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Examples of phasing

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Phasing is the ability to move through solid matter. A full list of examples of the power in action follows.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Heroes Reborn

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Other Examples

  • Late for work, Marylou Winawer runs straight for a wall and goes straight through it. (Catch and Kill)
  • Marylou Winawer recalls walking through a tree in the woods. Because it was a living thing, she found that the tree was dead and in the process of falling over a week later. (Catch and Kill)
  • At the Cleveland Arcade, part of Marylou's elbow passes through an old man's wrist, breaking his bones. (Catch and Kill)
  • Luke Collins shoots at Marylou Winawer, but she disappears through the wall of cement and wood before she is hit. (Catch and Kill)
  • Hiding in the 24-inch crawlspace of the Winawers' home, Marylou pushes up through the roof. (Catch and Kill)
  • Marylou jumps from the roof of her house and passes through the side of the neighbors' house "like smoke through a screen door". Marylou finds that she has also phased through the linoleum and wood of her neighbors' kitchen floor, and lands on the concrete of the house's foundation. (Catch and Kill)
  • Marylou phases through the locked basement door of her neighbors' house, and then phases through the back wall and out of the house. (Catch and Kill)
  • To get away from Luke and Joanne, Marylou Winawer phases through several wooden fences and brick walls in her Cleveland neighborhood. (Catch and Kill)
  • Joanne opens fire on Marylou, but she disappears by phasing through an oncoming bus. Marylou comes out on the other side, alive and well. (Catch and Kill)
  • Marylou pushes herself backwards into a marble column at a train station, phasing completely through it, and avoiding any bullets that might be heading her way. After phasing through the marble column, Marylou also passes through a metal guard rail. (Catch and Kill)
  • To get away from Bobby Ayres, Marylou Winawer slips through a train station turnstile, and her hips "literally melt through the metal spokes". (Catch and Kill)
  • On a train, Luke shoots Marylou point blank, but the bullets sail through her "not-quite-solid body". (Catch and Kill)
  • Marylou leaps through a moving train to escape Luke and Joanne once and for all. (Catch and Kill)
  • A couple of thieves in New York walk through walls and rob people. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, Chapter 6)

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