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My own idea for the list

The following is a list of possible and identified evolved humans from the TV series Heroes

Originally from a list on Chandra Suresh's computer, added are others mentioned on the show.

Name Location Power Name Location Power
Felipe Acerra Deceased Phasing David Berman New York, NY
D.L. Hawkins Las Vegas, NV Phasing Leonie Pinkham Deceased
Byron Bevington Marshfield, VT Precognition Adam Soo Hoo Kailua, HI
Niki Sanders Las Vegas, NV Enhanced strength Linda Tavara Deceased
Daniel Buzzetti Greeley, CO Norman Ventris Deceased
Isaac Mendez Deceased Precognition Sparrow Redhouse New Mexico
Tracy Chobham Frostburg, MD Teleportation Amid Halebi Los Angeles, CA Induced radioactivity
Nicholas Datre Deceased Michelle Valcek Saginaw, MI
Paula Gramble Monteith, IA Candace Willmer Clayton, NY Illusion
Curtis Hovsepian Grant [sic] Pass, OR Harry Fletcher New York, NY
Nathan Petrelli New York, NY Flight Ethan Kimball Deceased
Noel Menzies Deceased Abu Aswan Cairo, Egypt
Penkala Burton Albert Lea, MN Frank Cavanaugh Deceased
Teresa Hue Pham Shreveport, LA Diego Vela* Deceased
Matthew Parkman Los Angeles, CA Telepathy Jess Murphy Deceased
Hiro Nakamura Tokyo, Japan Space-time manipulation Sue Landers
Charlene Andrews** Deceased Enhanced memory Pam Green
Claire Bennet Odessa, TX Rapid cell regeneration Brian Davis Deceased Telekinesis
Sarah Ellis Deceased Persuasion Gabriel Gray New York, NY Intuitive aptitude
Peter Petrelli New York, NY Empathic mimicry Dale Smither Deceased Enhanced hearing
Zane Taylor Deceased Liquefaction James Walker Deceased
Molly Walker Los Angeles, CA Clairvoyance Au Co Deceased Plant control
Arthur Dowland Rebecca Finder
Hana Gitelman Deceased Electronic data transception Meredith Gordon Kermit, TX Pyrokinesis
Sanjog Iyer Chennai, India Dream manipulation Claude Rains New York, NY Invisibility
Elena LaCarte Joe Landers
Mr. Linderman Deceased Healing Micah Sanders Las Vegas, NV Technopathy
Theodore Sprague Deceased Induced radioactivity

* Some names are extrapolated from a name fragment.
** Charlie's name actually does not appear in full on the list, but is inferred because of the length of the name that does appear next to "Midland, TX", coupled with Mohinder's statement about her. (Fallout)