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Tommy Clark

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Tommy Clark
Portrayed by Robbie A. Kay,
Aiden Glenn (young Tommy)
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Ability absorption
Current absorbed ability:
Space-time manipulation
Known abilities absorbed:
Rapid cell regeneration
Space-time manipulation
Elemental control
Formal name Nathan
Aliases Kevin,
Thomas Clark,
Nickname Tommy
Master of Time and Space
Age 16
Date of birth June 13, 2014
Place of birth Odessa, TX
Home Carbondale, IL,
formerly Denver, CO,
formerly Odessa, TX
Residences The Clarks' home,
formerly a home in Odessa
Occupations Student,
Ice cream scooper
Significant other Emily Duval
Parents Claire Bennet (deceased),
Anne Clark (adoptive mother),
Hiro Nakamura (adoptive father)
Grandparents Maternal grandparents:
Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Meredith Gordon (deceased)
Adoptive grandparents:
Noah Bennet (deceased),
Sandra Bennet
Great grandparents:
Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli (deceased),
Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased)
Great great grandparents:
Mr. Shaw (deceased),
Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Sibling Malina (twin sister)
Other relatives Alice Shaw (maternal great-great-aunt)
Lyle Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Great uncles:
Peter Petrelli,
Flint Gordon, Jr. (deceased)

Thomas "Tommy" Clark is an awkward teen who just wants to be normal and win the girl of his dreams, Emily. However, he finds that normalcy is virtually impossible after discovering his ability to teleport. He finds his new power terrifying because he knows it means he'll be persecuted as an evo, and that he is tired of moving from town to town. His friend and crush Emily helps him see his ability from a more positive perspective. Unknown to Tommy, he is the time-displaced son of Claire Bennet and the twin brother of Malina. He is an evolved human with the ability to absorb the powers of other evos. After discovering his teleportation is actually an aspect of his step-father's stolen power, Tommy gained the ability to freeze time and time travel and began searching for his twin sister to fulfill their destiny to save the world from the H.E.L.E. After succeeding with the help of his grandfather, Tommy returned to a normal life with Emily.

Character History

Heroes Reborn

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Tommy Clark: Heroes Reborn History.

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Evolved Human Abilities

Tommy has the power of ability absorption, something he inherited from his great-grandfather. Tommy has possessed this ability since the womb, draining his mother's power and his step-father's ability. However, he can only keep one power at a time.

Using Hiro's ability, Tommy can teleport any person (including himself) or thing to the location he is thinking of just by touching them. He can also send them through time with a touch and concentration. However, while his absorbed version of Hiro's ability can do the same things Hiro could, his version of the power seems to work in a different way with a different effect than Hiro and other people with the power had. (June 13th, Part Two) Without his memories, he believes himself to be a simple teleporter, but even without his knowledge of Hiro's training, he is able to instinctively freeze time to save himself and Emily. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae) He is later able to unfreeze just his mother by touching her and concentrating. It's indicated that there are parts of his power he has yet to discover as Anne tells Tommy that his father was always amazed by Tommy's power and stated he could do much more with it than Hiro ever could. (Company Woman) Tommy later demonstrated the ability to split himself into two distinct Tommy's, both with the same powers and while linked, able to operate separately of each other. (Project Reborn)

As Malina's twin brother, Tommy possesses the ability to boost Malina's power by holding hands with her and share her power. However, without a conduit, Tommy is unable to safely do so or to any useful effect. Unlike when he takes other abilities, Malina does not lose hers to him during this time nor does Tommy lose his previously absorbed ability as he does not take on Malina's power permanently. (Project Reborn)

Acquired Abilities


  • Due to being raised by Hiro Nakamura, Tommy could speak Japanese fluently before Caspar Abraham erased his memory of this knowledge. After viewing his memories in the Eternal Fortress, Tommy was once again able to speak Japanese to his surprise as he was unaware he could do so.
  • Tommy inherited his great-grandfather's abilities, though he could only keep one power at a time, similar to Peter's second power rather than Arthur's ability to keep all of the powers he stole. He also stole both rapid cell regeneration and space-time manipulation like Arthur though unlike Arthur, Tommy never used regeneration before he lost it.
  • Like his step-father, Tommy discovers his ability to freeze time in a crisis. His mother later indicates he knew how to use that power before he lost his memory as she comments "I was wondering when you were going to figure that out again" after he froze time around her.
  • Tommy is the second person who meant a lot to Hiro to be time-displaced. The first is Hiro's girlfriend Charlie Andrews who was sent back to 1944 by Arnold on Samuel Sullivan's orders to have leverage over Hiro. Like Tommy, she lived her life displaced from her correct time period.
  • When talking to Noah Bennet about how Noah is the key to stopping the H.E.L.E., Tommy tells him that he followed "the tiniest thread, the smallest butterfly" when trying to figure out how to change the future, something he credits Hiro with teaching him. When referring to changing time, Hiro was always afraid of "stepping on too many butterflies." At the Odessa Unity Summit, Hiro tells Noah that they have to find "the smallest thread" to pull, the one that will unravel the least.
  • Tommy, perhaps unintentionally, paraphrases Future Hiro's message when he tells Noah "save you, save the world" when explaining how he discovered Noah was the key to stopping the H.E.L.E. It may have been at least partially intentional though as Tommy's favorite 9th Wonders! character is noted to be Hiro so he presumably is aware of the message.


  • Tommy is one of the youngest people ever known to manifest an ability. He stole his mother's ability soon after being conceived. While in utero, Claire became nauseous, something she had never experienced since she developed her powers. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, Chapter 24)

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