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Sullivan Bros. Carnival

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Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Carnival sign.JPG
The Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Location: Current:
New York, NY
Visited Places:
Berlin, Germany (1988),
Tokyo, Japan (1995),
Eastern Europe (December 2008 - January 2009),
San Jose, CA,
Costa Verde, CA (9/8/09),
Baltimore, MD,
Washington, DC,
Silver Springs (10/13/09),
Southern Ohio

The Sullivan Bros. Carnival is the name of a traveling carnival run by Samuel Sullivan and his "family". Most of its carnies are evolved humans.

Notable Employees

For a gallery of notable employees of Sullivan Bros. Carnival, see here.

Notable Visitors


Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Sullivan Bros. Carnival: Season Four History.

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

One of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory is titled "Sullivan".

Under the Mask

While Luke and Joanne are driving, a man on the radio states how he wishes that when Claire jumped off of the Ferris wheel, that she would have just died instead of had an ability.

Heroes Evolutions

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival is available at (sponsored by Sprint) as part of the Heroes Evolutions experience, in particular as part of the "The Time Is Now" story arc. Several interactive games are shown, though none are currently available:

  • On September 28, 2009, the "Milk Can Toss" game was released. Players are shown a compass with a circle moving east to west which represents the ball's aim. After clicking to set the aim, a circle moves north and south to represent the ball's strength. Clicking when the circles are exactly in the middle of the compass usually causes the ball to knock over all four milk cans. If all four milk cans are knocked over, the player is given another ball. The game continues until the player knocks over less than four of the milk cans.
    • A Sprint Palm Prē is displayed. Clicking on it shows the message "There are things hidden about the carnival. Bo LoFontaine is hiding something about neworleans." The name of the city is the password to find out about Bo's past in the Faction Zero chapter Step Right Up.
  • On October 19, 2009, the "Fish Bowl Toss" game was released. Players click on a ping pong ball, and drag to aim the ball into a series of fish bowls. When the ball is released, it is shot towards the bowls. If it goes in a bowl with a fish in it, the player receives a point. Play is timed for one minute. The highest score possible is 24, meaning that the player got the ping pong ball in all 24 bowls.
    • A Sprint Palm Prē is displayed on the counter of the fish bowl game. Clicking on it shows the message "Lydia: 860-967-3180". Lydia's phone number is the password to continue part of the story for the Faction Zero chapter Assignments.
  • On November 2, 2009, the "Test Your Strength--Hit the Bell" game was released. Players are to click on a large hammer, and are shown a colored bar. Players click first to set the strength of their swing (aiming to get the marker as far as possible to the right side of the bar), and then click next to set their accuracy (aiming to get the marker as close as possible to the white stripe on the left side of the bar). If the player aims correctly, they will hit the bell and receive a point. Play continues until the player misses the bell.
    • A Sprint Palm Prē is displayed on a chair by the game. Clicking on it plays a voice message from "The Watcher", letting players know that the Davis brothers are not really twins. The Watcher says that Evan and Josh have been leaving campus, and he exhorts players to follow the Davises.
  • Behind the "Test Your Strength" game is a dinner table, set up near carnival trailers.

The Odessa Report

In a news report on the Odessa Unity Summit, a YouTube page of Claire's reveal of evolved humans says, "Claire Bennet jumps off a Ferris wheel at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival and regenerates in front of news cameras."

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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  • A sign in the room where Lydia gets her tattoos says "Repair: Zipper Hydrolics 11/13/09; Wheel 11/14/09". (Orientation)
  • The banners seen throughout the carnival were actually designed by storyboard artist Cesar Lemus. For a few early sketches (of Amanda and Lydia), see here.
  • Many scenes that took place in the carnival (especially those that showed big rides like the Ferris wheel) were shot at the Universal Studios backlot. Those that took place in the "residential" area of the carnival (with trailers and living quarters) were shot at Sunset Gower Studios.
  • Quentin Frady's clue board has the carnival's logo on it. (Dark Matters, Part 5)



Carnival Rides

Carnival Gaming Booths

Carnival Concessions

Carnival Exhibits

See also

  • For other uses of carny, see carny (disambig).
  • For several conceptual sketches of various parts of the carnival, see here.

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