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The following fan theories are about Arthur Petrelli.

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Theory Citations Notes
Kaito Nakamura didn't have an ability at the end of his life because Arthur stole it. Arthur has the ability to absorb powers from others. + Having a character who most likely has an ability die without demonstrating it is unusual for Heroes.
- Charles did die without demonstrating it.
+ Arthur could have taken Charles' ability as well.

+ This could be how Arthur obtained telepathy.

- In a deleted scene, Kaito reveals his evolved ability to Ando; it has to do with predicting probabilities.
Unaired scenes are non-canon. Therefore, Kaito's ability could indeed end up being something different.
- When asked if Kaito's powers would ever be revealed, the writers replied "examine his death scene". Kaito's last words were "of all of them, I never expected it would be you."
That phrase makes sense if Kaito's ability is probability prediction, like it is in the deleted scene. "Of all of them, I never expected it would be you" could imply that when calculating the probabilities of who would kill him, Adam was not a major part in his prediction.
The scene where Kaito reveals his power might have been deleted because the writers changed their mind about whether to reveal it or not - however, this doesn't mean Kaito didn't have an ability or that it wasn't probability prediction.

+ This could be the event that divided the Company.

Arthur Petrelli's ability was a synthetic one, not a natural one. None + In War Buddies, Arthur had no obvious powers, but it is clear as of Dying of the Light that he does. This means that either A) his power didn't manifest until he got to be pretty old, which seems fairly rare among people with natural abilities, or else B) his ability is synthetic.

- Arthur could have already had his ability and not known it, or had manifested his ability after returning from the war.
+ As Angela revealed in Angels and Monsters, "[Arthur Petrelli] was disappointed that Nathan wasn't born with the genetic code" and that this was Arthur's justification for granting Nathan a synthetic ability. This implies a belief that a lack of abilities is a thing to be assiduously avoided, and it also implies that he does not discriminate between natural and synthetic abilities with regards to authenticity.
+ From what we've seen so far regarding abilities and their inheritance, it seems likely that the natural possession of an ability is a recessive trait. There is only one recorded case of a normal child born to two evolved parents (Penny Logan) and it is possible that Penny Logan simply never manifested, as she died at a fairly young age. Conversely, there is an overwhelmingly large number of cases of evolved children born to two normal parents. If the natural possession of an ability is recessive and Arthur Petrelli's ability was natural, Nathan could not have been born without a natural power. Children of two parents with the same recessive phenotype will ALWAYS have the same trait as their parents--Arthur and Angela could not have produced a normal child.

- Genes don't work that simply always, like with height there is something like 6 genes governing it, abilities may have 12 genes or more governing it, considering human DNA is 90% junk space that doesn't do anything, its possible there could be any amount of genes controlling powers, not just one. Arthur having a natural ability would fit in with the theme that Peter inherited the capability to take on many abilities from Arthur, where Nathan got flight as his ability wasn't inherited. Also, Angela tells Nathan when referring to giving him a synthetic ability, "we thought because of your lineage you could handle it, and obviously we were right" further suggesting that both Angela and Arthur had naturally occurring abilities.

If he injected himself, that could have changed his DNA structure enough that by the time Peter was conceived, the gene got passed down to him. Niki's abilities were synthetic, and that at least didn't adversely affect Micah, though we don't know if D.L.'s were natural or not. Claire had one parent with synthetic abilities too.

D.L.'s mother had a natural ability. D.L.'s was probably natural too--since Niki and D.L.'s relationship was a Company experiment, that makes sense, because they'd probably learn more from a union of a synthetic and a natural than from two synthetics.

- Angela specifically says that Arthur was disappointed that Nathan didn't have an ability, despite his lineage, implying that both Angela and Arthur were born as evolved humans. The fact that Arthur had no ability in Vietnam can be explained simply by the fact that he had yet to steal any abilities from another evolved human; much like Peter, he had to realize that he wasn't special alone but need someone else with him to be special.

+ But he wasn't alone. He came into physical contact with Linderman several times, including once when he forcibly restrained Linderman during the attack on Au Co. The sheer level of emotional stress during the war should have been enough to cause his power to manifest, but nothing happened.
- You forget, Arthur would have had to actively steal Linderman's ability. He doesn't simply do it upon physical contact, as shown when he hugged Peter. The transfer was not immediate.
+ Also, at the end of War Buddies: Part 6, Arthur had been in intimate physical contact with Angela Petrelli since they were shown with children when Linderman showed up at his door. He didn't absorb her dreaming ability either.
- Angela Petrelli could have been given her dreaming ability after Arthur was disabled, and Angela could have had another ability that Arthur took from her.
We now know from the episode 1961 that Angela had her ability in her youth.

- The formula that gives people powers was created by the Company, after its formation. Arthur Petrelli was one of the twelve founders of the Company and it has been stated several times that the founders were all individuals with special abilities. They found each other because of their abilities, meaning that for Arthur to have been found and become a founder, he would have had to have an ability before the formula was ever created.

+ Victoria Pratt didn't seem to have an ability. And if none of the Company founders were normal humans then where the heck did the "one of us, one of them" policy come from?
- The policy possibly came from the fact that when twelve people with special abilities got together, they started to think they were gods.
+ Well yeah, exactly. And gods generally don't like to impose restrictions on themselves. Thus, some of the Founders were probably normal humans.

- It is assumed all the Founders found each other and joined together through their powers. This means we assume Arthur had a power before the Company's founding - thus before synthetic powers were created.

+ That seems like a big thing to assume, especially since Linderman and Arthur found each other long before they knew Arthur had an ability. He also found Angela long before he exhibited any signs of an ability.
The playing cards in the Vault are from a game of poker played between Kaito Nakamura and Arthur Petrelli that caused them to join forces. None + Arthur was in SE Asia during the Vietnam war and could have traveled through Japan.
- That is pure speculation based on nothing. South-East Asia and Japan are two very geographically different places and there is also no reason for a man in the US military to have met a Japanese businessman.

+ The power of probability, which Kaito has in a deleted scene, would be extremely helpful when playing cards.
+ Arthur seems to have an ability that helped him win at cards, as it would be unlikely that his unusual adeptness at cards would be included as extraneous material in War Buddies, Part 2
+ All of the items in the vault (which include some playing cards) are said to be big clues to plot points.

Arthur Petrelli is Noah Bennet's biological father. None + Noah Bennet's father needed glasses. (Company Man)
- Other characters wore glasses too, for example, Bob.

+ Mr. Petrelli needed glasses and apparently wore a horn-rimmed version. (The Kindness of Strangers)

- Noah got to need glasses because his sight was damaged by Howard Grigsby.

+ All of Mr. Petrelli's sons (if you include Noah) are named after prominent Biblical characters.
- A lot of Anglo Saxon Names appear in the bible, including Matthew, Thomas, Gabriel, and Daniel aka D.L.
If Claire meets Arthur, she would recognize him as her adoptive grandfather.

- Claire did meet Arthur. She didn't recognize him.
Arthur arranged for the unwitting reporter to discover a link between Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss and use that to blackmail Tracy in order to stress her out and trigger her powers. None + Arthur Petrelli is a master manipulator much like Daniel Linderman. Under Arthur's orders, Maury (as Linderman) has been manipulating events to push Tracy and Nathan together in much the same way that Linderman manipulated Niki and D.L.'s lives in order to produce Micah.
Nathan was born with an ability, but Arthur stole it, either knowingly or by accident. None - Angela said Nathan was born without an ability despite his lineage.
+ Angela has been known to misrepresent the truth to control Nathan.
- That doesn't mean her every single word is a lie.

+ If Arthur unwillingly stole Nathan's powers, that would explain why he spearheaded Pinehearst to create synthetic abilities out of guilt and desire to fix what he did.

- Arthur has demonstrated a distinct lack of remorse for everything he's done.
Arthur Petrelli's power theft was a synthetic ability and he originally had a much simpler power. None + Angela implies that Arthur had some sort of power prior to Nathan's birth.

+ Nathan did not inherit the ability to copy powers, but Peter did. Perhaps Arthur did not give himself the ability until after he was satisfied with the results on Nathan.
- Without other supers nearby, it's likely Arthur had no reason to believe he was different.
- According to Mohinder, a person with one power cannot use the formula to gain another power. The formula takes the current genetic structure of the person and unlocks and manifests the powers hidden in that genetic code. A person can only have one power, unless their power is to gain other powers (such as Arthur, Sylar, and Peter). He could not have had one ability and then gained a synthetic ability.

+ Mohinder used the formula on himself twice, and each time his ability was different. Arthur could have been injected with an uncatalyzed formula first.
+ The limitation is something Mohinder talks about in regards to his own formula, not the Company's. The Company may have found away around that and become capable of replicating other people's individual abilities.
+ It is at least fundamentally possible to have at least two root abilities. Matt Parkman is a telepath and is now apparently able to use precognition as well. Less certain examples may include the Haitian and possibly Sylar.
Arthur used a mix of dream manipulation and persuasion to go into Angela's dream and paralyze her. None + It does appear like he used these two abilities - dream manipulation would allow him to go into Angela's dream and persuasion would make Angela do whatever he said and/or implied, thus "You won't even be able to move" would paralyze her.

- Maury can easily do this with his power, too.

- Molly Walker was placed into a coma, trapped in her head like Angela. This was done by Maury using no other power than telepathy.

+ Telepathy itself can not be used over long distance (Maury was only able to trap Molly because she connected to him with her ability), but dream manipulation can be used like this.

- Maury sent an illusion of Linderman to haunt Nathan.
Just because Maury wasn't shown near Nathan every time, it doesn't mean he wasn't near enough to affect him.
- Maury visited Molly in her dreams, when she wasn't using her ability.
Arthur planned on giving everyone abilities (as seen in the future) so he could absorb them all. None + It would be the perfect plan for a villain to gain more power: give everyone abilities so he can take them all using his and Peter's powers combined to steal them from a distance.
In Eris Quod Sum, Arthur appeared to have knowledge of what Peter was talking about when Peter claimed that Arthur's plan was to give everyone abilities.
This could be because he absorbed Sylar's ability.
The writers say that Arthur has not activated Sylar's ability.

- Arthur claims that this isn't what he wants.

Arthur is trying to create the formula that, according to Future Peter, led to the exposed future.
Arthur had adopted an "ubermensch" philosophy. He is seen reading Nietzsche while waiting for Peter to wake up in Eris Quod Sum. + When Peter tells accuses Arthur of feeling superior to other people (even evolved humans), Arthur simply states that it is a "fact".

+ He demonstrated an early form of this philosophy in War Buddies.

Arthur's power absorption affects people with artificial powers and genetic powers differently. None + Arthur killed Adam Monroe when he absorbed Monroe's cellular regeneration, but when he took Maya and Peter's powers they were only shown to experience severe discomfort.
- As far as it's known, Adam, Maya and Peter's abilities were all natural.
- Adam Monroe died because once his power was taken from him, his body could not hold off the aging process and so he rapidly aged 400 years in a matter of seconds. Peter or Maya's abilities were not necessary to sustain their bodies.
+ Adam Monroe's power was rapid cellular regeneration, the regeneration was so fast and efficient the cells regenerated at the same rate as aging destroyed them, there was no build up of 400 years of aging that was suspended over him because his cells were dealing with the aging as it happened, if having his powers removed would kill him wouldn't the Haitian accidentally do it like as soon as they met?
Logically it's completely correct, but this is a fictional television show with writers that are human and make mistakes. It is impossible to determine what they were thinking.
It would seem that instead of aging quickly, when Adam lost his regeneration ability, he would have just ceased staying the same age, and begun aging at the normal rate of any other normal person.
- That's not how the aging process works; there actually would have been a build up. Replicated cells don't live as long as cells from the previous generation, but Adam's ability was able to keep up with this degenerating process over time. With his ability taken away, all of his cells basically died instantly.
- If that were the case, then he would've died in an eclipse during his 400 years.
Adam traveled a lot, perhaps he was never somewhere eclipses affected at the time.
- Since he would have no way to know that the eclipses would affect his power, and since travel for most of his life was a long and tedious process, it is extremely doubtful that he wouldn't be in the right place at least once in 400 years.
He could have heard of the depowering eclipses from other evolved humans, or he could've been affected by one when he wasn't old enough to die without his ability.
- The Haitian also suppressed Daphne's ability, yet she was still able to walk.
BTE mentioned that it wasn't a complete suppression, hence her being able to walk.
- Nothing suggests the Haitian ever suppressed Adam's ability.
+ Adam Monroe first showed signs of his power hundreds of years ago long before an artificial formula was created, and Peter is a son of Arthur. It is known that Arthur used the formula on Peter's older brother Nathan, Maya could have been artificially given powers when she was younger with Alejandro their past has as of yet not been shown in flashbacks.
- If Maya's ability were synthetic, it would place her under the Company's radar, while she clearly wasn't, even with her deadly ability.
- Nothing hints at Maya and Peter's abilities being synthetic.
It seems highly coincidental that Peter's power would be similar to Arthur without it being an inherent power.
Arthur absorbed Maury Parkman's powers before the beginning of the series, and over time Maury regenerated them. None + Maury was one of the company founders, so it stands to reason that he and Arthur came into contact many times prior to the series. So it is very possible that Arthur stole his powers from Maury.
- Charles Deveaux also had telepathy.

This would mean that stolen powers do regenerate over time, since Maury had his powers in season two.

- Arthur seems confident that his power absorption is permanent, yet he has been working with Maury again for an undisclosed amount of time, and obviously knows that Maury still has his ability.

+ Maury could have regained his powers by using the formula.
- Arthur's ability could have an empathic side to it as well, which may explain why he was so confident Sylar's did also.

Arthur stole dream manipulation from Sanjog Iyer. None + Arthur has entered Angela's dream, spoken to her and put her into a coma. He also did a similar thing to Matt Parkman, creating a dream-illusion of Daphne to attack Matt while he was inside Angela's dream.
+ Neither Matt nor Maury have been seen to be capable of using their telepathy at such great a distance (Arthur was in New Jersey, while Angela was in New York); suggesting that Arthur was not using telepathy during these circumstances.
- Maury was able to use his telepathy on Molly Walker once she located him. Arthur used a similar connection to Angela when she dreamed of him. Arthur told Hiro "I understand you've been dreaming about me", so apparently he senses those dreams in much the same way that Maury sensed Molly locating him.

+ We haven't seen Sanjog in a while, and Pinehearst has been locating and capturing a lot of evolved humans lately.

- There is no evidence that Arthur has ever heard of Sanjog, much less captured him.
Arthur had plans on stopping anyone that could see and try to prevent his version of the future. None + Arthur stole Peter's powers, which include space-time manipulation, precognition and precognitive dreaming.

+ Arthur put Angela in a coma.

- This could be an act of revenge for poisoning him.

+ Arthur killed Usutu.
+ Arthur tried to wipe Hiro's mind.
+ Arthur removed Hiro's ability, then threw him off a roof.
- Arthur tried to recruit Hiro, and he betrayed Arthur. This could be a reason for him to attack Hiro.

Because Arthur has mental manipulation, he can use it to suppress his own abilities, and that's why he doesn't suffer the Hunger of intuitive aptitude. None - It's been stated that Arthur doesn't have the hunger because he has yet to access intuitive aptitude.
+ He may have accessed the ability after this.

- Peter also had mental manipulation, and clearly that didn't help.

+ Peter didn't know he had that ability, and he never displayed it.
Arthur will come back to life. None + Arthur's body shines with the catalyst as he lay on the floor dead. It should be kept in mind that it was only when Ishi gave up the catalyst to Hiro that she finally died. Perhaps the catalyst will have similar life-sustaining effects on Arthur.
- The glow is also similar to that which appears when Arthur takes powers away. It can also mean that they return now.
- Ishi died from the strain of what she did. She was already dying. She said this was so, and claimed she thought it would happen that night, so having the catalyst doesn't prevent death.

+ Both Claire and Peter have died by having something lodged into their brain, and both of them came back to life once said object was removed. The same thing could happen to Arthur.

+ Noah was also shot in the head, but regenerated just by getting an IV with Claire's blood.
- Perhaps a different area of the brain was damaged.
+ It looked like the bullet went all the way through his head.
- If the bullet did go through Arthur's head, he would've regenerated immediately, because there was no object lodged in his brain. But he hasn't.
- Unless the bullet damaged a crucial part of Arthur's brain that somehow prevented him from regenerating.
- Or unless the Haitian had recovered enough of his strength to keep Arthur from regenerating and that somehow kept Arthur from healing in time.
+ Both Claire and Sylar died in the episode The Eclipse, Part 2, but when the eclipse ended and their powers returned, they both came back to life. You have to assume that if the Haitian was negating Arthur's regeneration, he would eventually be able to heal and come back to life when the Haitian was out of range.
- Upon rewatching that part of the episode Our Father, it appears as if the bullet just entered his head and didn't go out the back. The blood was flying from the front of his head; the angle is probably confusing us.
The bullet was no longer moving by that point. Sylar had stopped it with his TK. Then having assured himself that Arthur was lying about his parentage, Sylar propelled the bullet directly into the spot in the brain that keeps you dead.

- The glow seemed to indicate that the catalyst also died, something logical to happen if its host died.

This makes sense since when Arthur told Sylar to capture Claire, he wanted her alive. He must have known that should the host die, the catalyst would die also.
+ The host and catalyst both dying does not mean that the host (Arthur) can't be brought back to life. Arthur can still have died, causing the catalyst to "die". He can then be brought back to life if indeed the bullet (or bullet fragment) is lodged in his brain, and this is removed, allowing him to regenerate.
+ He absorbed the cellular regeneration ability from Adam.

- Sylar, with his intimate understanding of the brain and how it creates abilities, may have specifically targeted the bullet to destroy Arthur's brain in a manner that would prevent it from healing.

- Most importantly, the Haitian was present. All he had to do was nullify Arthur's ability to regenerate. Without it, he is dead for good.
Arthur used 9th Wonders! comics to carry out his plans. None + He somehow knew everything that was happening - in Tokyo, where Hiro decided to open his father's safe; in New York, where Sylar and Elle released the villains; even in the past, where Claire was given the Catalyst. This story was depicted in 9th Wonders!.
- Yoji Hayata told Daphne to watch the camera feed of Hiro opening the safe.
- While it is unknown how Maury came into contact with Arthur, Maury could have informed him of the Level 5 escape.

+ That would be the easiest way. And Arthur was smart enough to choose the best tool.
- Arthur has drawn the future himself.

+ He couldn't do it before he stole Peter's abilities, especially when paralyzed.
Arthur somehow attained the ability to transfer his consciousness to Nathan's body after his death. It explains why Nathan suddenly turned so evil. - Nathan has been manipulated before. This time the manipulation may have been more effective, lasting after the manipulator's death.

- Nathan said himself that the events in Haiti changed his mind.

Maury Parkman had a sibling or other relative who also had the power of telepathy, and the two came into some sort of conflict. When Arthur and Maury first met, they worked together to defeat the other telepathy-user, ending in Arthur taking the other user's telepathy with his ability of power absorption. None + This could explain how Arthur gained telepathy, as well as how he gained Maury's friendship and loyalty, eventually leading to Maury becoming one of the founders of the Company.

+ Both Maury and his son, Matt Parkman, have telepathy, proving that the power runs in the Parkman family.

- Matt's son has a different power.
Arthur used telepathy to create the illusion that he was killed. None + Sylar's telekinesis can only be used to control the situation physically. Arthur had broken the Haitian's hold and had ample time to take control of the situation. But, outwardly he attempts nothing, even in that dangerous situation. Maybe he is focusing on telepathy instead, since it's his forte.

+ If Matt Parkman can pull this kind of illusion off, it should be nothing for Arthur.
+ He may have manipulated or replaced Nathan in the current storyline.

Nathan had already started acting the way he was before Arthur was "killed".

+ Arthur had the ability to stop time at this point. It would be a natural reaction for him to stop time and formulate a plan. It is perhaps suspicious that he seems not to have.
+ If Arthur didn't feel that he was in control, he could have simply teleported away. He likely would have done this, since he has indicated unease when vulnerable.
- Arthur is apparently shown going to hell in Truths.

Arthur has survived or resurrected, and is manipulating the current situation so that he can round up as many posthumans as possible and steal their abilities. None + If he is alive, he easily could replace or control any number of authority figures.

+ Arthur had specifically referred to certain abilities such as precognition as 'dangerous', and he may not want anyone not under his control to have any abilities at all.
- When Arthur died, the catalyst was shown dying with him.

Arthur is related to Samson Gray. None + They both have relatively similar powers.

+ It explains the gap between the lie detection.

- Lie detection's limits are unclear.

+ If he was a cousin or a half brother to Samson and Martin Gray, it would explains why the Company knew so much about him.

- The Company has a great deal of resources, so they may have known him this way.
Arthur originally had an ability to absorb powers through physical contact, much like Peter's ability replication. He later absorbed an ability to render evolved humans powerless. None + Since Hiro's ability was partially restored, it applies that some traces of it still remained, which means that Arthur did not steal it completely, but rather made it inaccessible.
Arthur stole telepathy from Charles Deveaux. Charles Deveaux demonstrated telepathy in the episode 1961. + Charles expressed his ability of telepathy in his youth, but not in his adult life.

+ BTE admitted they were hinting on that.
- Charles still seemed to have his telepathy in How to Stop an Exploding Man. Although it was confirmed Peter was using precognitive dreaming, Charles was the only one to be able to contact him - perhaps because precognitive dreaming works by sending the dreamer's mind to another time, which the adept telepaths can detect.

+ Precognitive dreams do not show events as they really were/are/will be. Charles talking to Peter could be just another metaphore, since he was the one Peter was taking care of and had a strong empathic connection with him. If Charles had his power then, Peter would be able to mimic it through that connection long before meeting Matt Parkman.

+ Charles had a romantic relationship with Angela Petrelli when they were teenagers. It is possible that they still had feelings for each other even after she married Arthur. If Arthur was aware of this, combined with the fact that they both had powers while he was unaware of his, it is possible his ability manifested during a jealous rage.

They shared one dance when they were teenagers, they were never said to have pursued a relationship in their adulthood. They didn't seem to have feelings for each other after Arthur died.
It can be inferred however, that this relationship didn't simply die off after the dance.
But it can't be inferred that it became a romantic relationship, they could have stayed friends.
Their relationship after Arthur's death may have simply been awkward, especially if Deveaux's powers were taken.

+ Arthur implied that Maury could do the job just as well as Charles.

Arthur died because the bullet went through his brain and came out of the 'sweet spot'. None + When Sylar came to Danko's apartment, he wasn't afraid the latter would shoot him, commenting that the 'sweet spot' is microscopic and implying that if a shot is made wrong, a regenerator would not die.
- Sylar's lack of fear when confronting Danko is most likely due to his ability to stop bullets using telekinesis. Notably, the scene between Danko and Sylar is a very close mirror of the scene between Mohinder and Sylar in season 1's Parasite. Mohinder rejects Sylar's offer and shoots him, only to discover Sylar can stop bullets and was merely playing possum. Danko, on the other hand, accepts the deal with the devil instead of firing.

+ In Dual Claire said that the only way to stop a regenerator is to penetrate the 'sweet spot' in the back of head.
- Angela told Nathan in Powerless that in order to kill Adam he has to shoot him in head without mentioning anything about the 'sweet spot'.

+ It's entirely possible Angela has no knowledge of the "sweet spot", and erroneously believed that any headshot would do the job. Alternatively, she wanted to disable Peter without permenantly killing him, but did not mention this to Matt as he did not has a "need to know".
- Or maybe Adam didn't have a sweet spot and his entire brain was vulnerable, and Arthur took his ability.

+ Sylar could have used his intuitive aptitude to specifically target the sweet spot in order to kill Arthur permanently. When confronting Danko he describes the spot as "microscopic" and seems to imply he has a working knowledge of where it is and how it works.

+ Sylar was able to destroy Charlie's blood clot.
Arthur's brother Tim is Samson Gray. None + This explains how the lie detection took so long to pick up Arthur's lie to Sylar.
- Limits of lie detection remain unclear.

- Why would Tim change his name to Samson Gray?

+ Because he is a serial killer, possibly wanted by the company.
- Changing names didn't stop the Company from finding Sarah Ellis.

+ This again could explain how the Company knew about Sylar's parentage.

- Or they kept a watch on him after a bag and tag assignment.

+ Arthur knew that Sylar was an empath because his father was one too.

- Arthur might not know anything about Samson.
Arthur did not actually "steal" Peter's abilities, because his true power is something other then power absorption. None + It is likely that Arthur's true ability was not actually power absorption, but the same empathic mimicry that Peter had and, to a lesser extent, Sylar has. If Arthur truly had power absorption, he likely would have inadvertently absorbed the powers from all his closest friends, thus resulting in them all being depowered. What is more likely is that he had acquired some sort of telepathic ability (whether he is able to project it or requires touch is unknown) from someone in his past, and learned to place a mental block inside a person's mind, that allows him to block a person from using their power (as all powers are said to be based in the mind of a person), preventing them from confronting him and making himself appear more powerful. Most likely this would have required a physical contact, as Arthur could have used this to remove a person's ability first before stealing it (being genetically encoded).
- If he had empathic mimicry, he should have started to regenerate the moment Adam Monroe was dragged into his hospital room.
- If Adam's ability was simply "blocked", he shouldn't have disintegrated.
- The only ability which was held by both Arthur and a person he knew was telepathy, which implies he never took powers from others like Angela, Linderman or Nathan. Arthur wasn't Sylar and didn't need to absorb every power around him.

+ It could also be that Arthur had an advanced form of ability replication (allowing him to copy multiple, if not a virtually unlimited number abilities from others), requiring touch, suggesting a connection to Peter's current power at the genetic level. Ability absorption may simply be the base, relatively passive version of Peter's power, and without unlocking his blocked empathy, he can't access empathic mimicry. The formula may have either unlocked Peter's base ability (how the formula works is unknown, but it may either trigger something in the brain or turn on latent genes), or, it is possible that the formula acted like a placebo to Peter, and simply made him believe he had powers again, enough to partially remove the block.

Arthur Petrelli knew Samson Gray or someone else with intuitive aptitude before he met Sylar. Arthur knew that Sylar could acquire abilities with his power without killing them. The only two possibilities to explain this knowledge would be previous experience of IA or Sylar's ability actually being something different along the lines of empathic mimicry/power absorption. + Sylar did not display an empathic aspect of his ability before meeting Arthur.
- Actually, that's how he kept telekinesis after being infected with Shanti virus.

+ Arthur was a Company founder, he could have been active if the Company ever came in contact with Samson Gray.

- Nothing indicates Samson ever ran into the Company.
+ But Sylar did, and even if Arthur was bound to bed at that time, he could have sent his mind to see what's happening.

- There is the possibility that Arthur simply used precognition to see how Sylar would mesh with Elle. He had been seen using precognition heavily, so this is probably how he chose many of his actions.

Arthur took his first power accidentally. None + There is no way Arthur could have known he had an ability, given the fact that power absorption can only be demonstrated by taking powers.
Arthur got mental manipulation when he absorbed Peter's abilities. None + Peter had been around the Haitian who has that ability.
Arthur got clairvoyance from Peter. None + Arthur took all of Peter's abilties.

+ Arthur seems to know exactly where people are, such as finding Hiro in Africa and in New York (even in a different time).

- Arthur sent Hiro to Usutu's hut before finding him there.
- Molly's ability has not been shown to be able to find out where someone was in the past.
+ In a deleted scene from Volume Three, Arthur went to India and took Molly's ability, and managed to find Hiro in the past.
Deleted scenes are not canon.
It shows that they intended to make Molly's ability able to find people in other times. It could be something that might come to happen some day, like René's name.
+ Peter was around Molly and D.L at Kirby Plaza, where he copied D.L's power (How to Stop an Exploding Man).

- He might have taken clairvoyance from another evolved human between 1977 and now. Remember, as Peter's dad, Arthur has been exposed to more evolved humans, and has also been using and refining his power for a longer period of time than Peter.

Arthur needs to take abilities, mere exposure doesn't grant him abilities.
Arthur died in the exposed future when Peter blew up Pinehearst. None + Arthur hadn't stolen Peter's or Adam's abilities yet, he was still bedridden and paralyzed. Without rapid cell regeneration, there's no way he would have survived.
- He survived with medical attention for quite a while. There's no reason to believe he succumbed from the condition he was in.
He could still have died due to unrelated causes.
If Arthur had Peter's personality, he could copy powers without stealing them. None + Both Peter and Arthur have almost identical powers, but almost opposite personalities.
Arthur didn't steal all of peter's powers, he stole his main power, eliminating his ability to use his other powers. None + Peter technically only has one power, the ability to copy other powers. Without it, he has no way to use his other powers, so he could theoretically have his copied powers, but have no access to them.

- Arthur used Peter's Electricity manipulation to prove he had his powers.

+ If Peter's copied powers are still hardwired into his DNA, Arthur could copy them using Empathic Mimicry.

- When Arthur stole Peter's powers, the process took considerably longer than it did with Adam, Maya, or Hiro, meaning he almost definitely took more than just one power. He also states that "you don't have your powers (plural) anymore, because I have them (still plural) now," in Dying of the Light.

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