Cemetery

2- Who steals half of the formula from Hiro?

a) Andrea

b) Daphne · Right!

c) Ando

d) Kimiko

3- How does Hiro dispatch Adam Monroe?

a) Locks him up

b) Leaves him in 1617

c) Leaves him in 1977

d) Buries him alive · Right!

4- Who steals Hiro's abilities?

a) Peter Petrelli

b) Nathan Petrelli

c) Arthur Petrelli · Right!

d) Angela Petrelli

5- When Hiro becomes trapped in his 10-years-old brain, who finally restores his memory?

a) Ishi Nakamura · Right!

b) Matt Parkman

c) Kaito Nakamura

d) Baby Matt Parkman

6- What is the name of the bride thet Hiro helps in India?

a) Charlie

b) Annapurna · Right!

c) Mohinder

d) Kali

7- Who is Hiro's so-called "nemesis"?

a) Ando

b) Sylar

c) Kensai1 [sic]

d) Daphne · Right!

8- Who does Hiro falls in love with at a Texas diner?

a) Anna

b) Charlie · Right!

c) Yaeko

d) Maya

9- Who kills Hiro in the future?

a) Ando · Right!

b) Peter

c) Claire

d) Nathan

10- Who trains Hiro in the ancient art of sword fighting?

a) Ando

b) Ishi

c) Kensai1 [sic]

d) Kaito · Right!

11- Hiro teleports to feudal Japan to the time of Takezo Kensai1 [sic], in the year ____.

a) 1571

b) 1591

c) 1631

d) 1671 · Right!

12- What's the name of Hiro's first battle as Takezo Kensai1 [sic]?

a) The Battle of Seven Swords

b) The Battle of Twelve Swords · Right!

c) The Battle of the Black Bear

d) The Battle of the Seven Signs

13- What happens when Hiro kisses Yaeko?

a) Ando gets mad

b) The cherry trees blossom

c) Time is fractured · Right!

d) Kensai1 [sic] pulls out his sword

14- When Hiro is on trial, what does he claim is his motivating force?

a) Love

b) Honor

c) His father

d) To be a hero · Right!

15- How many times has Hiro saved the world?

a) Once

b) Twice · Right!

c) Three times

d) Five times

16- What unscrambles Hiro's brains?

a) Electroshock terapy

b) Mohinder's compass

c) Ando's red lightning · Right!

d) Memories of Charlie

17- What is Hiro's mother name?

a) Kimika

b) Yaeko

c) Ishi · Right!

d) Musashi


1- In the future, when his son is killed, what does Sylar destroy?

a) Himself

b) Costa Verde · Right!

c) New York City

d) A bus station

2- What is the name of Sylar's biological father?

a) Sylar Gray

b) Samson Sylar

c) Samson Gray · Right!

d) Gabriel Gray

3- Who is Sylar's first kill?

a) Brian Davis · Right!

b) Zane Taylor

c) Ted Sprague

d) Charlie Andrews

4- How does Elle gain Sylar's trust?

a) By telling him her true identity

b) By baking him a each pie Right!

c) With a kiss

d) By knocking him out

5- Where does Sylar kill Elle?

a) In their Level 5 cell

b) In Canfield's house

c) On the beach Right!

d) In a rental car

6- What is Sylar's real name?

a) Edward Colthurst

b) Gabriel Gray Right!

c) Sylar Studt

d) Jonathan Frid

7- Who does Sylar save from the death at the hands of Arthur Petrelli?

a) Nathan

b) Peter Right!

c) Mohinder

d) Angela

8- Sylar's adopted mother Virginia Gray loved to collect ___.

a) Hummels

b) Teddy bears

c) Watches

d) Snow globes Right!

9- What does Claire use for knock out Sylar?

a) A cheerleadering trophy Right!

b) Her mind

c) Lyle's baseball hat

d) Mr. Muggles' water dish

10- After telling Sylar that he's her son, Angela assign him to work with ___.

a) Mohinder

b) Peter

c) Nathan

d) H.R.G. Right!

11- What does Samson give as his reason for abandoning Sylar and killing his mother?

a) The hunger inside him

b) Primitive rage

c) Manic depression

d) He doesn't remember Right!

12- What is the name of the shapeshifter targeted by Danko and Sylar?

a) James Taub

b) James Martin Right!

c) Claude Rains

d) Rollo Fusor

13- Which of the following abilities did Sylar NOT gain by killing?

a) Telekinesis

b) Self-healing Right!

c) Lie detection

d) Clairsentience

14- Who is Sylar exiled with into an empty Los Angeles?

a) Peter Petrelli Right!

b) Matt Parkman

c) Janice Parkman

d) Claire

15- When they're exiled, what does Sylar do for Peter as an act of kindness?

a) Shapeshift into Nathan

b) Offers to kill him

c) Gives him a book for his birthday Right!

d) Paints a protrait of Angela


  • In Hiro's quiz, Kensei is miscalled "Kensai".
  • In Sylar's quiz is written that Sylar did an act of kindness into Sylars dream, realy, Peter did this.

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