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Portrayed by Raven Dauda
First appearance Sundae, Bloody Sundae
In-story stats
Known ability Image projection

Deirdre is an evo ally of Hero Truther.

Character History

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

In an abandoned warehouse, Deirdre gathers with René, Dahlia, Henry and Logue to discuss the capture of Micah Sanders with Taylor Kravid. At René's request, Deirdre activates her ability, projecting images of missing evos in front of her, including Micah. When Taylor asks what the leads on his location are, Deirdre projects more images, including one of a stately home that Erica bought when she made her first million dollars.

11:53 to Odessa

Deirdre travels with René, Henry, Dahlia, Logue, and Taylor to Sunstone Manor to free Micah. They stand on a nearby hill overlooking the manor and discuss how to get inside. Deirdre says that getting in the manor would be much easier if Taylor had stolen the manor's blueprints from Erica. Later, when Taylor escapes the manor with Carlos and Farah in tow, Deirdre and the others walk down to join them. An army of Harris clones appears behind them so the group splits up to evade the clones.

Evolved Human Abilities

Deirdre has the ability to project static images onto thin air from her eyes. It is unknown if she can project moving pictures with sound, nor is it known if she must first "record" images using this ability to later project them or if she can project anything she can remember. She can blink freely without interrupting the projections.


  • In 11:53 to Odessa, the character's name was misspelled "Dierdre" in the credits.

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