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  • The founders gather to discuss the future.
  • They discuss the methods which will be used within the company.
  • They decide on a solution for the group's finances.


Volume: Two
Issue: 02-04
First aired: 03 February, 2010
Genesis Files - Human Flight Potential.JPG
Written by: Mc hammark
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Blonde Bombshell
Next issue: Fletcher & Son
23rd September 1961


A group of young adults discuss the future of the world.

"And if we're going to protect these people, then the outside world can't know about them." - Angela.

"You're right. They can't know anything." - Charles

"What about the survivors from Coyote Sands?" - Arthur

"Like I said before, we'll do what we have to." - Angela

"I can take care of them, without killing them Angela. I can make them forget." - Charles.

"Very well, but how are we going to operate then? How are we going to help them?" - Kaito

"I've had a dream recently. It hasn't been much. I just see myself sitting in an office. I'm looking over some papers. There are more names on it than there are of us here just now, but it's introducing two rules for our operations. Bag and tag, and one of us, one of them." - Angela.

"Bag and tag?" - Susan.

"I think what Angela means is, keeping tabs on them; making sure they don't become dangerous." - Daniel.

"Yes. Borrow them for a few days. Find out their abilities. Then release them. No memory of what happened. And keep watch over them." - Angela

"And what about one of us, one of them? What does that mean?" - Kaito.

"We'll need one of us. One with abilities, one without. I don't think that twelve of us would suffice for the whole world, and some of us may not like the idea of us locking others up." - Angela

"Locking them up?" - Bobby

"We'll need to keep them quiet. If they expose us, there'll be nothing we can do. We'll need to lock up the ones who are bent on destruction, those who would kill with their ability for their own selfish needs." - Arthur

"But, all these things, they'll need money, lots of money. I mean, locking people up? There could be hundreds of people out there who would kill using their ability. We'd need space, lots of space." - Susan.

"I can provide the money." - Bobby

"We'll use you Bobby, initially. We can open a Swiss bank account. Deposit the gold from Bobby." - Daniel.

"But won't it look suspicious if large amounts of gold are continuously being deposited and taken out?" - Arthur.

"I suggest we front this company with a series of smaller companies, each which could deposit and retrieve money from this bank account." - Kaito

"That's a great idea. I don't think we'd need too many, five or so maybe." - Susan

"Well, I grew up in Brooklyn. Never really got a chance to appreciate the fine arts; just to sit back and stare at a painting." - Charles

"Deveaux Art Gallery. It has a nice ring to it. Anyone else?" - Angela.

Four more came forward with ideas; Kaito could use his ability in the stock market, buying over other companies; Arthur was already studying to be a lawyer; Linderman wanted to visit Vegas and try his luck, both with the ladies and money; and then there was Bobby.

"Well, I've been experimenting with my ability, and there only seems to be one thing I can't turn to gold, paper." - Bobby

"A paper company? I suppose that would be cool. Although, we'll need proper workers. The paper industry is a dog eat dog business." - Daniel

"I think we can manage it." - Bobby

"Well, I'm sure we can all arrange for the creation of these companies to be set in motion. Let’s start gathering up information and get these plans into action." - Angela.

"We’ll get on it right away." - Charles

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