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Fire Scroll

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Fire Scroll
Fire scroll retrieved.jpg
Kensei acquires the Fire Scroll.

First mentioned: Kindred
Owned by: Takezo Kensei
Current status: In Kensei's possession

Whitebeard protected the Fire Scroll until Takezo Kensei stole it.



Hiro teleports Kensei to Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress, and orders him to get the Fire Scroll from the ninety angry ronin, and then disappears. Kensei battles the ronin, and collects the scroll, which he shows to Yaeko. Hiro is excited as the Fire Scroll is the first part of the map to Whitebeard's camp and Kensei and Yaeko can now get the rest and rescue her father.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 2, "The Trial of the Fire Scroll", the year documented is 1671. Takezo Kensei is the one man standing in White Beard's way of conquering all of Japan since the Battle of Twelve Swords. Kensei must find White Beard's hidden camp in order to defeat him. His first task is to find the Fire Scroll. Curator Tatsuya Atsumi documents that the Fire Scroll contains strategies, secrets, and locations of White Beard's operations. Some believe that Whitebeard even bargained with oni (or devils) to keep the scroll safe within a circle of flame, though the name more likely comes from Whitebeard's practice of torturing spies and traitors by burning them alive. Professor Donna Dorn comments that entire villages were burnt as a result of people trying to steal the Fire Scroll from White Beard. In order to get to the Fire Scroll, Kensei has to defeat the ninety angry ronin. Dorn documents that White Beard had picked his ninety most cruel men to guard the scroll. Professor Karen Chamberlin documents that legend states anyone who tried to steal the scroll, the ronin would eat that someone.


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