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Amanda Strazzulla

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Amanda Strazzulla
Lydia's daughter.jpg
Portrayed by Sasha Pieterse
First appearance Slow Burn, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability Spontaneous combustion
Home formerly Northfork, CT
Residences Sullivan Bros. Carnival,
formerly a two-story home in New England
Parents Lydia (deceased),
Unnamed father
Grandparent Unnamed grandfather
Guardians Carol Strazzulla,
Mr. Strazzulla
Other relatives Carol Strazzulla (maternal aunt),
Mr. Strazzulla (uncle)

Amanda Strazzulla is Lydia's daughter, and was left to live with her aunt. She soon discovered that she had the ability to make things explode with her mind and was contacted by Lydia, who revealed to her that she was not alone. Amanda arrived at the carnival and felt truly accepted, so she wishes to stay there.

Character History

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 1

A tattoo of a Amanda forms on Lydia's arm. Lydia tells Edgar that this is her daughter, and that she is in trouble. Lydia says she left her daughter at her sister's house when Lydia was a teenager. Lydia believes that because the tattoo is surrounded by fire and moving by itself, she feels that something is happening to her daughter. Lydia then says she needs to call her daughter.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 2

Lydia and Amanda speak on the phone, and Amanda expresses her anger at being abandoned by Lydia. Amanda says that she "can't control it" and feels like "a freak". She tells Lydia that she burns things with her mind, and that Carol has sent her to therapy for it. When Carol comes to the door, Amanda hangs up.

Graphic Novel:Boom

One year ago, Meredith and Noah track Amanda to a pet store where she is desperately trying to sell her cat Iggy. Amanda tells Meredith what happened to Twinkles and becomes confused when Meredith asks if she threw fire. Amanda becomes outraged when she learns that both Meredith and Noah aren't with the police and her rage causes a police car to explode. Amanda then runs away and picks up Iggy.

Amanda sets her room on fire.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 3

Amanda receives a photo of her mother on her phone. She expresses her joy that she looks like her and Lydia reveals her gift to Amanda. Amanda then suggests that she be with her but is angered to hear Lydia turn her down due to the danger of her home. Amanda then hangs up on her mother and begins to pack. While upset, Amanda inadvertently causes multiple fires to start around her. Before they get too far out of control Amanda leaves the room.

Graphic Novel:Amanda's Journey, Part 1

Following the fire she caused in her room, Amanda accompanies her aunt into an ambulance. Amanda is worried for her and then meets Peter Petrelli, who promises Carol will be fine. Amanda goes to the hospital and learns that Carol only suffered minor burns. Amanda begins to worry that she may harm her family again and as she becomes more distressed, fires begin to start. Not wanting to cause a disaster, Amanda runs away and eventually finds Peter eating lunch. Amanda watches as Peter dashes from one place to another and then asks how he did that. Peter asks her how she made fire and Amanda tells him that she doesn't know. The two then talk about family and Peter convinces Amanda to be strong enough to go out and find her mother. Amanda then boards a bus telling herself that she will find her mother.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 4

Lydia looks at a photo of Amanda when Samuel approaches and forces Lydia to reveal a hidden tattoo of Amanda. Later, Amanda appears to Lydia after hearing Lydia deny wanting to be with her. Amanda greets her mother with a simple hi.

Graphic Novel:Amanda's Journey, Part 2

Amanda runs along a road, trying to catch the bus that she so narrowly missed. Her heightened emotions trigger a fire that attracts the attention of Tracy Strauss, who is driving by. Tracy offers Amanda a ride and Amanda asks her if she is bothered by the fire. Tracy says that she would rather not know and Amanda is grateful. She is dropped off at a nearby bus station and witnesses two men robbing a car. Amanda is a little surprised that she has the power to stop them and begins to concentrate on their tires. She manages to set them on fire but soon loses control of her power. The entire car becomes engulfed in flames and Amanda stares in horror. Suddenly, Tracy reappears and saves the men. Amanda is thrilled to meet someone else like her and is even more thrilled when Tracy tells her that she will teach her some control over her power. Amanda soon arrives at Lydia's home, the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 5

Lydia asks Amanda how she found her and Amanda reveals that the image Lydia sent her was g-tagged and it was easy to track. Amanda is angry with Lydia and asks why she is ashamed of her. Lydia tells her that it is dangerous at the carnival and that she was protecting her. Amanda, further angered, causes some books to burst into flames. Lydia puts out the fire and turns to talk to her, but Amanda runs out of the trailer.

As she goes through the carnival, she runs into Caleb. She tells him that she wants to stay there, but he says that is up to Samuel, not him. He also says that you have to be worthy to stay at the carnival, so Amanda demonstrates her ability to prove she is worthy.

Graphic Novel:Yang & Yang

Amanda practices her ability with Caleb. He is pleased with her progress and tells Amanda that she needs to meet some people. Amanda asks Caleb if Samuel is like her and Caleb confirms that just about everyone in the carnival has abilities. They come across Sylar who is pleased to see an even newer arrival then himself. Amanda asks if he has any powers and Sylar shakes her hand. Sylar gains knowledge of Amanda's past and comments that she should go back to her mother. Caleb becomes angry at this and uses his ability to attack Sylar and frighten Amanda. Once Sylar deals with the spider like Caleb, Amanda receives a message from Lydia.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Until Amanda watches a fire breathing family, excited that people at the carnival are like her. Caleb tells her he can introduce her to Samuel to see if she can stay, but Edgar arrives and threatens Caleb, telling Amanda to go back to her mother. She runs away, eventually finding Samuel's trailer. She knocks, and Samuel opens the door, saying she must be Amanda.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Amanda watches as Edgar holds a knife to Caleb's throat. Edgar tells her to return to her mother and Amanda leaves. She refuses to return to Lydia as she believes she doesn't even want her around. While walking around the carnival, Amanda sees several carnies. These include a four-armed man and a woman who swallows swords. Amanda proceeds to find Jennie and Gail Bowman practicing their fire breathing performance. Amanda instantly wishes to be accepted by them and continues her "tour". She finds a tent and looks inside to discover a woman cutting her golden hair. Amanda makes another note to become her friend and continues walking around. After finding a memorial set up for the recently deceased Arnold, Amanda makes her way to see Samuel Sullivan. She knocks on his door and Samuel opens it, realizing that she is Amanda.

Amanda shows her ability to Samuel.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 7

Lydia and Edgar are talking about how Amanda deserves a better life than being at the carnival and how Samuel is just dripping lies into her ear to make her stay and fit in. They plan to take her away from him.

Elsewhere, Samuel is telling Amanda how safe and secure the carnival is. She then demonstrates her ability and carnival members watch, including Lydia and Edgar.

Graphic Novel:The Painted Lady

Lydia attempts one more time to convince Amanda that the carnival is not a good fit for her. Lydia tells her past with Amanda's father and why she left Amanda with her aunt. Lydia can feel that Amanda wants to stay, she just hopes that Amanda doesn't make the same mistakes that she did.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 8

Amanda is officially inducted into the carnival by Samuel, while Lydia and Edgar watch worriedly. Later, as Lydia tries to convince Samuel that the carnival isn't safe for Amanda, Amanda appears behind her and tells her mother that Lydia has no right to say such a thing, since she hasn't been much of a mother to her. Amanda then firmly states that she will be staying at the carnival.


When Samuel wonders where Lydia is, and Edgar does not know, Amanda tells him that she went away with Hiro Nakamura. Later, Amanda attends the Thanksgiving dinner and watches in shock as Samuel accuses Edgar and Edgar suddenly disappears.

Amanda tells Samuel where Hiro and Lydia are.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 9

Amanda goes to see Lydia after the Thanksgiving fiasco. She apologizes for what happened with Edgar but Lydia tells her not to worry, as Edgar is too fast to be caught. Amanda asks if Lydia is alright and Lydia says that they need to leave the carnival. Samuel enters the trailer and gives Amanda a cold look, then asks her to leave. Outside, Amanda is grabbed by Caleb, who tells her that he has been told to keep an eye on her. She demands to know what Samuel is going to do to Lydia and he tells her that Lydia has to be punished.

While speaking with each other, Lydia and Samuel hear a scorching noise and go to investigate. They find Amanda standing over Caleb's burnt and charred corpse. Other carnies also arrive and Amanda gives Lydia a worried look.

The Fifth Stage

Amanda sits with the other carny children while Samuel is telling a story, when Samuel is finished with his story Samuel asks Claire if she wants to tell a story and Claire does. When Claire's story is finished Samuel states that it's bed time and Amanda and the other children leave.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 10

As a number of carnies carry Caleb's remains in a wooden coffin, Amanda and Lydia discuss his death. Amanda tells her mother that it was her fault Caleb is dead, but Lydia assures her that it wasn't her fault, telling Amanda that it was because of the carnival and Samuel. She tells her daughter that she needs to go home, but Amanda asks how long it would be before she killed another person. She calls herself a murderer and that she belongs at the carnival. Lydia tells her that she is not and the two hug.

Later as Samuel and Lydia talk, they watch the Bowmans' act, and watch as Amanda walks on stage and causes two pillars of fire to start. As the crowd applauds, Amanda looks at her mother, who looks back with worry.

Upon This Rock

Lydia speaks with Amanda about a man who has arrived at the carnival. She tells her to stay away from him until they know more about his family. Amanda, angry, storms off, amusing Claire Bennet who compares Amanda and Lydia to herself and Sandra.

Let It Bleed

Amanda's name is on Edgar's list, which says she has the power of spontaneous combustion.

Close to You

Amanda has a talk with her mother.

Amanda is outside Lydia's trailer practicing her ability. Lydia begins to talk about her current feelings towards Samuel, which results in Amanda saying that he has always been nice to her. Lydia then begins to talk of another who would help her, someone who was supposedly like Joseph. Amanda responds by saying that she should call him.


Amanda runs with her mother to see the source of the tremors.

The Art of Deception

When Lydia learns that Noah is coming to take out Samuel, Lydia says she needs to get Amanda and go.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 5 of Slow Burn, The Watcher gives Chris Bowman a file on Amanda. Chris then finds Amanda alone and crying. Small flames begin to appear and Chris comforts Amanda by revealing to her the first time he used his ability. Amanda learns from Chris that abilities are based on emotions and that once she is calm her fires will stop. Amanda is happy at this and thanks Chris.

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Chris Bowman sees Amanda with Caleb, and worries about her safety.

In chapter 7 of Slow Burn, Lydia asks Gail Bowman to help look after Amanda.

In chapter 9 of Slow Burn, Lydia is worried about Amanda’s safety at the carnival after her murder of Caleb, but also that if she leaves, she could lose control of her power again. Gail offers for Amanda to join her families act, in order to teach her how to control her ability and protect her.

In chapter 10 of Slow Burn, Amanda and Jennie hide while the other carnies attempt to locate The Watcher.

Evolved Human Abilities

Amanda has the ability to burn things with her mind. Despite feeling like "a freak", she has used her ability to singe posters, dolls, curtains, a globe, and other items in her room, as well as blow up a dog and a police car. She has also managed to burn an adult male down to a severely charred skeleton with a single action.


  • According to a file that "The Watcher" keeps, Amanda is 5'2" and approximately 115 pounds.

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