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Examples of enhanced memory

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Enhanced memory is the ability to memorize everything that one learns. A full list of examples of the power in action follows.

Season One

Season Two

Season Four

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Other Examples

  • Charlie recites the addresses of four available apartments from memory. She said she read them in the classified ads that morning. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 9)
  • Charlie reads through a Japanese phrase book during her breaks at work. By the afternoon, she is "speaking in excellent Japanese". (Saving Charlie, Chapter 11)
  • Charlie fluently reads the end of a Robogirl manga. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 13)
  • When Hiro recites the seven principles of the Bushido code in Japanese, Charlie is instantly able to translate six of them. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 13)
  • Charlie perfectly retains the Texas League schedule in her mind, reciting when the RockHounds are playing away and home baseball games. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 15)
  • Charlie remembers a long list of facts about the electric chair. She shares a few, but stops herself. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 16)
  • Charlie rattles off facts about the Goliath bird-eating tarantula. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 16)
  • When Hiro asks Charlie about origami, she recalls from her reading details about folding 1000 cranes to be granted a wish. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 20)
  • After meeting Quincy Carrot-Muncher, Charlie tells facts about Flemish lop-eared rabbits, including their weight, their ability to be housetrained, their affability as pets, and their reproductive habits. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 24)
  • Charlie is able to recall everything about a book she read as a child — every word, every picture, the publisher, copyright, and even the Library of Congress number. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 26)
  • Charlie remembers all the things she has ever read in newspapers, the names of people she hadn's seen in years, numbers for bank accounts she hadn't had since she was a teenager. She also remebers books word for word that she hadn't read for years. Additionnally, she remebers negative experiences, like a girl teasing her on the playground, telling a mean teacher that she hadn't done her homework, and an unrequited crush. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 26)
  • Charlie wins games easily. She wins games of poker at Shelby's by remembering every card dealt. she wins at Trivial Pursuit before anybody else even gets a single piece. She wins at Charades since she remembers the title of every movie she has ever heard of, and gets the right answers on the first try. She purposely avoids learning about chess to keep it a fair game, but she still memorizes all the moves her opponents make. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 27)
  • Charlie memorizes Japanese recipes. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 28)
  • Charlie recites facts she has read about the brown recluse spider. These facts scare her and make her a bit paranoid about spiders. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 32)
  • Charlie remembers every detail of her parents' death. Despite being only six months old, Charlie remembersthe noise, the broken glass, the blood, and her love for them. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 36)

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