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The many faces of Chandra Suresh
Picture of Mohinder and former Chandra.jpg
"Original" Chandra.

The many faces of Chandra Suresh is the common fan gripe referring to the various actors that have played him.



In a photo, Chandra (Chandra I) appears in Mohinder's graduation photo.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

Chandra I speaks to Mohinder.

One Giant Leap

A new Chandra (Chandra II) appears on the back cover of Activating Evolution.


Chandra II appears again on Activating Evolution.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Chandra II's dying moments are shown to Mohinder in a dream sequence cast by Sanjog Iyer.


The photo first seen in Genesis appears again, although with Chandra II, rather Chandra I.

Six Months Ago

Chandra II plays an important role in flashbacks.

The Hard Part

A third Chandra, Chandra III, appears in a photo of the Suresh family.

Turn and Face the Strange

Mohinder places a photo of another Chandra (Chandra IV) on his map.


Chandra IV appears again. This Chandra is a younger Chandra, working for the government in 1961.



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