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Powers Addictive 2 P&S and Freezing
Sex Female
Age Teenish
Favorite Heroes quote "I'll keep trying to kill you for the rest of my life." "Everybody needs a hobby."
Favorite quote "Go buy yourself a life on E-bay."
Favorite episode I Am Become Death
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia
Favorite Heroes actress Ali Larter
Favorite sport Killing or Saving!


This is Me!

P leasant!

S incere!

L oving!

O bedient!

V igorous!

E ntertaining!

R esponsible!

I love Me!


Pslover= Peter+Sylar+Lover! I am on 2 different sides: Good and Evil! Peter, Good and Sylar, evil! I am obsessed with Heroes! I actually saw Claire today spill a pot of coffee on herself then regenerate! LOL:) My colours are Pink AND Black



Ughh. Having no spoilers suck! I need to know whats going on in the Heroes World! Grrrr--PsloverUTC 21:50, 11 May 2010 (EDT)


Heroes needs to come out with some new spoilers cause this is really torture not knowin' bout the best show EVER!!!--PsloverUTC 16:24, 11 April 2010 (EDT)


Charlie's soo old but i hope they will have a NEW season of the best show ever (Heroes) Eppp!--PsloverUTC 21:12, 11 March 2010 (EST)


Updated the Where are They and Creations... Check Em' Out!!--PsloverUTC 16:37, 7 November 2009 (EST)


Yes, i love SAMUEL!!! Oh and Charlie was amazing as usual! --PsloverUTC 23:17, 6 November 2009 (EST)


Loving Heroes season four so far, Samuel is one of my new fave characters!! Very excited to see Charlie tonite!!!!!

Past Updates!

♥Pslover's♥ Archives:

June, July, August, September

Where are They

Ali Larter

Ali is said to be reprising her role as Claire Redfield in the new Resident Evil: Afterlife film! This is really great news, as we will be able to see Ali on the big screen yet again, and in another blockbuster no less. Click here for more info

ResEvil c.jpg
Ali claire redfield.jpg

Zachary Quinto

Zachary attended the Hollywood Film Festival Awards on October 29th, where he was awarded a Spotlight Award for 2009. He also accepted the award for Best Film of 2009 for STAR TREK, on behalf of the cast and crew.


Milo Ventimiglia

Milo was at the Heroes for Autism event. An event held with Heroes actors, other celebrities, and Autism Speaks to help raise awareness and funds for autism. Milo’s artwork was a series of photographs of his Heroes co-star Adrian Pasdar.


Heroes Favorites

Top Five Fave Characters

1. Peter Petrelli

1. Sylar

2. Tracy Strauss

3. Emma Coolidge

4. Charlie Andrews

5. Hiro Nakamura

Top Five Least Fave Characters

1. Maya Herrera

2. Samuel Sullivan

3. Mohinder Suresh

4. Caitlin

5. Alejandro Herrera

Top Five Fave Episodes in Volume One

1. Company Man

2. Five Years Gone 3. Homecoming 4. How To Stop An Exploding Man 5. Run!

Top Five Fave Episodes in Volume Two

1. Lizards

2. Four Months Ago...

3. Fight or Flight

4. Kindred

5. Powerless

Top Five Fave Episodes in Volume Three

1. I Am Become Death

2. The Eclipse, Part 2

3. One of Us, One of Them

4. Our Father

5. Dual

Top Five Fave Episodes in Volume Four

1. Cold Snap

2. 1961

3. An Invisible Thread

4. I Am Sylar

5. Shades of Gray

Top Five Fave Episodes in Volume Five

1. The Wall

2. Brave New World

3. Once Upon a Time in Texas

4. Thanksgiving

5. Jump, Push, Fall

My Creations

Trathan Pic

This picture represents the relationship between Tracy and Nathan, resulting in Trathan.


The Animals Pic

Photo of all the animals Mr. Muggles, Turtle, and Mohinder the Lizard


Exploding Man Pic

Mix of Peter, Boom, and Exploding Man artwork


I Heart Sylar Pic

I Heart....SySy! Pic says it all! :)


I ♥ Pylar

Peter and Sylar!


Not my creations: The ODI's!


Sylar's Victims

Just a few of the many kills Sylar has made!



Tracy, Niki, and Barbara!


I ♥ my Murse

Peter= My Murse!


They Are Skyo

Weirdest Relationship!


Rest. In. Peace.

Poor Nathan... well he was already dead...!


Emma's Color's

So many pretty colors!

File:Emma's Color's.gif

Fave Powers

I love it!

Power Possessed by Absorbed by
Ability replication Peter Petrelli (synthetic)
The ability to replicate one ability at a time through physical contact
Intuitive aptitude Sylar
The ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training
Freezing Tracy Strauss (synthetic)
The ability to reduce the temperature of matter, causing it to freeze
Flight Nathan Petrelli (synthetic)
The ability to propel oneself through the air
Technopathy Micah Sanders
The ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind
Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura (partially restored) Peter Petrelli (lost),
Arthur Petrelli
The ability to alter the space-time continuum, including slowing down, speeding up, reversing, stopping, moving backwards and forwards through time, and moving instantaneously through space