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Ted Edward Behr
Unknown Male-2.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Super speed (lost)
Current ability:
Empathic mimicry (synthetic)
Abilities Mimicked:
Laser emission
Red lightning
Electric manipulation
Super speed
Rapid Cell Regeneration
Alias Ted Gordon
Nicknames Teddy Bear, Teddy, Gord
Age 28
Date of birth November 5, 1978
Home New York, NY
Occupation None
Significant other Formerly Katrina Eve
Grandparents Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli (deceased)
Sibling Claire Bennet step sister
Other relatives Uncle: Flint Gordon, Jr.(deseased),
Peter Petrelli
Step-Child: William "Will" Edward Behr

Season one is no longer showing... Season two is no longer showing... Season three vol. 3 is no longer showing

Season 3


Ted stayed with Meredith now somewhere in Miamai. Ted knew everything about his family now. He knew about Angela his grandmother, Claire his younger sister, Peter and Nathan his uncles. Ted and Meredith started a new life. One morning Ted was taking out the garbage when he saw a black van parked in the drive way across the street. Ted then walked slowly back into the house. He then went and told Meredith that they had to leave. So they got ready when all of a sudden 5 men in SWAT uniforms bardged in. Meredith threw a fire ball at one guy and he fell to the ground. The other shot her in the back of the shoulder with a tazer. She feel to the ground. Ted then grabbed the Agent and threw him out the window. He then took the tazer out of her back and told her to run. She then ran out the back door. An agent shot Ted twince in the back and Ted fell to his knees. Ted then used one of his abilities to keep a agent still until he was then shot 3 more times until he passed out.

Ted woke up in a van. His vision was blury and he was wearing a mask with goggles. He then got out and was chained up in a line of people. He was boarded on a plane and strapped in a seat. He then passed out again. A big bang next to him woke him up again. A girl with blonde hair then took his mask off and pulled the tubes out of his nose. Ted then woke up and a fight was going on. A guy then touched a wall and it broke. Winds went everywhere at high speeds. The mask of the guy next to Ted flew off of him. Ted then saw it was Will. "WILL!?" Ted yelled. Ted then ripped out of his bar holding him down. But then Will's seat was ripped off the floor and he flew out of the plane. Will must'uve still been drugged because he didn't seem to wake up. Everyone else started yelling and the plane came to a sudden CRASH!

The next morning Ted woke up in his seat. He looked around and then saw his seat was stuck in a tree with him on it. Ted tried to start taking off his buckle but it wouldn't budge. Then he hit a branch and leaves and sticks fell. A man then said "Wait is that a...? Look its one of them get him!". Ted looked and saw 4 agents. They where holding shot gun tazers. They started shooting and the tazers wizzed past Ted fast. Then one hit him in his knee. Ted ripped out of his buckles and fell down the tree. He hit branches and then hit the ground unconcious with multiple gashes and cuts. When he woke up two men were holding him and two others were behind him. Ted thought quickly then used his ability to get the agents holding him to turn around and point at the other two agents. Ted then flew up and away. It started to get a bit dark and Ted then saw three guys standing outside of a trailer. Ted landed and they said:

Man 1: They got you?

Ted: yeah. why do you ask? were you guys captured also?

Man 2: Yes

Ted then looked at the fat one and saw his eyes were white and he was drawing:

Ted: what happened to him?

Man 1: I don't don't know, he seems to be in some trance.

Man 2: No. He in sleepy drawing mode, like mr. eesak. He draw our destiny.

Ted: what is he talking about?

Man 1: Hiro thats right. Isaac Mendez, a painter had an ability like us. He could paint the future, Precognition.

Hiro: Yes, and now he will draw us our destiny.

The guy then came out of the trance and looked at the paper.

Man 3:What the heck is this?

Man 1: Matt you were in a trance...

Matt: Wait, is that Daphne? We have to go now. MAtt then got up and then stared at Ted. "Who the hell is this guy?"

Hiro: His name is... what is your name?

Ted: Ted. Ted Behr.

Hiro: Helle, my name is Hiro...

Man 1: Hello, my name is Mohinder...

Matt: Alright we'll do introductions later right now we have to go to the crash sight. And uh you get dressed. Ted then ran inside and put on diffrent clothes. So they reached the crash site and met two girls:

Matt: Daphne!

Daphne: Matt!

Claire: Hiro, Mohinder you guys survived.

Mohinder: yeah barely.

Hiro: We have to go we in big trouble.

Matt: thats right i drew...

Bullets then started zooming past them. about 4 to 5 agents started firing at them. Mohinder and Hiro ran the away and so did the others until Daphne got shot. Matt yelled but then she was shot two more times until she feel. Claire then put her self in front and took bullets as the others left. Ted yelled "Claire!". Matt then used his ability to get a guy to shoot each other. Hiro grabbed Ted's shirt and told him to come on. So Matt and everyone else left except for Daphne and Claire. Matt, Mohinder, Hiro, Ted, and another guy were standing by a cabin. Hiro walked over and said:

Hiro: Teddy meet my best friend Ando Masahashi.

Ando: Nice to meet you.

Ted: hey, so you have an ability to?

Ando: Yes. Ando then raised his hand and red sparks started to erupt:

Ando: I am a supercharger. I can charge anyone's power to make it better.

Ted: Thats amazing, what about you Hiro.

Hiro: I am a master of space and a time. But...

Then a guy landed in front of everyone and started talking about not going back to their old lives, leaving all their technological devices and doing things that they never imagined. They all started to leave. Ted then stood there until Mohinder walked up to him:

Mohinder: Are you okay Ted?

Ted: Yeah, im just wondering what they did to my mother... if she got away or not.

Mohinder: Well, if you need somewhere to go just look for me.

Ted: How?

Mohinder: Well we can't use any devices so i just sugjest you read me and find out.

He then walked away. Ted stepped back and then flew away.

Powers West flies away after stalking.jpg

For 1 week now Ted lived under the radar. He didn't cause to much attention. One day he was walking home until a man in a suit got out and took out a pair of hand cuffs. Ted read his mind and found out he was working for Danko. Ted blazed him back. Until Ted was shot in his back by a tazer. He fell to his knees. An agent walked past him and pointed the gun to his head. Ted then grabbed his throat and threw him on top of a car. Then when Ted turned he was shot 2 more times in the chest and he passed out. He woke up in a plain room. There was nothing in it. Then a speaker box talked from above him:

Danko: Do you like your new room. It was made just for you. Now you can use your abilities all you want with being a harm to anyone. Ted then used Pyrokinesis to burn the box. One day when he he was laying down all the lights in the building shut off. Ted got and looked at the door. and opened. He then ran outside into the hall until he bumped into 2 guards. He shot one and he hit the wall. He then grabbed the other guys gun and smacked it against his face knocking him out. Ted got outside and people were walking around. To agents ran out and started chasing Ted through the streets. Ted then ran into an alley way were he flew up and away.

Days went by and Ted lived in Washington. He has been keeping in contact with Mohinder latley. Ted was then aware of Danko's plan and about Sylar and how he wasn't dead. Ted then one night, while talking to Mohinder, there was a knock at the door. Ted looked through the peep hole and saw a little girl in a girl scout uniform. Ted opened the door and the girl said "Hi would you like to buy some..." Until Ted interupted her and said "No im fine." He then shut the door and picked the phone up. Then there was another knock and Ted shouted back "I dont want any cookies leave!". Then through the door the girl said" are you sure?!" The door then suddenly busted open, hinges and the knob flew off. Ted dropped the phone and turned around and saw the girl standing there with a mean grin and her palm raised. The girl then started to morph and what was once a little girl now was turned into the killer himself Sylar.

Sylar: well well well

Ted lit his hands and stepped back.

Ted: Well well, turning into a little girl is a little pathetic. Dont you think?

Sylar: Haven't seen you in a while... Ted. It is Ted right?

Ted: How about you crawl back into the hole you came out of Sylar or I'll put you back in it myself.

Sylar: Now that's rude. First you slam the door in my face and now, your threatning me? I dont... like that... at all.

Sylar then reached his arm out and began to squeeze his fist. Ted then grabbed his throat for he began to get choked. Sylar then roughly jerked his arm to the left then to the right. Ted then flew from side to side hitting walls unitl he was dropped. Ted got to his knees when then Sylar shouted. But it was maxified by three times. Ted then covered his ears and was then propelled by the shock wave and flew out the balcony window. Sylar then stopped, he then said "Man, you are a stinky little weakling!" He then stomped Ted's stomach sending pain into his gut. Ted then raised his hand towards Sylar and he flew back at least 7 feet back. Ted got up and began to choke him. Sylar then raised his hand and blue streaks off electricity erupted out. It struck Ted in his chest and he fell down. Sylar then picked Ted up and flew him across the room making him slam right onto and through a glass coffee table. ted had a gash on his forehead which healed instantly. Ted then was thrown again and hit a wall. As Sylar walked up to him Ted raised his hands and said "stop." Electricity then shot out off his hands and hit Sylar on his chest sending him back 5 feet. Ted got up again and walked over to Sylar. He grabbed him by the collar and wailed him twice in the face. He then threw Sylar out the glass door and off the balcony. Ted looked down and saw Sylar's broken body healing on top of a truck. Ted hopped off the balcony and flew away.

Season 4

Ted has gone to visit Mohinder in india. Whilt there Mohinder tells Ted about the video his father found and about the compass. So a week later Ted goes with Mohinder to where the compass leads and it lead to a Carnival. When they get to the Carnival a man goes up to Mohinder and he tells Ted to wait outside while they talk inside the trailer. As Ted was waiting a man in a sleeveless shirt asks him what he's doing in the back. The guy then hears the door of the trailer about to open so he sneeks behind the trailer and he told Ted to not say anything. So Mohinder walks out and tells Ted everything. They later went to a motel. Ted was in the room next to Mohinders and later that night Ted heard talking in the room. He gets up, but then begins to smell smoke. Ted goes to the room and sees Mohinder dead on the floor next to a burning trash can. with multiple hole wounds in his chest. Ted then quickly leaves and when he turns around he sees the man he saw earilier running away through the night. Ted turns back around to Mohinder but then notices he's gone.

The next day Ted goes to the Carnival and demands that he speaks with Samuel or Joseph but they aren't there. two guys then stand in front of the entrance. Ted then pushes one with one hand propelling him several feet back slamming into a popcron machine. The other man then kicks Ted in the stomach sending electric sparks to fly and also knocking Ted off his feet. Then the guy that hit the popcorn machine got up andsped over to Ted but he then raised his hand to him and then a red electric beam shot out of his hand and blasted both guys off their feet and sending them back maybe 6 feet. Ted then swooped up and away.

About 8 weeks later Samuel went over to the motel that Ted was at. He came with two other guys. One was holding two bladesd in his hands. Samuel tried to offer Ted a chance at the carnival. Ted then replied "No, I want to know where mohinder is." Samuel then told the two guys to go after Ted. One guy ran towards Ted but then he multiplied till there were four of him. Two grabbed his arms and the other two started punching his stomach and face. Ted then pushed the two off him and then lit his hands. He blazed three and they just vanished. But then he was hit by and unseen force in the chest making him fall through a glass coffee table. Edgar then started zooming around him in circles cutting his arm and back with his blades. Ted then used his new ability and grabbed his throat lifting him up. He threw Edgar towards Eli and they both collapsed. Ted then shot a laser at Samuel but he dodged it and crumpled a rock. He then hurled the fragments at Ted. Was then shot right in his chest. He gasped for air and then fell. Samuel then looked down and said "It didn't have to be this way my friend." He and the others then left. AS soon as they left Ted woke up. He ripped open his shirt and he looked at his chest. The stone fragments then pushed out his chest and his arm and back cuts healed. He got up and laid down on the bed and hilariously fell asleep.

A few days later Ted left and headed to Noah's house. Ted then began to talk to Noah about the carnival. Noah then tells Ted about the compass. Noah's partner came in. Noah then asks Ted to go as they talk. Ted then just said "It's okay Noah i'll just be going. I'll call you later." Ted then got up and left. As he walked down the hall a man walked passed him. Ted thought nothing of it and got in the elevator and began to go down. When he got to the bottom floor he saw the same man he saw before upstairs and then suddenly recognized him. Noah then ran back upstairs and back onto Noah's floor. He then saw three of the same guys running down theee hall one of them carrying a box. Ted knocked one back. Another one then took out a gun and shot Ted once in the arm and then again in the back. Ted fell and they all ran away. Noah then ran out into the hallway pointing a gun and saw Ted on his hands and knees with bleeding gunshot wounds. Noah then yelled out to Lauren to get the medical kit but Ted told him not to. Ted's wounds then pushed out the bullets and they healed instantly. Noah then looked amazed and asked if he ran into Claire. Ted said once. Ted stayed a little longer and then Noah got a phone call. Expecting it to be Claire but instead it was Angela. Noah then hung up and looked at Ted. He said that Nathan was gone.

A few days later Ted and Noah went to Nathan's Funeral. Peter walked up to Noah and shaked his hand thanking him and then Noah introduced Peter to Ted.

Noah: Peter this is Ted...

Peter: Gordon. You knew Meredith right? Are you her Cousin, brother?

Ted: Son, Im ah... Claire's step brother.

Peter: Well welcome to the family.

The two hugged and the ceremony began. After the funeral there was going to be a gathering at Angela's house. Claire walked up to Ted

Claire: You knew my mom?

Ted: Yeah

Claire: So, she decided to keep you huh?

Ted: Well you can't forget we thought you died during the fire. Your mother was heart broken.

Claire: You were there?

Ted: Yeah. But at that time I was 10 so...

Claire: Where have you been all this time? I mean I've only seen you at the crash sight.

Ted: Well like you my life hasn't been no crystal stair. I had a wife, Katrina, and a son, Will. My wife died and my son is god knows where. And they are like us. Katrina was able to fly like your father and my son can take others abilities.

Noah then called Claire over and she left. Ted waited and when Claire left Noah called Ted over.

Ted: So lets get going to the party.

Noah: Well my daughter decided that I shouldn't come so i guess this will be the last time you see me for a while.

Ted: Yeah, why do you say that?

Noah: Because I need you to do me a favor, and Ted I don't mean to drag you down in all this but...

Ted: Noah do you know what kind of life I live in?

Noah: Okay then. I need you to do something that if you want you can say no to. But what I need you to do is figure out what Samuel is doing at that carnival.

Ted: Why do I have to do it and why can't you do it?

Noah: Because I can't ask anyone else. I can't ask Peter because of everything he's gone through so far. I can't go because I'm not gifted like you and plus I dont have good relations with the guy. And also unlike Peter you can hold multiple abilities so if you get in trouble at least I know you'll survive.

Ted: Well I dont know if I mentioned this but last time I ran into Samuel it wasn't pretty.

Noah: That doesn't help things. I have a solution.

Ted: Whats that?

Noah: the Haitian.

Ted: What? No. Im gunna get my mind erased.

Noah: Do you know how many evolved humans are in that carnival. By all we know there could be mind reader or a precog around. We would have to erase you from having this conversation so if you got busted they would have thought you lost your memory.

Ted: fine, but I'm still gunna remember who i am tomorrow right?

After the party Ted met Noah at his place. "Now Rene is going to wipe your memory about Samuel and about the Carnival. Also about you coming to see me yesterday, but you'll still remember the funeral and the rest of your life. Now I'm going to put this letter in your coat and when you get there it will say everything you need to know. Ted sat in his chair, Rene then placed his hand on Ted's forehead. Ted then felt like he was being spun around in circles. He then passed out. Ted woke up the next day out in the middle of the round. There was a past it attached to his shirt. It said "Tear this up and Walk." Ted ripped it and began to walk down the road confused. He then approached a Carnival. He walked up to the booth and the guy then said "How many?" Ted looked at him confused and said "Honestly I don't even know what im doing here." The guy then looked at him weirdly and said "Just go in". Ted walked into the Carnival. He then sat down near a hot dog stand not knowing what was going on. As he just sat there a man walking across him stopped in his tracks and stared at Ted. Confused Ted looked back and asked him what he wanted. The guy then walked up to him and punched him in the face. Ted got back up and was about to flame him but then stopped because there were people looking. Then a man ran out in between them. The man told the guy to calm down and walk away so he did. The man then looked at Ted holding his chin. The man then gasped, he snapped and two guys grabbed Ted's arms and brought him to the back.

In a trailer the man walked in and said "Do you know what a mistake you made by coming back here?" Ted then stepped back and replied "What are you talking about? I've never been here. But I've heard of it before." The man then sat down thinking. He then looked back at Ted and said "Who are you?" Ted then then said "Ted Behr." The man then said "You don't remember me Ted?". Ted looked at the man blankly and replied "I've never met you in my life, why? Who are you." The man then smiled and sailed" Well it's me Samuel. We were the best of friends. It's weird, its like your memories have been stripped away from you." Ted then looked shocked "Who could have done that?" Samuel then put his arm around Ted's shoulder and said "Don't know, but don't worry, we'll find out who did this to you. But for now you are more than welcomed to stay here... where you belong."

Ted was placed to a trailer. Ted walked up to the door and knocked. A teenager opened it"What you want?" T= "I was placed here to stay by Samuel." The kid then sighed and said "Oh come on come n what are you waiting for, the grass to grow?" Ted got inside and sat on the bed. The kid then grabbed his shoulder. "Whoa whoa. Thats were i sleep, you sleep over there" he pointed to a rolled up air matress. He then said goodnight and lied down. Ted set up his bed and lied down. He took out a letter from his coat pocket. On it said "To Ted". He opened it and it was a letter. "Ted as you may have noticed your memory has been wiped. I wont bother telling you what i told you yesterday because if in trouble it would rise suspicion. All im gunna say to help you is. Samuel is not what he seems to be, be cautious. The only thing you need to do is blend in and try to figure out what Samuel is planning. But try to keep a low profile. P.S when your done reading this dispose of it." Ted then levitated the parchment and used flames to burn it. The kid then woke up and said "N smoking in my Trailer!" and he fell back asleep.

The next morning Ted's roommate woke up Ted at 6 in the morning.

Kid: We didn't get to introduce ourselves properly yesterday. Hi, I'm Stuart Reef. But you can just call me Stew.(he shook Ted's hand.)

Ted: Oh, I'm Ted Behr.

Stew: Nice to meet you. One question real quick... do you smoke? Cause i smelt smoke last night. Now i dont have a problem with you smokin just do it outside.

Ted: So, how long have you been in the carnival.

Stew: Well since I was 13. So six years.

Ted: And why did we have to wake up so early?

Stew: Because we all have jobs to do and breakfeast starts at 8 before the carnival opens at 9:30. So we have to prepare breakfeast.

Ted: So your a chef? That wakes up at 6 just to make breakfeast that starts at 8.

Stew: Well Ted, do you know how many members are in this family?

They got to the kitchen and Stew put on his apron. "So Ted what can you do?" Ted then replied "Quite a bit." Stew then said "So that's not telling me what you can do. Whats your gift?" Ted then said "Oh, I can mimic other people's abilities at will. You?" Stew then said "I can manipulate heat waves. Sort of like a microwave. Thats why i was put in the kitchen, i could heat up the food. My ability is almost similar to Mrs. Comey's ability its just that I don't have to touch the object."

Breakfeast went on and by 8:15 everyone began to gather and sit at the tables. Stuart started taking the food out and Ted took a seat at the last table. Stuart then joined him, they began to talk. Ted then asked Stew "Why is Samuel taking in so many of us?" Stew then thought and replied "Don't know. He took me in while i was young and for that I'm forever greatful. Samuel then walked over to the table and asked Ted for minute of his time. Ted then took a walk with Samuel. Samuel began to talk about starting a new life, staying with the carnival, and then asked him for a favor. Samuel then asked "Ted, I know about all the things you can do. You can move objects with your mind, regrow your body tissue, and even run so fast you can't be seen by the naked eye. With so many gifts I need you to do something for me, I need you to find this boy and bring him home." Samuel then retrieved a picture from his cat and handed it to Ted. "It's important that you find him. He's lost and needs help finding his way." Ted then realized that the boy in the picture was Will. Ted then asked "why do you want me to get him?". Samuel then said "Because he can be dangerous. I usually gather friends by not using aggressiveness. By showing peace and calmness. But this boy is different, see he can take others abilities, and you can only hold him down long enough to talk to him. I'm sending a friend to go with you." A woman then walked next to Samuel. Samuel then introduced them "Ted, this is Denice, she will help you get the lost one. If he get's out of hand she can help you stop him." Samuel then handed Ted a watch that belonged to Will. Ted held it and concentrated. He then began to see pictures and glimpses of everyone who touched the watch and even everywhere the watch has been.

With the use of Ted's ability he found Will at a club in Florida. Ted asked Denice to stay outside just in case something went down. Ted walked inside and found will sitting by the bar drinking a beer. Ted sped over behind Will without anyone seeing. Ted tapped Will on the shoulder. Will turned around and gasped, he then said deeply "you." "Yeah its me, Ted. What are you doing drinking at 18?!" Ted said loud. Will then said "you aren't the boss of me, my mother was. And you took her from me." Will then smashed the glass bottle across Ted's face. Ted fell down and Will began to choke Ted. Ted then said srainly "Will I tried to save her.. but I couldn't." Will then said "NO! You were working with them the whole time!" Will then squeezed Ted's neck and then Will's hands glowed blue. Will's grip and strength then maximized greatly by two times. Ted then pushed Will off him sending him to smash into the glass behind the bar table. Ted then shouted back "I didn't know they would do what they did I'm sorry!" Will then got back up and yelled back "Sorry wont bring my mother back!" Will then leaped forward and flew towards Ted grabbing him and tackling him to the dance floor. People were now running out and Denice ran in. She then raised her hand towards Will and began to whistle. But before Will could be sedated Will tossed Ted to the other side of the room hitting Denice and knocking her out.

Will then hovered over to Ted and grabbed his throat tightly choking him. Ted then sent out electricity hitting Will on his chest throwing him back maybe 10 feet back. Ted walked over to Will and found him gasping for air for he had a wound on his chest. Ted then said to him "I'm sorry but you got out of..." Will then grabbed Ted's face and his hand then glowed blue again. Ted then felt like he was about to pass out. Ted then kicked Ted in the chest crushing it. Ted then flew back slamming right into the wall cracking it. Ted then fell to the ground and passed out. Will got up and took a deep breath, his wound on his chest then healed instantly. Will then ran outside and flew away.

Ted woke up a hospital. Samuel was standing next to two women. Denice and another girl. Samuel said that Ted wouldn't much long due to his broken chest and fractured rib cage. But Samuel said he could help and the woman standing next to Denice walked over to Ted and placed her hand on his chest. Immediately Ted felt better and his chest healed. She walked back and Samuel helped Ted up. Ted quickly grabbed his clothes, got dressed in the bathroom and came back out. Ted told Samuel he had to find Will and that he probably wouldn't be coming back. Samuel then handed Ted a compass. Later with the help of Noah, Ted found Molly Walker. Ted knocked on the door and woman answered. "Yes, I'm Ted Gordon, It's important that I speak to Molly please. I need her help." The woman then said "I'm sorry but Molly no longer does that and she is also not here a the moment, please come later. Ted then used the ability he mimicked at the hospital from Denice on the woman. The woman began to feel tired and woozy and in 5 seconds she collapsed and passed out on the floor.

As Ted walked in Molly walked around the corner holding a tazer. "Molly dont! I need your ability." Molly then shot at Ted, but Ted was able to stop the cords from reaching him before he got tazed. Moly gasped and stepped back. Ted then said "No, I wont hurt you... oh you know what just forget it." He didn't bother trying to get to her. He just absorbed her ability and ran out. He ran to the library and got a map book. He sat down and then focused on Will. He picked up a pencil and then he began to have visions of places Will was at, he then felt like the room was spinning and when he opened his eyes again there was an arrow drawn with his pencil on the location Will was at. Ted ripped out the page and sped to the location.

Ted got to a hotel. He went to the tenth floor to room 10b. Ted then bombarded the door off and ran in. Will jumped up pushed Ted. Even a simple push sent Ted flying to the wall on the other side of the wall. "Will please stop." Will then kicked Ted and he flew and hit the wall cracking it. Ted got up and shot red lightning at Will prpelling him out the glass balcony door. Will got up on the balcony and healed his gash on his head. Ted then focused and began to sedate Will by whistling. Will began to dooze and fell to his knees. Will struggled to stay up but then he couldn't and he passed out on the floor. Empathicly Ted mimicked his healing ability again just in case something happened again. Ted pulled up a chair and sat across from Will and waited. Maybe 20 minutes later Will began to wake up. He tried to get up to hit Ted but Ted held him down. "Will you must listen to me, I'm sorry. I tried to stop them but I couldn't." "I'm done fighting you. I know you tried, it's just that I've been so fustrated..." Ted then let Will go and he got up. Will then said "I'm sorry." and he placed his hand on Ted's shoulder. Ted then quickly threw him down and said "You were going to take my ability again weren't you!?". "I can't have you following me all the time! I forgive you but I'm not staying!" Will tripped Ted and jumped off the balcony flying away.

The next day Ted flew to Noah's apartment and meets up with Mohinder in the hall

Ted: Jesus Christ! Where have you been?!

Mohinder: Ted I'm so sorry but I really have to go. We can catch back up some other time really.

Mohinder then quickly walked off. As Ted was walking to Noah's apartment he heard glass break and a thump. He quickly opened the door and saw everyone kneeling around Hiro who was unconcious on the floor. "What happened?" Noah then said "Quickly, Ted I need you to get Hiro to the hospital." Ted then looked at Hiro and asked "What's wrong with him?" Ando then said "He has a rain tumor and it's getting bad he has to get to the hospital. Noah then helped Hiro up and handed him to Ted. Ando then said "No wait! I'm coming with him, I won't leave him.""I don't know if I can take both of you." Noah then said "Hurry!" Ted then held on tight to Hiro and grabbed Ando's arm. They then zoomed over to the hospital. Ted told Ando to help him in. Ted wasn't used to taking more than one person while running and he doesn't use that ability often anymore to practice it.

They wouldn't allow ando to go in with him so he had to wait outside of the Surgery room. Ted told Ando he had to go and went back to Noah's apartment. While he was there Noah told Ted about Edgar and about his final plans on attacking the Carnival. Ted then told Noah everything he knew so far about the Carnival. But then Noah begins to talk about taking the carnival down. Ted then disagrees because the carnival are their homes and if noah destroys it the carnies will have nowhere to live. Noah then says "Ted, Samuel isn't the guy you think he is. I've said a dozen times already also to Claire, but you guys really think this man is innocent." "I just think that you shouldn't just rush into conclusion and take a look at the real picture here. Samuel has given these people like us somewhere where they can be safe and not afraid. Noah your just paranoid." "Ted, you thought he was crazy as well..." "Until I saw how things really were at the Carnival. He just wants his family safe." "Ted, if your going to side with him, how about you go back to the Carnival then." "You know what fine. Just give me one more day, if I can find some kind of evidence that Samuel is the guy that you believe he is, then I'll let you proceed with your plans. Only Samuel though, not the other carnies." Noah hesitated but then agreed.

That afternoon Ted found his way back to the carnival using the compass mohinder built. Ted quickly walked to the trailers and went to Samuel's trailer. Ted went in and closed the door. He rummaged through the stuff and found nothing until the trailer began to shake. Ted stumbled out and it felt like there was an earthquake. Ted sped out to the hill where many other carnies were standing, and as he looked down the valley the small town that once used to be there was now collapsing. Then in the distance down the hill you could see Samuel walking up the hill. The other carnies then began to quickly walk away. "Samuel... what have you done?" "Why do you care? Did I disappoint you?" Confused Ted replied "Well I mean you could've hurt or even killed many people there. What were you thinking?" "Really? What me, my feelings?!" Ted then placed his hand on Samuel's shoulder and said "Alright relax." Samuel then said darkly "I'm done relaxing..." He pushed Ted off and then raised his arms. Rocks and dirt began to twirl around Ted until Ted was caught in what was a ground tornado. The rocks and stones and dirt began to hit his skin and began tearing him. His clothes began to shred, and his skin was being cut and burned off. When it stopped Ted's right side of his face was cut up and ripped down to the bone, and the rest of his body was dirty and bruised cut up and his clothes were shredded. Ted then fell to the floor and died.

Five to Ten minutes later Ted woke up and his body was in the middle of healing. He got up slowly and by now his skin was healed. The then sped over to Samuel's trailer where Eli then stepped in front of him."Move now or I'll make you make move." Eli then just stood there, Ted then raised his hand up and propelled Eli at least 15 feet back slamming into a table. Samuel got out after hearing the commotion. Ted then choked him. "Ted please listen to me... I'm sorry." Ted didn't listen and flung Samuel and slammed him onto the side of his trailer. Samuel then said "Ted I'm sorry. I was just angry." Ted then said "Sorry won't bring back all those lost lives!" Ted then "chocked him again." Samuel began to lose breath until Ted lost control of his body and stopped. He suddenly was turned around and saw Eric Doyle controlling him. Eric then made Ted point his finger towards his chest. Ted's finger began to glow blue. Ted tried to stop himself but couldn't and Eric made Ted shoot himself with the laser piercing his chest leaving and burnt hole mark. Ted then fell to the floor. He woke up the next early morining in the middle of no where. Ted got up and looked around and saw nothing but desert and land.

Ted walked for miles and saw nothing but desert. Until he came up to a small shack, he walked in and saw his mother. He went and said "mom?". She then turned around and she began to mummble words. Ted tried to make out what she was saying but then she screamed and the whole Shack then erupted on fire. The shack began to collapse, Ted tried to get Meredith out but she she sat there screaming which later turned into a high pitched screeching. It was like Ted was in a nightmare. Meredith then shot flames at Ted hitting his chest and he flew all the way out of the shack. He then caught fire and he wasn't healing. He began to yell and all of a sudden the flames went out. He looked up at the flaming shack and in the window he saw his mom on fire and dying. Ted got up and ran to the shack but no matter how fast he ran the shack got farther and farther from him. The shack then blew up and Ted shouted out. The floor began to shake and Samuel then appeared in front of him. Ted then tried to use one of his abilities but it didn't work. He even tried to fly but when he jumped he fell back down. He turned around afraid and saw Samuel hold a stone he then hurled the stone at Ted hitting him in his forehead. The stone went right through his head. Blood began to trickle down Teds face and he fell to his knees then to the floor. As soon as his head hit the floor Ted Woke up. He was back at the carnival and next to him was Callum on the floor. Ted looked at his hand and saw that Callum's hand was burnt and bleeding out. Ted then knew that it was Callum making him imagine all that stuff. Stew then came running up to Ted's side and helped him up.

"The Carnival is being attacked! We have to get out of here!" Ted then began to follow Stew out of the carnival. Bullets then began to get closer to Ted and Stew until Ted was shot twice in the back and head. Ted quickly crawled on his hands and knees behind something. As shots were flying around Ted's bullet wounds healed. He looked around for Stew but didn't see him. Ted then looked closely up the hill and saw a figure firing down at the carnival. Ted got up and then flew up to their position and landed. He was then surprised to see Eli holding a rifle and shooting down. Ted then shot a laser at Eli. The laser hit him and he then disintegrated. Ted then heard shooting still. Ted was about to take off till his back then exploded. he then fell back to the ground and couldn't move. Ted looked up and then saw Pearl pointing at Ted, next to Pearl was the Game operator, and then behind the operator Becky Taylor then appeared holding a knife. She walked up to Ted while he was on the floor. She took the knife and then drove it straight into his chest. Ted gasped for he lost air. Then out of no where Will landed on the ground roughly.

He grabbed Becky by the back and threw her backwards off Ted. She soared back about 15 ft. until she slammed into a tree. She then fell to the ground unconscious. The operator then choked Will. Will held his throat struggling to breath. Ted's back then healed and he got up. Pearl then pointed again at Ted and instantly a hole ripped Ted's chest open. He spit out blood and fell to the ground. The operator then cut open Will's throat. Will kept on bleeding till he passed out. The operator then let go and Will fell to the ground. Ted began to heal but then the operator flung Ted back 8 ft back hitting a tree. Ted really dizzy then shot out electricity. It hit Pearl pushing her back about 4ft. and falling. The operator then began to run down the hill. Ted looked over at the tree and quickly saw Becky disappear. Ted got up and looked around. Then a branch was slammed right onto Ted's head. He fell and then a knife was stabbed into his heart. Will the grabbed Becky's throat and began to choke her till she passed out.

The gun shots stopped by now and Ted and Will started towards the Carnival. When they got there Will was then flung over and slammed into a pile of gardening tools. Ted then lit his hands but then behind him Chris Bowman lit his hands. Ted then lowered his hands and looked at Samuel. The operator then walked around the corner holding his hand towards Will holding him down. Then two carnies were seen holding Noah. "I didn't do it I swear!" Ted then communicated with Noah telepathically."Noah I know who did it. It was Eli, I couldn't stop him in time." Eric Doyle then went up to Will and made him go to a trailer. Claire then ran out from the crowd demanding her father back. Ted was going to walk up to her but then he was hit in the head and he blacked. Ted woke up in a tent, he got out and the Carnival was moved!

The whole area was deserted. Ted shouted but no one was there. Ted walked around a bit till he saw Tracy with Claire and Noah. Claire told Ted about Samuel's plan to kill all those people. Tracy decided to stay and help Lauren. Ted then grabbed Noah and Claire's arm and sped to Central Park. When they got there people were beginning to gather around the stage. They all split up, Ted went to go look for Will and Stew. Ted snuck behind the stage tent and found Stew passed out and tied up. Ted woke him up and untied him. They began to leave when all of a sudden the game operator stepped in front of them. Ted then said "Samuel is not who you think he is. He's gunna kill all those people, but if you leave you can help stop that." The game operator then pushed Ted back making him slam into a pile of stuff. Stew then let out a heat wave at the operator. He dodged it and Stew burnt the side of the tent.