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Elle Gray
Portrayed by Kristen Bell,
Hannah Robinson
First appearance Madness in Love
In-story stats
Known ability Electrical manipulation
Formal name Eleanor Zoe Bishop-Gray
Alias Elle Bishop
Nicknames Firefly,
Aunt Ellie,
Blondie McBugzapper,
Age 46 (in 2029),
29 (in 2011)
Date of birth July 17, 1982
Home Barstow, CA,
Costa Verde, CA (former)
Residences Primatech Research in Barstow, CA,
Single-family house in Costa Verde, CA (former)
Occupations Interim Regional Director of Primatech Barstow,
Agent Supervisor of Primatech Barstow (promoted),
Agent of the Company (fired, rehired)
Significant other Gabriel Gray (husband)
Parents Bob Bishop,
Unnamed mother
Child Noah Gray
Other relatives Nieces:
Claire Bennet,
Hannah Petrelli
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Andrew Petrelli
Arthur Petrelli,
Angela Petrelli,
Mr. Gray,
Virginia Gray (deceased)
Nathan Petrelli,
Peter Petrelli

Elle Gray née Bishop is a version of Elle Bishop in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and an employee of the Company.

Character History

Elle is portrayed as much more stable in the series, though she claims she is only "98% stable." Her marriage and motherhood appear to help with this, as do her daily electrocutions of her regenerating husband, where she cathartically eliminates her stresses both major and minor. Her sadistic streak is not completely suppressed though. She rather enjoys using her ability on her husband and son after discovering he has adapted electrical absorption, especially given that she mustered up the willpower to resist doing so for the first four years of his life, not knowing he was immune to it the entire time.

My Firefly

Elle is a central character of this series. After the Costa Verde Disaster, she races to find Gabriel, who turns out to be her husband, at a cafe, where he is grieving the loss of their son. She also finds the past Peter Petrelli there after mistaking him for his present self. She tells the perplexed Peter the story of their love (Madness in Love). Back in 2007, after Gabriel has been made an agent of the Company and partnered with Noah Bennet, she returns to avenge her father's death. After a crisis of conscience stops Gabriel from stealing her ability, he uses his healing abilities to exhaust her as she tries to electrocute him. Because of her fortitude, Angela rehires her (In That Very Moment).

Elle makes a habit of electrocuting Gabriel, allowing her to work through her grief. She soon begins kissing Gabriel during their "sessions". After about three months, she discovers that she's forgiven him and they become romantically--an physically--involved (Hasn't Happened Yet). Their first coupling results in Elle getting pregnant. Gabriel proposes and she accepts despite some reservations. By the next month, however, she happily elopes with him in a white gown. They have a son which they name Noah against his namesake's wishes. Elle remains at the Company while Gabriel retires to care for and protects their son, which he does until that fateful day. At the time, Elle is out with her partner, Bess Detskij (Two Auras). Back in 2011, as Gabriel sends the past Peter back to his time, Elle finally breaks down with grief. They remember better times (Rooting for Love).

Volume One: Cataclysm

Elle and Gabriel are alerted to the survival of their son, so they race to Primatech Barstow. Elle is initially furious with Angela for her foreknowledge of Noah, wishing that her son could be one unplanned event in her life. Elle and her family move into the Company dorms, and both work for the Company. Elle, who is partnered with Bess Detskij, are assigned to work with Gabriel and Ryan Covington.

Their first mission is in Los Angeles, where after a fight, they bring in Cris Malmont and Doug Boros. They later are present at the Port Reyes Prison breakout, where they work cooperative with Claire Bennet's team, but are unable to defeat the many prisoners. They are saved by the Powered Legion, but Elle notices that Gabriel is missing.

Elle frantically calls Gabriel, leaving a hundred murderous messages, but when Sylar shows up, she welcomes him warmly, unaware of his psychological break. After propositioning him in an attempt to save her life, she instead convinces him not to steal her unimpressive ability and instead takes him on a tour of Level 5, showing him inmates like Danny Pine and Eric Doyle. She lastly offers up their own son, whose resurrection ability would give Sylar his coveted immortality. Gabriel breaks down, unable to kill his son, and Elle is ready to electrocute him on the spot. Later, in bed, she comforts him about his fears of killing Noah, informing him that she was fully prepared to kill him by any means to protect their son. She later discovers that Gabriel has telepathically absorbed her sparks. Elle is cautioned by Angela to be wary of Gabriel's telepathy, and has Agent Litao, another telepath, probe her mind so that Elle can learn to resist.

Elle Bishop, age 12

Elle is present at the Hartsdale Offensive, fighting off Claire with Bess then with Gabriel. Once alone, she and Gabriel take Claire to the atrium, where most of the fighting is occurring and she protects Gabriel as he opens Claire's head again, this time to fix her analgesia, causing her to have a change of heart.

Elle is made a New Founder.

In 1994, Bob Bishop takes 12-year-old Elle to visit Gray & Sons under the guise of having his solid gold watch repaired so he can do some recon on Gabriel, who is then 17. Elle is immediately enamored with the gawky boy and shows off her mother's Sylar-brand watch, which Gabriel admires. Elle is shown to be extremely precocious and enjoys zapping pigeons, so her father wears rubber gloves and carries a small water pistol.

Volume Two: Progeny

On December 22, 2012, Elle helps Audrey Parkman put Danny Pine in his new cell. She and Gabriel make their way to Odessa to be present at the birth of their new niece. They get off to a late start, so they are not in the area during the Odessa Disaster.

In 2015, Elle finds Claire at the reception celebrating Bess's promotion to Company Director. She informs Claire that Mr. Muggles (exposed future) is still alive, because Elle injected him with the Formula, giving him the ability to survive the explosion.

In 2029, Elle is the Agent Supervisor at Primatech Barstow, but is made Interim Regional Director by Gabriel when he leaves on a mission.

Evolved Human Abilities

Elle has the ability to generate and propel charges of electricity. She briefly lost it during the Epidemic but Peter Petrelli presumably returned her abilities.

Memorable Quotes

"Every time, Firefly?"
"No, I can absolutely resist. It just hasn’t happened yet."

- Gabriel Gray, Elle about kissing (multiple instances in My Firefly)

"Plus, when you’re only 98% stable and 100% dangerous, it’s kind of the only work you can get."

- Elle to Gabriel Gray (Rooting for Love)

"Could you stop setting the crazy lady’s son on fire?"

- Elle to Meredith Gordon (Families)

"That’s nefarious. I doubt the American Board of Child Psychology would approve. I have friends there. Well, stuffy old doctors that made me talk to them and declared me loony. Still, they wouldn’t approve."

- Elle to Gabriel about the dangerous things he does to their son since he's invincible (Turning the Tide)



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