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Peter Petrelli
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia

Empathic mimicry (lost), Flight (restored)
Originally exposed to: Alchemy, clairsentience, clairvoyance, electric manipulation, enhanced hearing, enhanced memory, enhanced strength, flight, freezing, healing, induced radioactivity, intuitive aptitude, invisibility, magnetism, melting, mental manipulation, Mohinder's ability, persuasion, phasing, power absorption, precognition, precognitive dreaming, pyrokinesis, rapid cell regeneration, sound manipulation, space-time manipulation, super speed, technopathy, telekinesis, telepathy, Shattering.

Alternate Futures

Explosion futureExposed future (deceased)

Major Episodes

GenesisHirosHomecomingFalloutUnexpected.07%How to Stop an Exploding ManFour Months Later...Fight or FlightFour Months Ago...PowerlessThe Second ComingI Am Become DeathDying of the LightEris Quod SumThe Eclipse, Part 2Duel

Centric Novels

Super-HeroicsPetrified Lightning

Episodes Appeared

Volume One: GenesisDon't Look BackOne Giant LeapCollisionHirosBetter HalvesNothing to HideHomecomingSix Months AgoFalloutGodsendThe FixDistractionsUnexpectedParasite.07%The Hard PartLandslideHow to Stop an Exploding Man
Volume Two: Four Months Later...LizardsKindredFight or FlightThe LineOut of TimeFour Months Ago...Truth & ConsequencesPowerless
Volume Three: The Second ComingThe Butterfly EffectOne of Us, One of ThemI Am Become DeathAngels and MonstersDying of the LightEris Quod SumVillainsIt's ComingThe Eclipse, Part 1The Eclipse, Part 2Our FatherDuel

Graphic Novels

Super-HeroicsString TheoryThe Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2Petrified LightningOur Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2Truths


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