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Examples of space-time manipulation

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Space-time manipulation is the ability to alter the space-time continuum. A full list of examples of the power in action follows.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Heroes Reborn

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Other Examples

  • After seeing a lock of hair on Charlie's corpse, Hiro panics and stops time for a moment. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 4)
  • Hiro practices stopping time while he's alone in his hotel room, although everything in the perfectly still room looks the same before and after he stops time. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 7)
  • Right as Charlie rings the doorbell to Hiro's apartment, Hiro freezes time to make sure everything is perfect. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 12)
  • Since he leased his apartment, Hiro has frozen times several times to get the apartment ready. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 12)
  • To convince Charlie he has a superpower, Hiro changes his clothes fifteen times in the blink of an eye. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 19)
  • To convince Charlie he has a superpower, Hiro moves furniture while stopping time. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 19)
  • To convince Charlie he has a superpower, Hiro physically picks her up and carries her from the kitchen to the living room. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 19)
  • To convince Charlie he has a superpower, Hiro stops time when she is swamped, then delivers all her orders, refills customers' water glasses, replaces dropped forks, belts a squirming baby tighter in his high chair, and takes care of anything and everything anyone could possibly need from Charlie. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 19)
  • At Sammy's party, Hiro freezes time and plants a stuffed, white bunny into a top hat. He pulls it out as a "magic trick". (Saving Charlie, Chapter 19)
  • Hiro stops time and makes 999 origami cranes. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 20)
  • Hiro closes his eyes to kiss Charlie and accidentally teleports to his cubicle at Yamagato Industries. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 20)
  • Charlie asks Hiro to demonstrate his time stopping ability for her. She shuts her eyes at Burnt Toast Diner and opens them in her apartment. Hiro admits that he borrowed Charlie's car to transport her, and that there was no traffic. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 23)
  • While playing a baseball-throwing game against Lloyd, Hiro stops time when when Lloyd's ball is in midair. He considers cheating, but decides to unfreeze time without making any changes. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 24)
  • Hiro freezes time, leaves the park in Midland, and brings back a chess board from Charlie's apartment. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 27)
  • Hiro freezes time so he can properly transform Charlie's apartment into a Japanese garden. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 28)
  • While making out, Hiro accidentally and suddenly teleports away to a morgue in LA. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 33)
  • Hiro freezes time when he leaves the morgue. While time is frozen, he "borrows" some money from a stranger. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 35)
  • After telling Charlie that he loves her, Hiro suddenly finds himself at Yamagato on October 11, 2006. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 39)
  • Hiro successfully teleports from Yamagato to the Burnt Toast Diner, but he overshoots his time travel, landing on February 19, 1976. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 40)
  • Hiro focuses on Barbie Travis's name, and then travels from the Burnt Toast Diner to St. Nicasius Catholic Church and attends part of Barbie Travis's funeral. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 41)
  • Hiro focuses on Charlie, and time travels to July 2006, staring at Lloyd's crotch. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 42)
  • While looking at the Zapotec mask in Charlie's apartment, Hiro time travels to an ancient clearing where a shaman is performing a ritual. He then teleports to an open grave in Japan when his father was just a teenager. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 43)
  • As he makes eye contact with his teenaged father, Hiro teleports to Merle Eckels's execution. As Merle gives his final words, Hiro teleports... (Saving Charlie, Chapter 44)
  • Charlie's arms. Then Hiro's ability gets out of control, and he teleports to various places in space and time: to Erika's wedding, to the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, TX, to Charlie's headstone, to his childhood home, and to the scene of Charlie's death. Hiro concentrates on the date July 1, 2006, and is able to time travel there ... (Saving Charlie, Chapter 45)
  • ...but he ends up at a zoo in Los Angeles instead of the diner in Midland. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 46)

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