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Arlington University

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Arlington University
Arlington University.jpg
Location: Arlington, VA
Purpose: Education

Arlington University is the local university in Arlington, Virginia where Claire Bennet and others go to college.

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Claire arrives at her dorm with a box of stuff. She meets her edgy roommate, Annie, who talks to her about GED and grad school plans. Annie shows Claire her "trajectory", and is shocked that Claire hasn't planned her future out. Later, the two of them attend the linear algebra placement exam, under Professor Fenton's supervision. Claire finds the exam too difficult and leaves. As she walks back to her dorm, she meets Gretchen, and they introduce themselves. Gretchen remembers "Claire Bennet" as the girl who got murdered at Union Wells, and Claire tells her to be quiet about it.

Claire returns to her dorm room to find Annie talking to Noah, who is visiting. Annie excuses herself and Claire spends some time with Noah, before heading to the party downstairs. There, she sees Gretchen again and they play Guitar Hero. After the party, Claire returns to her dorm room, only to find that Annie has apparently jumped out the window and died.

Jump, Push, Fall

An Arlington detective questions Claire in her dorm room, and remarks about a suicide note left by Annie. Claire insists that there was no suicide note on the bed, and the detective leaves, confused. Claire spends the night with Sandra, and the next day, they return to the college, where Sandra meets Gretchen. The three of them discuss Annie's mysterious death. Sandra then leaves.

In the cafeteria, Gretchen has picked up some books on forensics and suggests to Claire that they determine if Annie killed herself or was pushed. All they need is a dummy or a cadaver of the same height and weight as Annie, but Claire is reluctant to get involved. Gretchen points out she's already involved.

That night, Claire is trying to sleep in her room but finally comes to a decision. She goes to the window and jumps out, trying to simulate how Annie died. She lands, dies, and heals, and confirms that Annie landed where she had to if she killed herself. Claire looks up and sees Gretchen watching from the room.


Gretchen tries to get Claire to let her in so they can talk. Claire doesn't respond.

Later, Noah turns up with housewarming gifts, for Claire, and Claire admits shes having trouble adjusting to life at college. Noah invites her to lunch and Claire goes to brush her teeth, Gretchen follows and asks why Claire is avoiding her, when they return to the bedroom Noah invites Gretchen to lunch as well.

As Claire goes back to her room, Gretchen apologizes for pushing too hard and explains that when she was in junior high, the girls used to tease her because she was bulimic. As Gretchen leaves, Claire admit she wants to trust her but her life has been a series of disasters. However, she doesn't want to keep the secret to herself any more. She tells Gretchen to ask her anything.

Claire and Gretchen sit and talk in Claire's dorm room. Claire explains her ability to Gretchen. he phone rings and Claire takes the call in the next room. She tells Noah that she told Gretchen everything and that she won't cut herself off from others with lies. Noah apologizes for being harsh and explains he instinctively tries to protect her, but realizes he can't do it that way any more. He promises he'll always be there for her and he'll let her handle her problems while he worries about himself. As Claire goes back, Gretchen asks if she can borrow a book and Claire says she doesn't have to. She invites her to move in as her roommate

Hysterical Blindness

Gretchen and Claire share breakfast and Claire admits that it's a pleasant change of pace for her to have a normal morning. She says her life is full of possibilities. Rebecca Taylor comes over and says that Claire can't escape her destiny and asks if she'll be rushing the Psi Alpha Chi sorority, the one that Sandra went to. Claire agrees to stop by but Gretchen objects, insisting that sororities are a social crutch for people who can't make friends on their own. Claire invites Gretchen along, promising to be her best friend if she comes. Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

Claire and Gretchen arrive late for the rush ceremony at the sorority house. Rebecca begins the rush by starting up some speed-dating to introduce pledges to the sorority members. Claire tries to talk about her life as best she can, but she discovers that everyone has learned about her background from Gretchen.

Back in her room, Claire discovers that Gretchen is wearing her sweater. Gretchen asks if she can continue wearing it and Claire gives her permission. Gretchen goes to the restroom and one of her books falls on the floor. When Claire goes to pick it up, she notices that it's turned on Gretchen's laptop, and it has photos of Claire, web pages of Costa Verde High School, and an article on murder-suicide. Claire quickly closes the laptop as Gretchen comes back. She tells Gretchen to go on ahead to the sorority mixer and Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

Later, Claire arrives at the sorority and Rebecca greets her. She introduces Claire to Kara Hayback, another ex-cheerleader. Kara admits she hated the cheerleading part of cheerleading and Claire sympathizes. As they talk, Claire notices a falling banner pole and shoves Kara out of the way. It just misses both of them. Claire looks up and sees Gretchen on the balcony above.

Gretchen returns to the dorm room where Claire is waiting. She denies doing anything but Claire says that Gretchen was the only one there and either felt threatened or wanted to force Claire to reveal her powers. When Claire explains what she saw on the laptop, Gretchen angrily accuses her of violating her privacy. She then admits she was googling Claire, but Claire says she saw the information on Annie. She accuses Gretchen of obsessing about her and insists that all she wanted was a normal life. Gretchen insists she didn't kill Annie but is stalking her just a little. She grabs Claire and kisses her, and then admits she has a crush. Before Claire can say anything, Rebecca and the other sorority sisters come in and inform them they've been accepted.

Rebecca returns to the dorm as the sorority sisters prepare to initiate Gretchen and Claire.

Strange Attractors

At Arlington University, it's the middle of the night and Claire asks if Gretchen is awake. Gretchen wonders if she's worried that she's going to kiss-attack her in her sleep. Claire wants to talk about it and Gretchen apologizes. Claire says it wasn't so bad and explains she doesn't want to mess up her normal life, and doesn't want to put their friendship at risk. Three black-clad figures burst in and Claire briefly fights back until Rebecca announces who they are and says that they're to kidnap them for their initiation.


Gretchen is doing an internet search, in their dorm room, to figure out why Becky wants them dead. Claire tells her she is going to go to Psi Alpha Chi to see if she can find anything.

Claire goes to Psi Alpha Chi and talks to Ashley and Olivia about what happened at the Slaughterhouse, only to find out that they don't remember. They walk off and Claire sees Noah and The Haitian.

When Claire returns to her dorm room she finds Gretchen packing. They talk for a while and Gretchen leaves, but Samuel arrives. They talk about being evolved for a while and Samuel explains to Claire about Becky.

Noah goes to Claire's room and speaks with Samuel, then aims his gun at him.

Later, Noah and Claire go back to her dorm room. He apologizes for pushing her and she says it's okay because she doesn't bruise easily. As she contemplates Gretchen's empty bed, Noah says she's amazing and he wants her to have everything: a social life, an education, the white picket fence. Claire points out he once said life isn't that simple and then wishes him good night.

Brother's Keeper

While talking with Tracy, Claire contemplates whether or not she can get through college.


Claire is walking to her dorm on the phone with Noah. They talk about Thanksgiving and when Noah informs Claire that she can bring Gretchen over, Claire tells Noah that Gretchen moved across campus. However, Noah continues to beg and Claire tells him that she'll come over.

The Fifth Stage

Claire remarks to Gretchen that college classes don't start until Monday.

Upon This Rock

Claire tells Samuel that instead of staying at the carnival, she'll be heading back for class on Monday, to which Samuel replies that it's her loss.

Let It Bleed

In her dorm room, Claire is putting on her makeup when there's a knock on the door. She answers and finds Noah there. He asks if she's doing okay and Claire admits that she wasn't expecting to see him. He offers her a ride, but she declines and says that he lied to her about Nathan's death. Noah admits that they did the wrong thing and she says that she needs time alone to grieve properly without being reminded of the truth.

Later that night, Claire returns to her dorm room and finds a note from Gretchen saying that she's in the library, studying late. Claire's phone rings with a message from her father but she ignores it and lies down on her bed. She's unaware that Sylar is hovering outside her window, her face tattooed on his arm.

Close to You

Noah goes to Claire's dorm room and claims he was just passing, before admitting that he has just returned from California. He says that he isn't there to talk her out of being mad at him, but Claire cuts to the chase and asks why he is there. Noah admits that he's torched most of his bridges, but hopes the one connecting him to her can be repaired. Claire says that she is late for an appointment but asks if she can talk with him later. Noah agrees and offers her a lift, and Claire says that she's fine.


At the university, Claire has breakfast with Gretchen. They have an awkward conversation before Claire leaves for class. Sylar then arrives, asking Gretchen if the seat is taken. When Claire arrives at class, she finds Sylar waiting for her. Sylar restrains Claire in order to have a "talk", but Claire escapes by stabbing Sylar in the eye. She hurries back to her dorm room, where she finds a bound-and-gagged Gretchen. She rescues her and they hide in a storage closet. Claire reveals to Gretchen about her encounter with Sylar, but "Gretchen" shape shifts back into Sylar's form, revealing that Gretchen was never in any danger. Claire leaves and reunites with Gretchen in the cafeteria. The two of them have fun in their dorm room for the rest of the night.

The Wall

In one of Noah's flashbacks, Gretchen was confronted by Noah and René in her dorm room, and Noah threatened to have René erase Gretchen's memory unless she'd cooperate in luring Claire away from the carnival.


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