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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
Alternate Futures

Explosion future

Major Episodes

GenesisHirosHomecomingCompany ManFour Months Later...The LineCautionary TalesPowerlessThe Butterfly EffectOne of Us, One of ThemAngels and MonstersVillainsThe Eclipse, Part 1The Eclipse, Part 2

Centric Novels

Fathers and DaughtersHell's AngelFamily ManTeam Building ExerciseNormal LivesBlindsided

Episodes Appeared

Volume One: GenesisDon't Look BackOne Giant LeapCollisionHirosBetter HalvesSeven Minutes to MidnightHomecomingSix Months AgoFalloutGodsendThe FixDistractionsRun!UnexpectedParasite.07%The Hard PartLandslideHow to Stop an Exploding Man
Volume Two: Four Months Later...LizardsKindredThe Kindness of StrangersFight or FlightThe LineOut of TimeFour Months Ago...Cautionary TalesTruth & ConsequencesPowerless
Volume Three: The Second ComingThe Butterfly EffectOne of Us, One of ThemAngels and MonstersDying of the LightEris Quod SumVillainsThe Eclipse, Part 1The Eclipse, Part 2Our FatherDual

Graphic Novels

MonstersWireless, Part 1Wireless, Part 2Wireless, Part 3Wireless, Part 4Road KillThe Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2It Takes a Village, Part 1Golden Handshake, Part 4Team Building ExerciseSpecialElle's First Assignment, Part 1Elle's First Assignment, Part 2Different and the SameDonna's Big Date, Part 2Trust Issues, Part 2Root and Branch, Part 2Root and Branch, Part 3The Kill Squad, Part 1The Sting of InjusticeDoylePartners


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Other: Matt ParkmanTed SpragueThompsonMolly WalkerMohinder SureshIvan SpektorBob BishopAngela Petrelli


The CompanyPrimatechHorn-rimmed glassesThe Bennets' gunNoah's cell phone

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