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Evolved humans obtain abilities that allow them to do certain things.


Reception of Abilities

Currently, there are various ways in which abilities can be granted, both natural and artificial.


Many evolved humans obtain abilities through natural processes. As mentioned below, evolved genes do continue through generations, however it is not known how people like Daphne Millbrook obtained abilities, as her parents have no known ones.

Ability heredity

Some characters obtain abilities through their genes. Generally, those who manifest abilities as children, such as Claire Bennet and Micah Sanders, have two evolved humans for parents. However, this is not guaranteed for all those who have evolved paretns as indicated in Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Both this, and ordinary manifestation are referred to as natural.


It has been noted by Mohinder Suresh that the base of abilities is in the adrenal glands, as shown when he injected himself with another's adrenaline


Another method of manifesting an ability was used on people such as Niki Sanders, Tracy Strauss, and David Sullivan. In some cases (Niki, Barbara), abilities were granted through testing, and others, like Nathan Petrelli, were granted abilities through the choices of their parents. Another common use for the genetic modification formula was to form an army, as represented in the manifestations of Rachel Mills, David Sullivan, and Scott. The abillities manifested as a result of the formula are considered to be synthetic.


However, the formula does not work without the catalyst, a third part perfects it. The lack of catalyst had its effect on people like Mohinder Suresh, and another man, the former being granted a horrific ability after haphazardly injecting himself with Maya Herrera's adrenaline. The latter begged for death after complications and was presumably euthanised by Suresh.

Ability loss

There are only two known ways to negate, either temporarily or permanently, an ability.

Ability negation

Both Anna Korolenko and The Haitian possess mental manipulation, or an ability similar. This allows them to negate other abilities. It is not known what bounds this ability has, but The Haitian has sown that his ability could be used with no concentration (as shown with Matt Parkman in Fallout), or extreme concentration (like Arthur Petrelli in Our Father). In the second example, The Haitian was concentrating so hard on Arthur that Sylar was able to use his abilities freely.

Ability loss

Arthur Petrelli posessed the ability of ability loss, which allowed him to permanently take another's ability through touch. The ability's course appears to take only a few seconds, and the user appears to have immediate control of the newly acquired ability afterwards.

Ability Manipulation

There are few ways, including abilties themselves, that result in an ability being manipulated.

Ability supercharging

Ando Masahashi was granted the synthetic ability to "supercharge" the abilities of another. He made Daphne Millbrook move faster than time itself, and allowed Matt Parkman to hear various thoughts at once. The bounds of this ability are currently unknown.


Eclipses are commonly considered to be "ability wildcards". They have been shown to help manifest abilities, including those of Peter Petrelli, Niki Sanders (Genesis), and Adam Monroe (Four Months Later...), and, at other times, to temporarily negate abilities (The Eclipse, Part 1, The Eclipse, Part 2). The scientific explanation for this has not yet been explained.

Known Abilities


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