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Alice Shaw
Alice Shaw in 1961.jpg
Portrayed by Laura Marano
First appearance Discoveries Pt.1
In-story stats
Known ability Weather Manipulation
Date of birth 1950
Sibling Angela Shaw

Alice Shaw is the sister of Angela Shaw, one of the evolved humans who formed the company.


Alice and her older sister Angela went on a long awaited cycling trip to the old quarry. Alice warned her sister not to cycle over the large dune but Angela did it anyway and injured her leg. Later, Alice attempted to get Angela to come out of her room but was unsuccessful. She told her she couldn't stay in there forever. At Coyote Sands, Dr Suresh attempts to conduct tests on Alice but her ability manifests and a massacre occurs.


Volume 1: Beginnings

Evolved Human Abilities

Alice has the ability to control the weather. She demonstrated this at Coyote Sands.

Alice Shaw