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Angela Petrelli (outbreak future)

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Angela Petrelli
Future angela.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose
First appearance Out of Time
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive dreaming
Date of marriage 1964
Occupation Founding member of the Company
Significant other formerly Arthur Petrelli
Children Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Peter Petrelli
Grandchildren Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli

Angela Petrelli is the mother of Nathan and Peter Petrelli in 2008, living in a virus-stricken New York.

Character History

Out of Time

When Peter accidentally time travels into the outbreak future with no memory, Angela is brought to help him try to remember. Upon seeing her son, Angela hugs him but Peter pushes her away due to his lack of recognition. Angela describes who Peter is to him and describes Peter's powers, telling him that he absorbs the powers of those around him and is the most powerful of them all. Angela tells Peter that he had a brother named Nathan who died in the first outbreak, but Peter can change it. Peter demands to know how since the last thing he knew he was in Montreal in 2007 and is now there with her. Angela explains that Peter met a man named Hiro Nakamura who can travel in time and as a result so can Peter. Angela tells Peter that he can use his power to change history, but a frustrated Peter tells Angela that he can't control what's happening to him. Angela tells Peter that he must because the virus will kill everyone otherwise. As Angela insists that Peter has to remember, Peter inadvertently begins reading her mind and sees several events of his life from her perspective and finally realizes Angela is his mother. The two embrace and Angela leads Peter out of the building, telling him they are going home like the people in the deportation line. Peter leaves her and rushes over to Caitlin when he spots her and attempts to return himself and Caitlin to the right time. Peter gets separated from Caitlin and returns to his own time inadvertently, leaving Angela and Caitlin behind.

Evolved Human Abilities

Like her present day self, Angela possesses the power of precognitive dreaming. This allows her to see the future in the form of dreams.

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