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X = Met
O = Known or heard of, not met
K = Known by
XF = Met in a possible future
OF = Known of in a possible future
KF = Known by in a possible future

  • Please note that one should read the connection horizontally, which means that the character on the left side are the subject. For example, Ando knows of Candice but Candice does not know about Ando.
Characters Connections
subject v X/O/K/KF/OF/KF person > Ando Angela Audrey Bob Candice Chandra Charles Charlie Claire Claude D.L. Eden Haitian Hana Hiro Isaac Kaito Linderman Matt Maury Micah Mohinder Molly Monica Nathan Niki Noah Peter Simone Sylar Ted Thompson
Ando / X O X
Angela X / X X
Audrey /
Bob X / O X
Candice K / K
Chandra K O / O
Charles X X /
Charlie X K /
Claire X X K K,O
D.L. X K
Eden K X
Haitian XF X X K
Hana O
Hiro X OF K X
Isaac X K X K X O
Kaito X X X X
Linderman X X X X
Matt X,XF X X K X K
Maury X X X
Micah X X
Mohinder XF X X X O
Molly X
Monica X
Nathan X X K
Niki X X X K
Noah XF X X K X X
Peter X X X O,K X
Simone X X K X
Sylar X XF X K X,XF X X
Ted X
Thompson X