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Sylars shack.jpg
Location: Central America
Purpose: To contain Sylar

Sylar is kept hidden in a shack.

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Candice (as "Michelle") drops her illusion of Maui, Hawaii, to reveal to Sylar that he is recovering in a rundown shack. Sylar and Candice talk about how she will help him recover from his stab wounds, but Sylar is anxious to leave and rediscover lost powers. Sylar kills Candice and examines her brain, and attempts to steal her power, but is unable to use it. He staggers outside and learns that the shack is located deep in the middle of a secluded wooded area.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

In talking with his team members, Sean Fallon recalls the scene where Candice was taken away from him.


  • In a post at 9th Wonders, writer Harrison Wilcox confirms that the depiction of Candice's dead body in The Kill Squad, Part 1 is as intended and not the artist's mistake. In the graphic novel, the body has Candice's standard appearance from before Four Months Later and is in a different location in the shack than from where she appears to fall when Sylar struck her. In Kindred, Sylar striking Candice appears to revert her from her "Michelle" appearance to one of a much heavier girl, and she collapses next to a wall, not in the middle of the floor as shown in the novel.

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