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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 9 - Blonde Bombshell

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  • Charles and Daniel attempt to track down a woman in Brooklyn.
  • Charles and Daniel encounter the woman, and are forced to take action.
  • Susan decides to join the group.


Blonde Bombshell
Volume: Two
Issue: 02-03
First aired: 20 January, 2010
Powers jessica henchman.jpg
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: New Town
Next issue: Plans
23th June 1961


Brooklyn, New York. It was dangerous here at the best of times. Safety was one of the many things you could never find in Brooklyn. We’d heard reports of a young woman causing trouble in the shopping district. Normally this wouldn’t be of any interest to us but apparently, the majority of people who have come into contact with her end up passing out on the floor. We can’t be certain but there’s a good chance this young woman is an evolved human, and there’s an even better chance that she’s the woman Angela has got us looking for. That’s right; she’s had another one of her dreams. She’s still not sure how they all connect but we’re apparently meant to meet a woman who will play a significant role in the formation of the company. As Daniel and I approached the shopping district we could already hear the commotion. Something was going on, and I’m willing to bet it was our target, the blonde bombshell, causing trouble yet again.

“Ok Daniel, you ready?” - Charles

“As ready as I’ll ever be Charles.” - Daniel

“Then let’s go!” - Charles

We ran down the street and headed into the main shopping centre. It was busy inside but we knew exactly where our target was.

“Let go of me!” - Susan

“You have to pay for that!” – Shop assistant

“I have, just let me go!” - Susan

The young woman reached out her hand and touched the head of the shop assistant. Suddenly, the shop assistant collapsed in a heap on the floor and the woman ran out the door.

“I’ll go after her; you stay and help the shop assistant.” - Charles

“Sounds like a plan.” - Daniel

As Charles began running after her, Daniel ran over to the shop assistant lying on the floor, placed his hand on her shoulder and then within seconds she was conscious.

“Ahh, thanks” – Shop assistant

“No problem” - Daniel

“How did you do that?” – Bystander

"I’m a Doctor; it’s an old medical technique” - Daniel

“Well it’s a damn good one I’ll give you that” - Bystander

Meanwhile, outside the rear entrance, the woman stood waiting for Charles to come running through the door after her. And, he did.

“Why are you following me?” - Susan

“Listen, I know about you, I know your special, and I’ve seen what you can do.” - Charles

“You have no idea of what I can do!” - Susan

As she said this, she reached her hand out and touched Charles’ head. For a moment they both stood there silently, but then….

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” – Susan, Charles

Charles and the woman both collapsed in agony.

“What the, how didn’t it work on you?” - Susan

“You may have failed to notice but I’m “special” too. My mind isn’t as easy to brake as the rest of these people.” - Charles

“Humph! So what do you want?” - Susan

“I want to offer you the chance of a lifetime, to be part of a company that protects and looks after people like us, what do you say?” - Charles

“I’m in; by the way my name’s Susan, Susan Amman.” - Susan

“Nice to finally know your name Susan, I’m Charles and the guy cleaning up your mess in there is Daniel. Come on, there’s more of us you need to meet.” – Charles

The three of them set off together to meet up with the other founders back at the apartment.

Character Appearances

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