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Peter doesn't know who he is.

First reference: Collision
"Amnesia" on Wikipedia

Amnesia has occurred many times. Often due to a certain ability.

Afflicted Characters



Matt awakens in a research room. He tries to read some thoughts but only gets the name Claire out of Noah's head/ Noah states that he can't remember anything, and the Haitian does what Bennet asks.


After an attempt to rape Claire, Noah ensures that The Haitian take the memories of Brody Mitchum.


After telling Noah about what she can do, Claire finds that Zach nor Lyle remember what they promised to keep secret. Noah has felt that they should not remember and left The Haitian to clean up.


After a break in in the Bennet home by Sylar, Sandra was thrown against a glass case. She sits in horror and shock, But is relaxed when Noah promises that she will forget this ever happened. The Haitian then places his hand over her head and takes this awful memory away.

Company Man

It is revealed that The Haitian has been wiping the memories of Sandra Bennet for over a decade, as she continually finds hints and clues as to what Noah's profession really is.

Four Months Later...

When a group of Irish thieves open a container in search for a shipment of iPods, the only find an empty container with Peter, unaware of who he is.


Caitlin asks a tied up Peter who he is and what his necklace means. He says he doesn't know anything about himself.

The Line

Noah Bennet and The Haitian got to see Ivan and torture him by taking away a precious memory of his.

Four Months Ago...

Having escaped Primatech with Adam, Peter runs from Elle, but is chased by the Haitian. He pushes Peter into a shipping container and handcuffs him in. He wipes his memories and locks the doors.

It's Coming

When Arthur find Hiro in Africa, he says he doesn't want hiro dreaming about him. He grabs his head and takes away his memories until he believes he is ten years old.


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