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Noah Bennet's apartment

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Noah Bennet's apartment
Noah's apartment.jpg
Noah Bennet's apartment
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Residence

Noah Bennet stays in an apartment in Washington, DC.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Estranged from his family, Noah Bennet tells Danko that he now has a one-bedroom apartment in Dupont Circle.

Turn and Face the Strange

Sandra comes to Noah's apartment and he asks her if she wants to know about Claire, but she says that she just needs Noah to sign some papers, which Noah sees are divorce papers. She tells him that he's perpetually lied to her, brought loaded guns into their home, and endangered the lives of their children. She goes on to say that she has now changed the locks on the doors. Noah begs her not to throw away their marriage, and that they owe it to Lyle and to Claire to stay together. She tells in that it's too late and that she doesn't love, trust, or respect him anymore. Noah watches in confusion as Sandra storms out. Outside the building, Sandra shape shifts back into Sylar.


Noah sits in his apartment eating cereal when he receives a call from Angela Petrelli. Angela tells Noah about Tracy's killings and urges him to get the Company up and running.

Jump, Push, Fall

Noah fixes a broken fire alarm in his apartment, and then sits down to eat cereal. He calls Sandra, but an unfamiliar man answers the phone. When the man hands the phone to Sandra, Noah hangs up. His phone then rings again, but this time it's Tracy, calling about Danko's death.


Sitting in his apartment, Noah chats on the phone with Claire, discussing how Claire is independent and no longer needs Noah's protection.


Peter visits Noah at his apartment, and talks to him about the compass tattoo he had. Noah says he's not up for the adventure.

Claire stops by, and expresses her concern that Noah is not working. She helps coach him for a job interview to be a lumber salesman.

Tabula Rasa

Claire comes by again with her laundry. After Noah welcomes her, they hear a sound in the bathroom. Noah pulls out his gun to investigate, but it's only Peter, who has teleported here. Peter reveals to them that Hiro is dying and asks for Noah's help to find a healer. Noah opens his computer and looks at an old file of a boy named Jeremy Greer, currently living in Cainan, GA. They decide that Jeremy is the one they want, and Peter teleports Noah to Cainan.

Brother's Keeper

Claire goes to Noah's apartment to do her laundry and discovers that the lock is frozen. She cautiously enters, grabbing a knife, and finds Tracy. Tracy explains that she needs to see Noah and apologizes for freezing the doorknob. She admits that she is losing control of her power and her hand freezes again. Claire gets the rapidly freezing Tracy into a bathtub filled with hot water. Claire goes to get some tea and Tracy tries to relax. The water in the tub freezes and Tracy goes out into the kitchen. She explains what's happening and Claire touches her, only to freeze solid.

Tracy tries to haul the frozen Claire to the bathtub but her foot breaks off. Tracy starts crying. Claire heals and gets up. Claire takes her foot back as they both chuckle. When Tracy calms down she manages to gain control of her power. She and Claire then talk for a bit, Noah arrives, sees Claire's dismembered foot on the table and casually asks how their day was. Claire says that it was the same old, same old.


Noah is at his apartment preparing dinner when there's a knock on the door. He lets in Claire, who is impressed at what he's done. She's also surprised to see that Lauren is there, and figures that Lauren is his date. Noah insists that she isn't. There's another knock on the door and Noah lets in Sandra, her boyfriend Doug Douglas, Mr. Muggles, and Doug's dog, Miss Lovegood. Sandra initially assumes Lauren is the cook, and then figures that Lauren is Noah's date. Noah insists she isn't.

At the apartment, Noah proposes a toast to everyone for being there. Doug explains how he and Sandra met. Noah explains about Lauren. Everyone then talks about what they are thankful for, with the exception of Claire, who admits that she should be thankful but she's not feeling it right now. Noah explains to Sandra that her roommate moved out. Claire then tells them that she's planning to drop out of school.

Claire explains about Becky and Gretchen, and tells them her plans. Doug tells Claire that, it's normal for people to feel they don't always fit in. He tells her it will all blow over and Claire says it won't. She grabs a knife and cuts open her arm, and Doug faints at the sight of blood.

Sandra watches over the unconscious Doug and Lauren tries to make small talk with her. She tells Sandra that Noah's attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner was his way to let Claire know she has a family that loves her.

As the two women talk, Claire studies the news clippings that Noah has been collecting about the compass and Samuel's activities. He explains why. They talk, with Claire telling him that none of them can understand what she's going through. As they talk someone arrives at the door and Noah lets the person in, revealing Gretchen.

Gretchen explains, to Claire, why she is there. She tells her about her new roommate, prompting Claire to invite her to move back in with her. Meanwhile, Noah suggests to Lauren they get together for Christmas but she suggests a movie might be safer. She gives him her number and says goodbye. Sandra and Doug prepare to go and Claire apologizes to Sandra. She tells Claire that she convinced Doug he swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction. Gretchen goes outside and Noah assures Claire that she has choices. She tells him that she'll be going back to school on Monday, and thanks him for inviting Gretchen.

The Fifth Stage

At the carnival, Samuel tells Eli to go to Noah's apartment and retrieve a box marked "Primatech" for him.

At the apartment Lauren arrives to see Noah as the pair prepare to leave for their date. They make smalltalk as Lauren notices Noah's cuttings and interest with the Carnival, he attempts to show her the Compass but is unable to find it, he panics over whether Claire took it. Lauren realizes they will not be going on a date, and uses her FBI expertise to help him contact Claire. Noah attempts to dissuade Claire, who is with Gretchen, from going to the carnival.

Soon there is a knock and Eli arrives at the door, Noah tells him to go away but more Elis appear around the apartment. Noah shoots one but he and Lauren are forced into the bathroom, where Noah retrieves another gun. The pair burst out to find Eli and the Primatech boxes gone.

Let It Bleed

After a disappointing reunion with his daughter, Noah returns home, but Edgar is watching him. He super speeds into the apartment, but is tased by Noah before he can do damage.

Close to You

Noah Bennet and Lauren continue to try and find the carnival. Lauren suggests using a compass that Claire has. Noah tells her that he and Claire have fallen out and will not risk completely burning bridges with her. The two search through the CIA database and find a hit on Vanessa Wheeler. After Noah calls Vanessa, he tells Lauren that he is going to California. Lauren tells Noah that she is not going with him and leaves.

Later, Lauren returns, having passed his apartment and seeing that Noah's light was on. The two share a kiss, but are interrupted by Hiro, Ando and Mohinder.


Ando tries to help Hiro's sickness by giving him some water. While he does this, Mohinder puts the finishing touches on his version of the compass. Noah thanks him, and Mohinder leaves. Then, Hiro collapses unconscious.

The Art of Deception

Claire visits the apartment, but Noah isn't there and she finds Lauren instead. Lauren struggles to cover up some of the work they've been doing, and finally explains that they have been tracking Samuel Sullivan. Claire nods and says that they seem to have it under control, and leaves.

Later, Noah tries to call Claire from the apartment, but he can't reach her. With their plan to take out Samuel at the ready, Noah tells Lauren that it's time to go.


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