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Renautas escort

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Renautas escort
Renautas pilot.jpg
Portrayed by Brendan Murray
First appearance Under the Mask
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Escort for Renautas

A Renautas escort makes sure Molly Walker gets to Renautas Headquarters.

Character History

Under the Mask

After bagging Molly Walker, Taylor Kravid and Francis attempt to fly her to Midian on a Renautas plane. However, the escort refuses to let Francis board the plane. Assuming that there must be some kind of mistake, Taylor convinces the escort to check again, but he says that Francis is still grounded. The escort then helps carry a struggling Molly onto the plane, and shoots her with a tranquilizer dart once inside. When they arrive at Renautas Headquarters, the escort escorts Molly inside the building, but soon has a gun on pulled on him by Noah. The escort slowly drops to his knees, and Noah knocks him unconscious.

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