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Peter's art

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Peter's art
Peter drawing.JPG
Peter can paint the future.

Owned by: Peter
Current status: In Peter's possession

Peter's art is created by him after he mimics Isaac's ability.


Don't Look Back

While in the hospital after his attempt to fly, Peter sketches stick figures of someone floating with someone in a tie watching from nearby.


When meeting with Mohinder Suresh, Peter tells him that after he met Isaac Mendez, he was briefly able to draw the future, but could not replicate the feat. This, along with being able to fly in Nathan's presence leads Peter to speculate that he can only use abilities while around their holder.


Looking at an unfinished painting by Isaac, Peter enters a precognitive trance and finishes the painting of Sylar killing a cheerleader.

The Hard Part

After Claire talks to Peter about Ted's ability to explode, Peter shows her sketches he made of the explosion, including a sketch of Ted in front of noticeable orange steps. Claire recognizes Ted from her encounter with him and the two head to Kirby Plaza where they meet up with Ted, Noah Bennet and Matt Parkman.

Fight or Flight

After opening his box and finding few clues to his identity, an amnesiac Peter gets frustrated by his inability to find out where he's come from and what he's supposed to do. As a result, he inadvertently taps into his ability to paint the future and begins painting as Caitlin tries and fails to stop him. After finishing the painting, Peter and Caitlin are shocked to discover that Peter painted two figures standing in front of a warehouse with the symbol over the door and street signs in French. The two wonder if its supposed to be the two of them in the painting and guess the location is Montreal based on the street signs being French and Peter having a plane ticket to Montreal in his box. Before they can discuss the painting more, they receive a call about Ricky's murder.

The Line

After Ricky's murder, Peter decides to stop running from his past and tells Caitlin that he's going to Montreal to look for answers since both his painting and the plane ticket point there. Caitlin insists on going with him since they were both in the painting together and so she can "kill the bitch" when Peter finds Ricky's killer.

Outside the Montreal warehouse, Peter compares the painting to the door and finds himself and Caitlin exactly as his painting depicted. Peter rolls up the painting and the two enter the warehouse where they find a note from a man named Adam but no other clues. Frustrated, Peter pleads for a way to know who he is and what the future holds, causing him to inadvertently teleport himself and Caitlin into a deserted New York City over a year in the future, still carrying the rolled up painting.

Out of Time

Walking through the deserted New York City in the outbreak future, Peter continues to carry the rolled up painting until he and Caitlin are caught by the CDC who take it from him.

I Am Become Death

Future Peter shows present day Peter a painting he apparently made of the world splitting in half. He explains he has made many such paintings and had many such dreams which is why he is so determined to change the future.


  • The hand which Peter uses to paint or draw changes. For example; in Don't Look Back he uses his right hand to draw but, in Hiros when he finishes Isaac's painting he uses his left hand.



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